Top 3 Healthy Fats To Eat To Lose Weight

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What Are Healthy Fats To Eat

What are healthy fats to eat? Why are fats perhaps the most important part of your eating?

  1. Healthy fats that I eat daily: olive oil, avocado, nuts, eggs, fish/chicken/sausage, full fat yogurt
  2. Why are fats important: fats keep you full. When you eat fats and get full, you have less of an urge to graze and snack on food.

Now obviously some fats can be bad … so key is finding those healthy fats 🙂

They really are a game changer!

What are your healthy fats you enjoy?

best fat burning foods

What Are Healthy Fats To Eat Commentary:

But overall fat gets a bad rap.

And it’s unfortunate.

I just had a conversation with a guy this previous Saturday.

He was coming from an Indian heritage background and was eating a lot of rice, curry and vegetables.

There’s nothing wrong with this.

For some people this works great.

But this guy kept saying he had a problem with overeating and snacking.

To me this sounded like a classic case of not eating enough.

You’d be surprised about how much of a difference eating adequate nutritional foods can make a difference in your life.

And even if you are not Indian …

You may still be on a carb heavy diet.

Carb heavy diets don’t serve you well because you just don’t get full long enough.

You can eat a whole plate of pasta but then something just doesn’t feel right 1-2 hours later.

There is something in your belly that is already hungry even after eating a whole ton of carbs.

This ‘something’ this urge to eat is usually a lack of FAT.

I know. What Are Healthy Fats To Eat?

I know.

It sounds crazy. Fat?

Yes! This is an Eating Enlightenment!

Fat keeps you full.

Fat also tastes good too. Really good.

And no … you won’t get fat.

When you eat some fat now … you end up snacking way less.

You end up staying full longer and not having to reach for the bag of chips.

Heck sometimes I feel that all this work I do around cravings, scarcity, mindset, hunger and so forth …

Pales in comparison to simply adding fat into your diet.

Now, albeit, there are plenty of folks out there who do eat plenty of fat and still binge eat.

So no. This is not The Solution for What Are Healthy Fats To Eat.

However, if you are eating a tons of carbs as the main energy source from food, then this information is like a cheat code.

You can make rapid progress in terms of decreasing binge eating, decreasing emotional eating, decreasing compulsive eating and so forth …

Simply by reducing your carbs.

It’s awesome.

I hate to preach hacks, or a quick fix mentality.

But fats, incorporating fats into your diet can be life changing.

No, it won’t solve 100% of your food craving or deprivation.

But if you could solve 50% of your food craving and deprivation in one technique – eat more fat – wouldn’t that be worth it?

It’s so simple too!

There’s very little fussing around.

These fat foods are pretty simple to fix up. Or these other foods too.

And the Olive Oil with veggies is LIFE CHANGING. That’s a big part of understanding What Are Healthy Fats To Eat.

See most people don’t like veggies because of taste and veggies don’t fill you up enough.

But for me, adding a few tablespoons of olive oil before I cook veggies …

stress eating disorder

It gives me the extra calories I need to get full.

Plus, the calories are from fat so I don’t get hungry right away. I stay full.

The vegetables taste good.

My poop flows good. Yes, graphic right there, but I had to sneak that in there 🙂

Hey, it’s a benefit!

And it’s quick.

Here’s what I do …

I just get pre-cut veggies from Safeway.

It costs $5 for a bag that lasts me about a week.

I also get some spinach too.

Then about 1x per day usually during lunch which is the biggest meal of my day … which is also a strategy to stop getting hungry.

I cook up something veggies and spinach and then I drench them liberally in Olive oil!

The eggs and avocado that I put on my whole wheat toast … another key to What Are Healthy Fats To Eat.

Well, the whole wheat toast soaks up the olive oil!

It gets pretty soggy but it’s so delicious!

And I stay full. I don’t need to eat again for another 5 hours. And during this 5 hours, I feel satisfied.

I’m not thinking about what I missed.

There’s no regret.

It’s just me simply enjoying a good meal and then enjoying my life.

It’s awesome!

So here’s what I want you to do.

Start with 1 meal per day.

I’d say make it breakfast.

Eat breakfast within 30-45 mins of waking up.

Eat a high fat breakfast. Another key to understanding What Are Healthy Fats To Eat!

And see how long it lasts until you get ‘hungry’ again.

For example, eat eggs and bacon, or full fat greek yogurt with nuts and berries.

And notice how much easier it is to not even be tempted by those sugary foods!

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