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Here's What Are The Best Foods To Eat To Lose Weight: Healthy Fats, Proteins and Fiber

So … I’m confused … what are the best foods to eat to lose weight?

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Here’s a typical example of a dieting behavior in disguise

Feeling proud of eating a skimpy salad, but not feeling satisfied afterwards.

Believe it or not, this is dangerous!

We have to be clear. There are mental benefits to dieting. For example, successfully exerting willpower can give a feeling of pride.

However, there are two types of motivation.

  1. Mental
  2. Body
stop stress eating

In this case the mental motivation is there, but the body motivation is at 0%.

The skimpy salad didn’t make the body happy. It made the mind happy, but not the body.

We need both types of motivation!

This is how dieting can be tricky. Because there are real profound benefits and it’s easy to ‘think’ we are feeling good. It’s easy to get confused by ‘thinking’ we are feeling good when really our bodies are still hungry but our thoughts over-ride these feelings.

So … how do you get both types of motivation in your eating?

What are the best foods to eat to lose weight commentary:

So, true story.

Today I am talking with a current client of mine, and he shares a story about eating a skimpy salad.

There was nothing in particular about this salad, however the way he spoke about the salad made me concerned.

Because he showed me a picture of the salad and there was basically nothing there. There were just a few pieces of lettuce, some vegetables and that was it. Not even any salad dressing.

So I knew that this meal wasn’t going to satisfy him. However, he reported feeling really good about the salad.

food rules to overcome compulsive eating

So how do we understand this contradiction? On one hand the salad is not fulfilling, yet this person is reporting that the salad is fulfilling.

What gives?

Well, the answer lies and the two types of motivation. Understanding these two types of motivation is the key to learn how to get motivated to eat healthy.

When we are attempting to use discipline, will power and control over our food in order to lose weight or stop binge eating, then we will get mental benefits when we successfully exert control and discipline over food.

This is what my client was doing in the story above. He was getting a lot of pride, feelings of accomplishment, and feeling like a success because he had made a healthy decision.

However because I have been in the eating field for a few years now, I knew that he was just simply setting himself up to yo-yo diet.

I knew that he wasn’t eating enough, and that he would have an emotional eating episode soon. He didn’t have a list of healthy foods to eat from,

So what are the best foods to eat to lose weight?

How did I know this? Well, I knew that his body was not motivated. This is the second type of motivation. Body motivation.

Body motivation is essentially where your body eats food and feels satisfied and even energized after the food is eaten.

In the case of the salad, the body probably was not satisfied afterwards.

There’s simply wasn’t enough food to get full and get a nice pleasant feeling in your belly which normally occurs after you eat enough food.

There’s simply wasn’t enough food on the plate to be satisfied.

So when the body isn’t satisfied, research and my own personal experience helping people, shows that there will be an attack of rebound eating.

binge eating cycle

You will lose control.

You might blame it on your work, or a stressful situation, but in actuality it is the body rebelling against the dis satisfying food.

So, essentially when we do not eat enough, we set ourselves up for binge eating. so with this client we began exploring how he could add healthy fats to his salads like avocados, chicken, olive oil, or nuts.

In this way he would fill up with food and his body would get satisfied.

This is what are the best foods to eat to lose weight!

Ideally, he would also get mental motivation because he was still eating healthy and not going into his old routines of sugary food under stress.

Now in this case, my client had a fear of eating more food. He was really thinking about trying to lose weight.

I had talked to him about the necessity of putting weight loss as a secondary priority, while focusing on healthy eating habits as the primary priority.

eating habits

However, in this case he still felt fear and here’s how we dealt with it. we first started talking about having a healthy and peaceful relationship with food.

Because often times healthy food, the relationship you have with healthy food, is combative. You are always trying to control, to discipline, and to punish yourself to eat healthy.

We need to be honest though, because the food police they are dangerous. And they have brain washed us to think a certain way.

Does this sound like a healthy relationship? Heck, is it even satisfying?

We started exploring how food could bring us joy. By getting full in our bellies we could truly start to feel that food satisfied us.

And that this food satisfaction would set the foundation for a healthy peaceful relationship with food.

Then, we also talked about how getting satisfied from food would decrease the binge eating and emotional eating.

We talked about how satisfaction from food enabled more energy throughout the day and would be the key to long-term success.

So, how do you get mental and body benefits from your food?

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