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I gradually stopped emotional eating...

I started to give up hope that I could ever be happy when it came to thinking about food. Jared likes to stress that weight loss shouldn't be your primary goal and while at first skeptical, I now wholeheartedly agree! When my mentality behind eating changed, I gradually stopped emotional eating and paradoxically weight loss became the result of that change!

PAULINA LANG  //  Owner of @fluffyface_enzo with 1 Million+ TikTok Followers

jennifer mankoff

My binge eating is down to almost zero...

I came into the program just wanting to stop hating myself and quitting and failing at life. I wanted to stop running to food when life got hard. I am now releasing much of my anger, guilt, shame and slowly changing. My binge eating is down to almost zero. I still beat myself up but working on compassion. I am losing weight but it really isn’t about weight loss. I am glad I found Jared who addressed all the topics like nutrition, psychology and emotional intelligence. There’s a ton of material in this course. Jared knows a ton about how I relate to food. Things I didn't even know myself. I am healing finally and have hope.


marcelina testimonial

It's just crazy I'm still shocked...

For the first time in my life I am fitting into a small pair of pants - even after I had bought a larger, more comfortable slacks like Jared had suggested as part of making my body feel safe and comfortable. It boggles my mind that 8 months after the program ended my waist is actually smaller and I no longer need the larger pants. Plus I have only an inkling of what my weight is when I had to check my weight when I went to the doctor’s office. I could have told the doctor I didn’t want my weight checked, that’s something Jared taught me, but I was curious and didn’t judge myself. It’s just crazy I’m still shocked these jeans fit. This is such good emotional work it really spills over into all of your life!


Riya Cottrell

Feel like I can actually make progress in life...

I’m finding I’m able to let go of guilt and shame faster and faster without getting trapped in negative loops for days on end. Because of my work with Jared I feel like I’m unstuck and can actually make progress in life. I’m less self-despairing and I haven’t self-sabotaged in many weeks now. I also know that a self-sabotage might to happen at some point, and that’s ok. Like realizing I didn’t need to kill myself for a mistake has been so uplifting more me. When we explored my food history I was shocked to just see how poorly I treated myself and kept myself down when forgiveness and hope was right around the corner.

RIYA C //  

Claire Mcmanus

I'm beginning to not be so angry at myself...

I am now beginning to eat what I want. I am now beginning to stop binge eating. I am now beginning to just walk instead of burn myself out on the treadmill. I am now beginning to forgive myself and not be so angry at myself. I am now learning from my mistakes. I am now releasing the poison of shame. I am now an intuitive eater even if I am not perfect.

CLAIRE M  //  

Working with Jared has been life-changing. I’m just amazed to see how my mindset and perception towards food and eating in general has brought balance to my relationships and my relationship to me. My cravings have totally disappeared as I can now hear my inner voice and what I really need - instead of filling my void with food I actually know what emotional need my body wants and I am learning to actually meet my own needs and to be my own parent. It’s kinda weird thinking I am my own parent but it’s true, I am! This has been a really fantastic and surprising experience!

Ella J // 

I am flying in the heavens as I write this. I just had a major eating enlightenment moment. I've been meditating and journaling throughout this entire program and I'm now able to take the role of witness of my behaviors and watch from my place of curiosity without self-judgment. It really seems like my brain is actually rewiring because I'm seeing food differently and my body. This morning I looked into the mirror and didn't even recognize myself! It was like seeing an old, familiar friend after many years apart. I wanted to hug this woman and tell her that I missed her. And that I recognized your beauty. She was beautiful and confident. And that I looked at her even closer and I realized that she was my sister, my soul sister - she was me! It was though I had lifted a veil and was seeing the world for the first time. I'm just so excited about where this journey is taking me and I'm also proud to say in this moment there is no end. Just here now.

ANNA M // 

I suppose if you are reading this then you too have struggled with diets, weight and the finicky scale. I’ve finally released the hold the scale has over me. I have finally released my chronic need to diet. Dieting for me was always about getting control when my life was falling apart. I was anxious and stressed all the time no wonder! I feel like Jared’s emphasis on emotional intelligence and self-care has really just glued all these pieces of intuitive eating together. And now that I’m taking care of myself I can a) recognize dieting thoughts and b) say politely no thanks to my dieting thoughts. Oh, and the scale, it’s more of an afterthought now. I check it about once a week but if I forget a day then I don’t care. Previously I would have checked multiple times per day. What a shift!


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