Why I Always Want To Eat? 5 Reasons

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Why Do I Always Want To Eat
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Why do I always want to eat?

why do I always want to eat

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Cultural Conditioning – for millions of years food was scarce. Now food is always in your face.
  2. You Eat To Avoid Stress – you’re in a bad habit of eating when even just slightly stressed.
  3. You’re Not Eating Enough To Get Full – fullness is either foreign to you OR you are afraid of feeling full because you fearfully associate fullness with binge eating bloatedness.
  4. Lack of Protein / Fat Or Too Many Carbs – carbs are easy, convenient and temporarily fill you up.
  5. You’re Stuck In A Story Of Deprivation – You haven’t healed an inner wound just yet

Below are some more in-depth thoughts of mine!

Why Do I Always Want To Eat Commentary:

Starvation was the reason why people died historically.

Now, for the first time in human history, we don’t really die from starvation, at least in the richer countries.

In fact, our food industry has a big problem. They have too much food. To get rid of all this food and to make a lot of profit these food companies have become masterminds at selling food.

Everywhere you look and everywhere you drive there is food everywhere. There are so many different options and flavors and tastes and so many different experiences.


At the slightest pain or pang of hunger we react by eating food.

However, for many years this wasn’t the case.

We didn’t evolve to always have food readily available. Our culture nowadays has trained us with food accessibility. And this leads to binge eating.

And also our culture is incredibly stressful.

We work harder than ever. Stress and depression and anxiety these are all increasing. Social media isn’t helping.

There’s a chronic stress that’s prevalent in all walks of life.

work life balance

Food companies who have an agenda have marketed us food products to solve every woe and pain.

If you’re stressed out, have some ice cream. If you’re on the go grab one of these bars.

There is a high likelihood that you may have innocently started eating food to manage your stress. However, this habit may have spiraled into a bad habit and even into an automatic, unconscious habit.

Or in the flip side of things, you may actually be afraid of fullness.

There are two different types – one person is always eating to avoid stress and because they have been culturally conditioned.

The other person is constantly snacking but is never getting full. They have associated binge eating bloatedness with fullness and now snack constantly so they can avoid feeling fullness.

Of course, this is not the answer to the question – why do I always want to eat?

The answer is finding balance. Balance for fullness means not too much but not too little.


It means finding a place where you are comfortably full.

Proteins and fats can help you feel comfortably full. Sometimes we are afraid of fats. However this doesn’t need to be the case.

Yes, there are some fats that are bad and unhealthy.

Yet there are also many fats that are good and can give you comfortable fullness.

If you don’t have enough protein and fat in your diet there’s a much higher chance you’ll always be snacking because you don’t get fully satisfied.

Protein and fat are key ingredients on giving yourself food satisfaction.

Without food satisfaction, you will likely continue snacking all day because you are searching and it feels like you’re missing something.

The final reason is food deprivation, which is beyond the scope of the video but if you listen to the video, I give some key indicators on how to spot food deprivation.

Which of these five reasons most resonates with you?

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