Would you like to learn 3 unusual steps to stop binge eating forever?

Learn about a ancient tool applied in a modern way for food.

It’s what’s inside you that counts.

If you are desperately afraid of gaining weight ...

Because you believe you lack willpower …

That you need food rules to control eating ...

I’m glad your journey brought you here.

At Eating Enlightenment, none of these matter. 

Because it's what’s inside YOU that counts.

You. Your inner spirit. Your inner child.

Not counting calories. Or aiming to lose weight one last time.

It's what's inside you that counts.

This might be the last thing you want to hear...

But #1 reason why you can’t stop bingeing?

You can't connect with your true emotions and body in a meaningful way.

I’ll be straight up with you.

Until you can effectively connect with your emotions and body, you will continue to binge.

But there’s an unusually simple way you can truly heal and stop the binges… for good!

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Why is Journaling Unique (Because you are!)

Deep down your emotions feel unsafe, uncertain and powerless.

Your survival brain is trying to protect you from stress, shame and other painful feelings.

Food is how your survival brain numbs away feelings of neglect and loneliness.

Your survival brain has learn to eat away that tremendous pain within your heart and body.

But here’s the good news:

You can connect to your inner spirit and eat peacefully using an usually simple process ...

This unusually simple process begins by using ONE tool. 

Mindfulness Journaling.

This tool is most likely the missing link you've been looking for all these years ...

How? An unusual three step approach 

You’re probably here because you’ve heard & tried everything to make the binges go away. 

Your time is precious to me so I won’t dish out any nonsense diets and band-aid solutions.

At Eating Enlightenment, it’s not about looking outside for answers — it’s finding that lasting solution that lives inside you.

How? We start simple.

Less theory, more doing.

You don't need principles, plans or food rules.

It's about practicing the skill of mindful journaling to unlock your inner compassion, and then from there your intuition.

Step one: Mindfulness Journaling.

You start by writing three things before you eat.

1) what you'll eat and 2) your emotions and 3) your thoughts.

(Yep, no calories.)

Why write thoughts and emotions?

Writing your emotions onto paper is the opposite of calorie counting.

By writing before you eat, your brain automatically "processes" your emotions so you don't need to eat for comfort.

This writing step is the missing link for so many people! 

Step two: Compassion, where you learn how to dance with your emotions, instead of fighting them all the time.

Compassion is the antidote to shame, and shame is ultimately what keeps you stuck in bingeing.

With compassion, connection to your true, authentic self is possible.

Not thinking about it ...

Being it.

STEP THREE: Naturally eat intuitively.

Now you can actually listen to your body and know when to stop eating!

You'll be able to give your inner child what he/she/they needs.

Just like a domino...

Food will naturally stop being so damn hard -- just normal, peaceful and freeing.

Things will fall into place.

Welcome to Eating Enlightenment :)

Why mindfulness journaling works when nothing else does

See your body and emotions in a new way like you never have before!
Compassion unlocks emotional intelligence blocked by shame!
Connect & heal emotional wounds within. 

Have you ever tried keeping a mindfulness food journal before?

If you cannot feel your hunger cues or if you hate feeling your body ...

Your emotions are too painful, overwhelming and confusing ...

What you is a simple, effective practice you can easily start today and see results immediately.

It all starts with mindfulness journaling...

Less theory, more action!

When you "see" on paper what you're thinking and feeling ...

When you practice writing before you eat ...

Everything shifts!

The result?

Things fall into place without obsession, overwhelm, or deprivation.

Are you ready to start?

3 Unusual Skills To Stop Binge Eating Forever

Step 1

Cultivate Mindfulness 

Less theory, more effective doing!

This might be hard to believe but one of the easiest ways to stop bingeing is to be mindful.

And it's not that hard. Just note 3 simple things: what you'll eat, your thoughts & your emotions. 

That's it. Writing before you eat re-organizes information in your brain and that calms you down and helps you take control.

This step is what many people have been missing all these years,

Step 2

Generate Compassion

Writing these 3 things allows you to communicate with your emotions with a dash of imagination.

When you can finally talk to your emotions in a normal way ...

Now you can understand your emotions (AKA your past wounds/traumas—neglect, abandonment/lack of care/empathy) that make you turn to food for safety & comfort. 

Now that you can communicate with your emotions, you'll have the inner strength to stop the binges. No more self-sabotage, shame & obsession around food!

Step 3

Eat Intuitively

If you want to heal 100%, you can't skip. I'm a huge fan of Intuitive Eating.

I just find from experience that people can get bogged down in information and miss this critical part: effectively connecting to their emotions FIRST.

Simply put, healing from the inside prepares you to become an intuitive eater effortlessly. You regain your hunger & fullness cues (this time more sensitive!)

Now, eating normally becomes incredibly easier, normal, & healthy.

If you have ever tried to drop the food rules before but then just went crazy, now you'll be ready to dip your toes into freedom with your skill of mindful self-compassion!

At Eating Enlightenment, there’s no ‘working it off.’ No false promises. No tricks. 

But here’s the thing...

Would you wait one more year or another decade to finally live your best life without food holding you back...

…when you can do it now?

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Hi, I’m Jared. As a guy I never learned about my emotions. I only knew toughness, discipline and productivity. That is, until I gave up in despair and became a Zen Monk for 13 months... 

I just want you to know that I believe in your innate potential and ability to grow, heal and thrive… perhaps even more than you do at this moment.

If I can overcome my 6 year struggle with binge eating, isolating social awkwardness, and negative self-worth, I know you can too.

Years ago I only knew toughness, and whenever I fell short of perfection shame and bingeing would overwhelm me.

However, I was lucky to join a Zen Monastery for 13 months where I overcame binge eating (for the first but not last time). 

This inward adventure sparked my healing journey and is why I'm here today writing to you.