Get Your Notebook! Are you ready to Look Within Your Self Via Journaling and "Enlighten" Your Struggles with Binge and Emotional Eating?

You can have peaceful, intuitive and healthy eating ,,, even if "part" of you feels like this is impossible!

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Do you have some unknown, sinister force within you holding you back?

  • You have an obsession or fear of gaining weight, plus incredible disappointment over not being able to keep the weight off.
  • You dislike or outright hate your body when you look in the mirror. You feel uncomfortable in your skin. No matter you weight you feel fat and unfit.
  • It's almost impossible to untie your worth from your weight and how your body looks. Even though you succeed at your job and family for the most part,  deep down you equate your value with weight so you automatically feel like a failure.
  • You simply lack of self-control around food. You say things like… ‘When I binge, I feel out of control.’ ‘I never know when my next binge is going to be.’
  • You cannot tell when you are full, and even if you are full you don't stop when full. You're not sure when to eat or when to stop. 
  • Your thoughts are constantly thinking about food, calories, how to compensate and you can't stop thinking about food all the time. 
  • You know you use food to cope with your emotions, when stressed, anxious, overwhelmed. But you can't stop abusing food for comfort despite knowing full well your patterns! This makes you feel frustrated that you use food for comfort and security.
  • You keep having this internal dialogue/critic which keeps you in the dark bingeing and feeling helpless about it. 
  • You're mindset isn't helping you deal and process your emotions around food, leading to constant self-blame and self-sabotage.
  • You find it difficult to ask for help because you try to justify the matter as trivial. You’re ashamed that you let yourself go too much already to even ask for help.

You're stuck and you've tried every logical, external, willpower solution possible.

❌ Diets, diets, and more diets - by now you see the pattern - weight loss followed by even more bingeing

❌ Calorie counting, low-carb diets, exercising ... they all sound good ... but it feels like you're  putting bandaids on randomly without even knowing the injury's location

❌ Keto, Paleo, WW, 12Step, OA ... some methods involve self-shame and spite... others don't help manage your stress and emotion

❌ Meal plans from dietitians and nutritionists work but ... you can't seem to stick with any protocol even if you are satisfied

❌ Therapy has given you new perspectives and helped with anxiety, but you're still stuck with food 

I'm Jared Levenson

I'm a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Eating Recovery Coach, lay ordained Zen Buddhist Monk, Yoga Instructor, and founder of Eating Enlightenment

I help people go far beyond mindfulness so you can really embody enlightened awareness to naturally eat peacefully and healthfully.

We have 1-on-1 online eating coaching services based on our signature 3-month Eating Enlightenment Journaling program.

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While you may not believe in your self please know your birthright includes a normal, satisfying relationship with food

Simply because you're reading these words right now I know a "part" of you believes in your potential to recover, heal and eat peacefully.

While the journey is not easy, you can walk this path and heal fully 100%.

If I can reconnect to my body after a childhood of emotional neglect, I know you can too. 

Please know that I get it. I know what it's like for my body and emotions to be totally strange, confusing and frustrating.

I know how shaming it feels to compulsively eat food to manage your anxiety, shame, guilt and overwhelm - despite sincere attempts to eat healthy.

I know what it's like to wake up 5-10 pounds heavier, lose the weight during the week, and then be back up again a few days later.

And even worse ... to try every solution possible without any long term success ... and to conclude sadly that it's you.

I know what it's like to believe that it's your problem, your fault, and that you're broken. 

I also know what it's like to learn spiritual & emotional intelligence, to reclaim my connection to body and heart and stomach, and to be my own inner light.

You can go beyond mindfulness, and really look within, and naturally free yourself from addictive food patterns as you connect to your inner light too. 

Once I figured this stuff out I developed an introspective training process based on journaling to help other people look inward. This journaling program has been tested and continues to be refined.

The secret is "Enlightenment" - you are more than you think you are, and you are capable of more than you know ...

  • You can learn to journal which will allow you to eat anything at any time and it doesn’t matter because you are sane and in control
  • You can  eat what they want and not feel shitty about what you look like and how they feel about it (because you're making better eating decisions overall). In short, no sense of obligation to food 
  • No more guilt at eating ‘banned foods’ 
  • You don't have to be a slave to food cravings. You really can enjoy food without judgment, guilt or shame 
  • You can learn to be in touch with how they feel about eating in the moment
  • You can develop trust that your body will fuel itself properly. Seeing food as fuel and source of joy, not a scandalous treat
  • A healthy lifestyle without constantly thinking about food is yours
  • You can give compassion and kindness toward one’s self in a genuine, authentic manner
  • You can free your headspace to  focus more on other things in their life that have been neglected
  • You can be able to exercise and move more because that means one can interact socially with their community, family, and friends
  • You can just be present for your life
  • Overall, a new life. Food freedom is everything, and this is what we mean by Eating Enlightenment. 

Are you ready for Eating Enlightenment?

Speak with me, Jared, Certified Eating Counselor and experienced Coach, on a free Zoom consultation. You'll see exactly how journaling laser beam awareness and free you from your specific, personal struggles with food.

(With journaling there's no way you can go wrong, and our coaching services have a proven success rate with guarantees)

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