Learn How You Can Nourish Your Body, Defeat Food Cravings, and Stop Binge and Emotional Eating

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Millions of hardworking folks are struggling with overeating, if you’re anything like them …

  • You find yourself waking up hating your body and puffy face from overeating and bingeing last night.
  • You’ve gone to the moon and back with Overeater’s Anonymous, various diets, doctors, therapies and feels like you have only yourself left to blame.
  • Deep down you feel that you are broken and that there’s just something truly wrong with your body and who you are.
  • You can’t stop thinking about food and weight even though this only makes things worse and blocks you from your dreams and relationships.
  • You’re worried about your health and know tons of information about healthy eating, but you still can’t stop self-sabotaging and keep gaining weight.
  • You’ve tried various attempts at ‘eating when hungry stop when full’, or Intuitive Eating but you just lose control and overeat

I want you to know that you’re not alone, and that real lasting change is both possible and proven.

Do you have binge or Emotional eating disorder? Take the 1 Min Quiz Today

Are you ready for an incredibly simple and effective approach to stop binge eating and become totally free around food so that you can just be yourself?

Deep down your emotions feel unsafe, uncertain and powerless.

Your survival brain is trying to protect you from stress, shame and other painful feelings.

Food is how your survival brain numbs away feelings of neglect and loneliness.

Your survival brain has learn to eat away that tremendous pain within your heart and body.

The bad news -

This part of your brain is "subconscious" and you are blocked from accessing it. If you could access it, you would have done so already.

Here’s the good news:

You can connect to your inner spirit and eat peacefully using an usually simple process ...

This unusually simple process begins by using ONE simple process.

Mindfulness and accountability through 3 stages, where you become more aware of your behaviors and down to the emotions and thoughts driving those behaviors.

Often journaling is a tool we use to study our patterns and triggers, and to increase awareness, but please remember ... 

No calories!

We really want more mindfulness, and journaling is a simply a tool for mindfulness (not a requirement)

When you combine mindfulness, journaling, and accountability ... 

Something magical happens.

What you could NOT do by yourself, now you can.

You literally see food differently.

Eating Enlightenment is when this new way of seeing food and body differently becomes a permanent state of mind, body and living

Do you have binge or Emotional eating disorder? Take the 1 Min Quiz Today

How? An unusual 3 Stage approach based on Mindfulness and accountability

You’re probably here because you’ve heard & tried everything to make the binges go away. 

Your time is precious to me so I won’t dish out any nonsense diets and band-aid solutions.

At Eating Enlightenment, it’s not about looking outside for answers — it’s finding that lasting solution that lives inside you.

How? We start simple.

Less theory, more doing.

You don't need principles, plans or food rules.

It's about practicing the skill of mindful journaling to better health, awareness of your triggers and parts,..

And finally to unlock your inner spiritual 'meta' awareness where you can heal the deepest roots.

How do you start Journaling?

You start with the 3 stages:

Step 1 - journal to become mindful of eating patterns

Step 2 - journal to become mindful of triggers and parts

Step 3 - journal to connect with inner child and heal their pain

(Yep, no calories.)

Why write thoughts and emotions?

Writing your emotions onto paper is the opposite of calorie counting.

By writing your brain automatically "processes" your emotions so you don't need to eat for comfort.

This writing + accountability is the missing link for so many people because you 10x your mindfulness by journaling! 

Instead of fighting your emotions ...

Or getting caught up in traps of thinking ...

You get to see everything about your experience, directly, in front of you and on paper.

Now you learn how to dance with your emotions, instead of fighting them all the time.

You learn to spot your 'cues' which trigger the automatic bingeing ...

Best of all - through journaling you are easily held accountable without judgment.

Now you can brush away your thoughts like dusty cobwebs ...

Now you can actually listen to your body and know when to stop eating!

You'll be able to give your inner child what he/she/they needs.

Just like a domino...

Food will naturally stop being so damn hard -- just normal, peaceful and freeing.

Things will fall into place.

Welcome to Eating Enlightenment :)

What Makes Eating Enlightenment Process Unique?

You get paired up with Accountability Partner (sometimes a longer wait-list)

You both set off on a 3 stage journey

You both work with each other to reach Eating Enlightenment

The key is connection.

By having a set path, everybody is on the same page.

When you're in it together with someone ...

You're not lonely.

Less lonely, at least.

We can't promise magic results, but we can promise to be there with you, and to give you the support and general steps you need to take to fully heal.

Our key thing is connection.

You're stronger than what you could do by yourself.

So ...

What you need to do is ...

Watch the free training or get the course to know if the 3 stage process is for you

Once you know, or become willing to try ...

Reach out.

We can begin the process of partnering you with either a a private community member (someone else who is commited to the 3 stages) 

FREE if you purchase the course which explains the 3 stages, or if you become a private coaching client all clients receive the course included

Overall ...

Get on the email list, email me, and simply take the next step forward.

Learn more, somehow.

Get the course or get a coaching package. That's what I recommend for fastest matching and getting closer to the day where you never binge again!

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Do you have binge or Emotional eating disorder? Take the 1 Min Quiz Today