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Watch interview to see how transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2 works. Once you learn about triggers from journaling, then you can start to know your parts! Ultimately you can befriend your protectors and set yourself up to heal trauma in Stage 3!

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With the help of 3 key nutritional principles, my relationship with food has improved immensely. From not starving myself between meals and feeling satisfied when I do eat to avoiding bingeing altogether - overall I’ve achieved a much healthier approach towards nutrition!

I had long sought help from therapists and coaches, yet I was totally unprepared for the life-altering realization that came with learning internal family systems. It gave me an immense understanding of my subconscious mind and inner child's role in all aspects of my life, most notably transforming how I approached food.

Working with Jared made me believe that food does not have power over me—it is fuel. I always thought it was wrong to feel and process anger and many other emotions. I was taught to “soldier on,” and this seems effective, but ultimately it steers you away from the true information source which is our emotions. It is life-changing to truly understand that emotions are sources of information, not pain.

My bingeing got so bad that I was easily spending over $200 a week just on food for myself from restaurants. My body was on the brink of growing out of all the clothes I had, and I had no other online store that would have had any bigger sizes. I used to believe that I would get bigger and bigger until I became disabled and chronically ill. I was surprised by how effective journaling was at breaking the cycle of my thoughts around food and stressful events.

I did continue to journal and access my eating patterns and my feelings when I ate. I can proudly say I haven’t binged for about a month! I’m so proud of myself and you were a big part of this journey in my life. I want you to know you did help me a lot in the time we did work together.

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Working With Jared

Jared is an amazing coach and therapist, the likes of which I truly haven't seen before. He carries immense wisdom that has been gathered from a lifetime of walking his own path; he understands suffering while remaining composed in its presence. Every conversation with him brings understanding and trust - it's as though no judgement could ever exist between us! His guidance through life's struggles are unrivaled, providing comfort, motivation & support all at once every single time. I realize this sounds hyperbolic, but it's true!

Jared's approach was the perfect balance of understanding and firmness. He asked questions to help me better understand my behavior, but gave clear advice when I needed guidance most. Every time I stumbled along this journey, he reminded me that it was okay - instilling a sense of hope within which has allowed for real progress in re-framing how I think about myself; recognizing there is more than just one part to who we are and valuing even those parts that can often be difficult or unwanted.

My relationship with bingeing has taken on a new form; instead of food for comfort I am nurturing and protecting the strength within. In IFS they call it the "Self" and I want you to remember your own Self too. Because the energy that was once expended to keep me safe from harm is now being used for something far greater: self-empowerment! With every day comes an opportunity to be in tune with resilience, peace, and wisdom - no longer relying on external forces but rather drawing upon internal ones. A whole realm of enlightenment awaits as I stay true to this journey towards freedom.