What Are Some Healthy Foods? 4 Keys To Decide

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What Are Some Healthy Foods Invisible Secrets: Space, Nutrients, and Staying Power

So seriously … what are some healthy foods?

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Today I’m going deeper into the weight loss math and how eating more actually can lead to weight loss. I know that might seem crazy how can eating more lead to weight loss?

You might be thinking about calories. More calories equals more weight, right?

So if I were eating more then I would be eating more calories, and then I would be gaining weight? So how does eating more actually lead to weight loss?

And on that note, eating more actually helps stop binge eating and emotional eating as well.

That’s what I want to show you in this video, what are some healthy foods.

To show you how eating more leads to regular healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle I’m going to be covering three nutrition secrets.

These really aren’t secrets but because of how unknown these nutrition tips are they basically our secrets.

These secrets are one, space. Two, nutrients. And lastly third, staying power.

These three concepts space, nutrients, and staying power help explain why eating more can lead to weight loss.

What are some healthy foods commentary:

Now I also made another video about this topic where I cover how eating more leads to less binge eating and snacking. I’ll link to the video below.

But for now let’s dive into understanding these three concepts. Let’s first talk about space. What’s up with space?

How does space lead to weight loss and regular eating.? To make this point clear, I just want you to imagine in your head two lobes of bread.

One loaf of bread is from Subway. Can you imagine a Subway sandwich it’s about the length of my forearm. In about that same width too now can you imagine a different loaf straight out of the bakery? That loaf is probably from my fingertips to my elbow. It’s probably fluffier as well.

But nutritionally speaking both loves will be marked as the same amount of calories. Isn’t that crazy? One loaf of bread is wider taller and longer and fluffier, but the calories are the same.

Now despite the calories being the same, do you think your belly will treat these loaves the same?

The fact is the loaf from the bakery takes up more space. It will fill you up more. And what happens when your belly is full? Do you feel like you want to have more snacks? Or, when your belly is full, do you stop eating? The answer is simple.

You don’t eat as much when you’re full, and not hungry.

So having food that takes up more space can make you more full, even though on paper the calories are the same. And you can do this experiment yourself, two.

I’ve done this experiment before, where you can buy a sandwich from Panera, and then by the same ingredients from the store.

You’ll see that the calories all add up to be the same.

However the sandwiches you make at home will be taller wider and will just look a hell of a lot better and more appetizing.

The calories are the same, but the space is different.

So essentially when you eat foods that are high in fat, high in protein, high in fiber and that aren’t processed, these foods take up a lot more space.

Calorie wise they are the same, but your belly gets full and you just don’t need as much food.

That’s what I wrote about more in depth here, that space makes foods better, and having spaces from originating in mother earth.

However, that when you’re stressed, all things go to hell and this is the time when you need to rely on the natural instincts nature bestowed upon you.

Let’s go on to the second point nutrition, there’s a book by Michael pollan in which he states a fundamental premise, that all carrots are not created equal.

The carrot that has gone through a factory machine assembly line and sprayed with chemicals has essentially been neutered.

It’s got its chemicals stripped and cut away from it. on the other hand the carrot that comes straight from the ground is filled with nutrients.

And your body knows the difference.

It means that you need to eat unprocessed foods. Unprocessed foods do not come in plastic bags.

If you had lived a thousand years ago you would be able to find these foods. so this is another reason why eating a high-fat, high protein, high fiber diet with unprocessed foods helps you.

Because when you eat more of these foods, they take it more space and give you more nutrients.

The space & the nutrients keep you way more full and satisfied, so this decreases your need to snack.

Our last point is staying power. Staying power means how long you stay full. when you have unprocessed foods take for example and avocado.

An avocado takes up space, it’s high in nutrients, and has a lot of staying power.

This means you will still feel in your belly the avocado a couple hours after you eat it.

On the other hand if you just ate pasta you wouldn’t feel the pasta more than an hour or so.

This can be likened to fire and coals. High Fat high protein high fiber foods are like coal, they burn slowly and over time.

This is what we want. We want our hunger and blood sugar levels to be fairly even throughout the day.

Carbs and processed foods on the other hand are like fire they burn rapidly, and leave you feeling hungry afterwards. So these are the three tips, nutrients, space and staying power.

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