Are You Ready To Discover How 3 Universal Meal Plan Principles Stop Binge & Emotional Eating So YOUR Best Food Relationship Becomes Permanent?

1-on-1 Eating Coaching If You've Failed A Lot of Diets and Crave A Simple, Safe, Effective Path That Will Always Be There For You Even If You Quit, Switch Diets, or Self-Sabotage.

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Millions wrestle with "The Binge-Restrict cycle" And It's Not Your Fault

You already know about the obesity epidemic and what causes it.

- Billion dollar corporations make and market highly processed "empty calorie" foods in extreme excess

- Sedentary lifestyle, stress, and cheap, convenient junk food 

- Restrictive diets with conflicting rules create deprivation, food anxiety, and confusion

- Binge or emotional eating for comfort becomes a habit and sometimes even an addiction

Underneath all forms of disordered eating, weight gain, and food anxiety there is an underlying pattern called "The Binge Restrict Cycle".

Binge eating, emotional eating, compulsive eating, food addiction, you can't stop thinking about food, can't stop sabotaging your diet ...

All of these are outer manifestations of The Binge Restrict Cycle.

If you want to be free, healthy and peaceful then you need to understand this cycle of habit, addiction, and hopelessness.

Binge Eating and Yo Yo Dieting Is The Norm Until You See The 3 Universal Meal plan Principles

Don't believe me when I say nearly every single meal plan, diet, weight loss program contains 3 meal plan principles.

There are 3 Near-Universal Meal Plan Principles:

1) Daily Regularity - Eating at least 3 meals per day so you are properly fueled for energy and avoid getting too hungry

2) Eating Mindfully - Sitting down at a table, chewing slowly without mindless snacking in between rewires your cues and habits

3) Eating a Variety of Food Groups - Eating proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, veggies and fruits so you're satisfied and fueled properly

These are the 3 meal plan principles fundamental to nearly every single dieting approach. 

Think for yourself.

Agree or disagree.

Why is this important?

Well, if you're anxious about food ...

If you're thinking back and forth about which foods to eat ...

At least you have these three principles to fall back upon.

Because while different diets and programs will say to eat different things or that ...

These principles give you a foundation to make eating decisions because every single approach shares them!

Because let's be real - you've switched, quit and sabotaged diets and healthy eating approaches many times before.

And most likely you see Eating Enlightenment as another eating approach similar to the diets you've tried before and found to be empty of meaning.

Right now you most likely see Eating Enlightenment like the other diets you've tried which were too restrictive, too complicated, too confusing, and which you ultimately quit.

However, the beauty about these 3 principles is that even if you switch meal plans, quit, change your mind ... 

You'll always come back to these 3.


Even if one day you believe you're a total, hopeless food addict and want to pursue a diet abstinent of sugar, or flour ... you'll still want to follow these 3 principles even if you make another guideline or two for you specifically (like no sugar). 

Or take keto for example. Let's say you want to switch from food addiction to keto. Well, these 3 principles are still at play.

You'll still come back to these 3 principles.


Therefore, with these principles, you have a simple direction, simple clear guidelines, that are not going to change if you change, quit or sabotage.

The logic is simple.

By your own analysis you can see these commonalities.

Am I right? 

Therefore, each day is a new chance for you to start practicing.

Your goal is to learn the skills to make these principles automatic habits. I am here to teach you those skills as a 1-on-1 online eating coach.

These principles are simple enough where if you practice them for a few months, they'll become much more automatic.

Your behavioral cues will rewire.

Learn Internal Family Systems (IFS) Skills To Heal Your Inner child, Alleviate Inner conflict, Connect To Your Body, and Release Guilt & shame ...

You don't have to stay trapped. 

For years I thought I was broken until I finally started learning skills to make sense of my inner world.

Once I could connect to my inner child, and hold his pain with mindfulness and without judgment, then I could finally release the deep emotional pain buried with my subconscious.

See, my mind and body were actually "frozen" in past trauma but I didn't know this consciously!

"Parts" of my mind were actually trying to "protect" me by eating food, disassociating, exercising, thinking, criticizing, etc!

Yet until I learned the skills to understand, heal, and release these "parts" I was hopelessly trapped and I thought I was broken.

Yet, learning the skills of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and techniques to quickly clarify my internal, emotional world in safe way ...

I really got to the bottom of my core, emotional, trauma from childhood and now I'm free and here to give you a similar message:

You are not broken.

I believe in you.

You are strong in many areas of life, competent, and you care for others so much.

Nobody has ever taught you before to truly connect to your inner child in a safe way, and how to manage the responses of your protectors who feel threatened by your inner child.

(Because your protectors - like your binge eater - are "frozen" in time and still believe your inner child is wounded)

By learning a few simple techniques to sort out your "parts" and to stop them from fighting each other, and by following the 3 universal meal plan principles, you may finally be FREE.

Hi, I’m Jared, and I Help People Make Food Easy and Peaceful

I just want you to know that I believe in your innate potential and ability to grow, heal and thrive… perhaps even more than you do at this moment.

If I can overcome my 6 year struggle with binge eating, disassociation, anxiety, depression, inner conflict and negative self-worth, I know you can too.

Years ago I only knew toughness, and whenever I fell short of perfection, shame and bingeing would overwhelm me followed by dieting and despair.

However, I was lucky to join a Zen Monastery for 13 months where I overcame binge eating through 3 universal meal plan principles.

This inward adventure sparked my healing journey where I eventually learned the skills of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and for these reasons this is why I'm here today.

The only reason I can look you in the eye and guarantee that we can get to the bottom of your issues with food, and to help you FULLY heal, is because I've worked through my own traumas, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and bad habits as well. It's taken me years of therapy, many psychedelic experiences, working, living and breathing this stuff for years. And I'm here to say it doesn't need to take you nearly this long and that Eating Enlightenment can be simple, easy, and straightforward.

How Eating Enlightenment Coaching Works

Nutrition + Psychology = Eating Enlightenment Coaching

Step 1

Nutrition - Get Your Free Personalized Meal Plan

We'll meet online and hear about your current food relationship.

Everyone starts off with the basics - eating regularly, eating mindfully, and eating variety.

By targeting nutrition first, we solve the "low hanging fruit", build confidence, feel better - all without restriction.

Step 2

Psychology - Get Support, Accountability, Training in IFS and Food Principles Via Expert Coaching

Now that you've begun, you'll need a few things to master the skills.

- Support (weekly, online, 60 minutes)
- Accountability (easy to follow structure and steps)
- Training (access to videos, community, and training modules)
- Expert Coaching (get help with the difficult stuff)

Step 3

Eating Enlightenment - Become Competent At Skills, Create New Habits, and Find Lasting Harmony

It won't take long.

Think around 60-90 days for you to really make a significant, permanent shift and have a set of skills that will stay with and guide you for the rest of your life

Expert Online Coaching Effectively Targets Binge-Restrict Cycle Via Nutrition Principles and Powerfully Simply Therapy ...

Our online, month-by-month, 1-on-1 coaching Services Can Help You Overcome This Life Sucking and Deadly Epidemic.

⭐  60 minute weekly coaching sessions - (Longer than your usual therapy, nutrition or personal training sessions
⭐  Support between coaching sessions - (Have someone there when you need it most)
⭐  Worksheets and training videos - (Get all your questions answered)
⭐  Universal meal plan - (You can stick to this for the rest of your life, be healthy, satisfied without restriction)
⭐  Learn Internal Family Systems - (Finally learn practical skills to get to the bottom of things and get peace of mind!)
⭐  Monthly payments - (Satisfy your inner skeptic and doubter by trying & testing before committing)
⭐  Community - (connect with other past clients instead of being by yourself, lifetime access)

What You Should Expect

Peace of mind around food and body

No more out of control moments around food getting up at night staring at the fridge!

Self-love and nourishment and compassion instead of constant food thoughts and obsession

Be free to live a meaningful life based on YOUR values instead of constantly thinking about weight and food

Hangout with friends and family, birthday parties and vacations without fear 

Regain your easy, confidence and inborn intuition around food

Stop spending untold thousands of dollars on programs that simply lead to weight gain in the long run

Finally be free of yo yo dieting and weight cycling frustrations

Stop hating your body and shift into a sense of respectful body care

Learn to care for yourself, learn to meet your emotional needs for yourself and find wholeness

Tap into your sense of spirituality and inner light to heal, grow and transform

 Stop binge, compulsive, emotional, food addiction, and all sorts of disordered eating

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