Real Transformations Recorded

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Enlightenment Stories Recorded

Despite the taboo nature of bingeing, Eating Enlightenment transformations are so profound people risk public exposure to share their story via audio or video. 

They want to you to experience Eating Enlightenment too! Please appreciate their journey, courage and transformation stories.

S, Real Estate - S gained and lost 100's of pounds over 2 decades while working in real estate. Great with people and business, S felt his childhood trauma was related to his struggles with food. Finally S began journaling and healing the roots of bingeing. Now S is FREE!

M, Executive - secretly struggled with food for years while working as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. Works extremely hard and highly intelligent. Can't stop working even! M gradually learns to bring binges down to nearly nothing!

Gina, Marketing Mother - mother to 4 kids while holding down a managerial marketing position, Gina had no time to herself. She only works and takes care of her kids. After decades of dieting, Gina decides to give Eating Enlightenment a try and now free!

Leo, Retired - retired software engineer who can't turn off his brain now that he's retired from working. Highly intelligent. Tries WW, Overeaters Anonymous, but finally starts to journal and brings down the binges! 

Kat, Graduate Student - Kat is working full time while going to school and is highly productive. Her husband is supportive and encourages her to reach out for help. She finally makes sense of her cravings and now free!

T, Retired - T has gone up in down in weight throughout his whole life. Now he's retired and got some time on his hands. But he still can't stop thinking and can't feel his body either. Fortunately with journaling T is able to make sense of things and stop forever!

Enlightenment Written Testimonials

Many people feel more comfortable writing than talking about bingeing. Pretty understandable! 

Over the years we've received 100's of written testimonials, here are just a few.

Debbie, Coach - Despite her previous background in Complex Trauma and 12 Step, she needed a little extra Enlightenment to really connect and heal her inner child. Now she is able to serve others more effectively because her trauma isn't getting in the way of her relationships! Oh, and she's done with bingeing too!

L, Software programmer - Begins to realize cravings and triggers and hunger cues. Despite his inclination to think his way through problems, L is beginning to sense inward and find his inner light! The bingeing is going away rapidly.

R, Caretaker - Miracles are possible! While most people take a few months to overcome bingeing, our journaling techniques are so effective occasionally freedom comes quick!  

E, Stay at home mom - Despite her kids taking up all her time, E finds the time to journal and contemplate. She's able to realize the nature of her "eating patterns" and stop bingeing!

journal testimonial

S, Sales - S is great with people and life in general. However S keeps a secret and tells nobody. S binges and has for years! S decides to try Eating Enlightenment to figure out the roots of her bingeing and now is free.

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I gradually stopped emotional eating...

"I started to give up hope that I could ever be happy when it came to thinking about food. Jared likes to stress that weight loss shouldn't be your primary goal and while at first skeptical, I now wholeheartedly agree! When my mentality behind eating changed, I gradually stopped emotional eating and paradoxically weight loss became the result of that change!"

PAULINA LANG  //  Owner of @fluffyface_enzo with 1 Million+ TikTok Followers