Hi I'm Jared Levenson and I help professionals who've struggled with food for decades to finally eat intuitively.

I created Eating Enlightenment because of my own food, body and emotional struggles. You can be free too.

I'm Jared Levenson, Intuitive Eating Coach

I'm a guy who grew up in this go-go-go Western culture.

I learned growing up that my value and worth in society depended on being 100% productive at all times.

Later when I discovered dieting I tie my self-esteem to my weight too.

I learned to be productive at all times and in control.

But deep down ...

Fueling my productivity and relentless attempts to control everything in my life was an inner pain I could not access ...

In times of either boredom or stress, my worst instincts would always win.

Food would be in my mouth, and I'd be eating far, far, far past the point of fullness.

I knew food was somehow related to emotional pain, but I couldn't stop myself. 

Then I discovered diet culture when wrestling in high school, which gave me "helpful" harmful tools to manage my weight.

But reality my focus on weight and productivity just made me obsess endless about food for every waking moment of my life.

jared levenson leading eating disorder support group with people eating food in prayer pose

For many years I lead live eating groups and worked at an Eating Disorder Treatment Center

But before my days helping people with food ...

For many years the pain I sometimes recognized in myself deep down ...

The hole in my heart I tried to cover up with food, the inner emptiness ...

I would work, work, work ... go-go-go ...

But eventually, inevitably ... whether triggered by boredom or stress or hunger or exhaustion ...

Food would come back into my life, temporarily soothing this pain that literally burned in my heart.

Then the counting, thinking and planning would begin again.

The control, the restriction, the endless obsessing about food - ARGHGHGH!!!!

I hated myself.

When I looked in the mirror and was totally honest with myself, I would say to myself in a matter-of-fact tone ..."Yes, I hate you."

So why go on? Why bother?

Finally, I dropped out of society to become a Zen Buddhist Monk.

I wanted to reach Enlightenment. What other point to life was there?

Fortunately, I learned a new way of relating to myself, my mind and my body while living up in the mountains without any electricity for 13 months ...

Once I finally saw food differently, then everything else fell into place in a way I could hardly believe possible.

I know you've tried so hard at so many things in the past. You've quit every one of them before, so why should this be any different?

I know I felt the same way too. 

Please know that I get it. I know what it's like for my body and emotions to be totally strange, confusing and frustrating.

I know how shaming it feels to compulsively eat food to manage your anxiety, shame, guilt and overwhelm ...

Despite sincere attempts to eat healthy and cope with emotions in a healthy manner.

I know what it's like to wake up 5-10 pounds heavier, lose the weight during the week, and then be back up again a few days later.

And even worse ... to try every solution possible without any long term success ...

And the worst thing of all ...

Your inevitable conclusion ...

It's you.

I know what it's like to believe that it's your problem, your fault, and that you're broken. 

I know what it's like to look at yourself in the mirror, and totally hate yourself.

But -

I also know what it's like to to reclaim my connection to body and heart and stomach, and to be my own inner light.

You can get to the root of your cravings, and really look within, and naturally free yourself from addictive food patterns. 

Once I figured this stuff out I developed an introspective training based on journaling to help other people look inward.

This journaling program has worked for 100's of busy professionals and continues to be refined.

Unlike many other programs which rely on written testimonials, we have video and audio testimonials supporting the effectiveness of our programs.

This is an incredible feat because bingeing can be so embarrassing.

However, these people felt their lives were transformed and want me to share their stories with you.

Please listen and watch a few real stories

My Experience & Certifications 

13 months live without electricity studying meditation

Master's in Counseling from Santa Clara University (link)

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (link)

Years of counseling at eating treatment center (see Linkedin)

Multiple Thumbtack awards for Eating Coaching (link)

Certified Wellcoaches Wellness Coach (link)

200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor (link)

Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist (link)

100's of successful, private clients (link)

About binge Eating Disorder (Similar to Emotional Eating

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Concerns

How do I know I won't quit?

This process is fun!

Is my eating problem bad enough to merit treatment?

If you're reading this page right now, it's probably bad enough to warrant seeking help.

What happens if I am not better by the end of treatment?

You will get better.

Who will I be if I don’t have the eating problem? It’s so much a part of me. I won’t have an excuse for anything anymore.

Great question. The most important question. 

Basically, you'll be free to live your best self.

The part of you that binges will be transformed. Still a part of your life, but no longer needing food.

Instead, you'll be able to do the things you've longed to do!

What kind of benefits can I expect?

Improved cholesterol levels

Lower rates of emotional and disordered 

Better body image

Higher self-esteem

Reduced stress

Improved metabolism

Higher levels of contentment and satisfaction

In addition to less binges and these proven benefits, there are so many harder to measure benefits:

What would your life look like if you no longer binged?

What would your life look like if all the mental energy you spend thinking about food was redirected towards creative projects?

How would you live if you felt confident in social situations around food?

Eating Enlightenment clients report many other benefits, in addition to the concrete measurable reductions in binge eating, such as:

Becoming better parents

Better co-workers

Saving money to pay off debt because they no longer go on crazy binges

Not being shackled by obsessive thoughts

Simply enjoying food with family and friends

Developing a compassionate voice instead of inner criticism

Finding a greater sense of spirituality

Much less depression

Much greater self-esteem and appreciation for life

Overall, the benefit I think that’s most heart warming to me is getting to know someone and see their true personality emerge over time.

Usually when someone is trapped by bingeing, they are a shell of their true selves.

How long will it take to see results?

Not long. You can reduce bingeing dramatically fairly quickly.

What about weight loss?

Sure, why not? Not the goal here but if you stop bingeing then you'll probably lose weight.

What is the toughest part?

Getting started.

About Jared & Eating Enlightenment

What makes Jared qualified?

Because I've been through this shit and have studied it intensely for the past 10 years and have helped 100's of people.

How can I talk to Jared?

If you want to talk, you'll figure out a way.

Where does Jared work? 


Can you give me some idea about cost?

$1000 for 3 months, pay per session $125, or $400 per month.

Is this work covered by insurance?


Where can I find more content on Jared and this process?

Google. Youtube. Podcasts. Eating Enlightenment is becoming widely recognized and there's plenty of info online.

What is Eating Enlightenment?

Experience it first, then tell me.

How is Eating Enlightenment different from other forms of treatment such as counseling / therapy?

We combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Intuitive Eating, and Internal Family Systems.

How is Eating Enlightenment different from working with a nutritionist or dietician?

Focus more on psychology, less on food or telling you "what" to eat.

How is Eating Enlightenment different than going to a treatment center?

Way cheaper.

About Journaling

Do I need to keep a Awareness Journal?

In the beginning.

I have done journaling this before. It didn’t help then, why would it help now?

This time is different.

Won’t the  Journal make me even more preoccupied with eating than I am already?


Do I have to carry the Journal around with me all the time?

Only if you want.

What science is the Journal based on?

Intuitive Eating, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems.

Ready to Start Your Journey?