Download: Free Food Journaling App to Manage Out of Control Eating

No calories, weight, or weight loss!

quickly master 2 important skills so Binge eating decreases by 50-100% Within 14 days

We believe journaling is magical. Making words appear out of nothing is magical.

Journaling is a tool to help you bridge your emotions and body to your rational, thinking brain.

But this is no calorie journal or food diary. You won’t see any mention of food sizes, calories, labels, height or weight.

Instead of calories, you journal to become more awake.

Here’s the beautiful thing: you calm down as you journal because journaling helps you sort out your emotions.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings, journaling helps you process all your experiences and release attachments to food and thought.

Therefore, journaling is the perfect tool for overeaters. 

Anyone who struggles with food knows “logic” isn’t the answer. Your mind gets hijacked by emotions. Otherwise known as your primitive, animal brain.

By taking a moment to journal before you eat, you automatically regain more control & Become More Mindful At Same Time!

Slow down.



What really is going on right now?

Why do you want to binge? How hungry are you?

What are you experiencing - thoughts and feelings?

Why do you want this food right now?

The App Will Ask You Questions To Prompt Your Journaling - Very Easy!

You won’t have any regrets if you journal.

You will always be glad you took a moment to pause, express, and think.

You won’t be perfect, and that's ok.

Part of practice is seeing mistakes as “learning opportunities”.

Instead of feeling shame about bingeing, This app will help you to learn from Your binge.

The binge is trying to teach you something! But what?

In the “Learn” section you’ll see 2 tools where you can see eating trends based on your past journal entries.  

  1. Cue and Trigger "Word Cloud" - See the words most associated with bingeing
  2. Binge Tracker - See your hunger levels before each binge

If you can learn from your binges, then you can master the two important 2 important skills.

  1. Catching Your Cues and Triggers - What are your emotional cues / triggers? And can you learn to spot these triggers and interrupt them before bingeing by journaling?
  2. Hunger and Satisfaction - What foods make you feel satisfied? Can you regularly catch hunger before you get "too" hungry?

This app will directly help you quickly master these two skills so that you're episodes of freakish out of control eating decrease by 50-100% within 14 days.

Overall - your binges will go down significantly and quickly once you begin to practice journaling before you eat. 

Well, what are you waiting for?

The App is free!

Join the Community! Get Compassionate Accountability and Encouragement in our private community!

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