3 Ways To Get Rid Of A Sweet Tooth

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How To Get Rid Of A Sweet Tooth

How To Get Rid Of A Sweet Tooth Without Pulling Your Hair Out

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Have you ever gone home with the best of intentions to eat healthy yet emotionally speaking, healthy food repels you while unhealthy food attracts you?

This emotional magnetism towards unhealthy food is one of real root causes about why sometimes you feel that eating healthy is absolutely hopeless for you.

Today we are talking about habits, and focusing in on craving. Craving is the key.

Because what if it was possible to crave healthy foods from an emotional standpoint?

Could you imagine if you actually desired healthy food? How much more energy you’d have, and of course, there would be much higher chances of weight loss if you are overweight.

So how do we become addicted to healthy foods? And how do we begin to train our brains to desire healthy foods, and possibly including sugar cravings supplements? It begins with pleasure.

How To Get Rid Of A Sweet Tooth Commentary:

You might be thinking, well of course it’s pleasure but that’s the problem because unhealthy food gives me more pleasure.

Isn’t that the fundamental dilemma? That unhealthy food gives you more pleasure? This is why people binge eat.

Intellectually speaking we know that unhealthy food gives us stretch marks, makes us feel bloated, and lethargic…

But from an emotional standpoint…

We can’t seem to break these habits.

The short-term burst of sugary flavor from eating something healthy is simply too much to resist.

sugar addiction
Sugar addiction can feel incredibly real.

Or is it? What’s the real secret to understanding how to get rid of a sweet tooth?

I’ve talked about how eating regularly and meeting your emotional needs will greatly decrease the cravings for sugary food.

And in this video today we will dig deep into the pleasure principle of healthy eating.

Let me put it very simply – food satisfaction is addicting.

And to really make this specific principle practical to your life I will add the following – food satisfaction, especially content fullness, is highly pleasurable and addicting.

This is the key to becoming addicted to healthy food. Eating healthy foods that give you food satisfaction and make you feel full, not bloated, but full and a contented good way.

When you eat unhealthy foods that are basically simple sugars, your fullness doesn’t last longand this doesn’t feel good.

And when your fullness doesn’t last long, you are hungry again, and that’s quite frankly very annoying. It’s annoying always having to eat food. Let’s face it – never feeling satisfied from your food is a terrible feeling.

So the key is to notice the dissatisfaction, and compare it to the satisfaction of healthy eating.

Then you replace the old habit with the new habit.

Admittedly easier said than done, but this is the blue print to you start thinking about changing your habits and getting rid of cravings.

Like just think for a moment, maybe at work one day for lunch you had a bagel with cream cheese because you were in a hurry and didn’t have time to sit down for a salad.

Then for the next few hours you’re in this weird semi-hungry state where you’re not satisfied and you’re thinking about food while you’re working and you’re distracted and you’re starting to get hungry and stressed out.

Is that fun? Hell no. Doesn’t feel good.

But what if you had stepped away from work during lunch, went on a walk, and then had a hardy salad?

I’m talking an avocado, chicken breast and some spinach along with some other veggies. Probably about 600 or 700 calories if you’re measuring.

For the next few hours your belly would not want any food. You’d be able to concentrate at work and be able to check off a ton of your to-do lists.

Now I recently brought this up with someone I’m working with, and they had some questions which I thought were great questions.

They asked the biggest and most important question of all, “If eating healthy foods keeps me full and satisfied from an emotional standpoint why haven’t I become addicted to healthy foods previously?”

stop stress eating

And my response on how to get rid of a sweet tooth had three parts:

First, if you aren’t meeting your emotional needs and if you aren’t feeding yourself regularly with healthy foods, you are deprived emotionally and physically, and you won’t be able to resist unhealthy foods.

So let’s say you skipped breakfast and were incredibly stressed out, but had to eat at hardy salad at lunch. This would be insufficient.

Well true you did have healthy food that filled you up, but your belly was running on empty because you skipped a meal and you also weren’t taking care of yourself because you were too stressed out.

Second, your emotional brain is not so good with time. When you eat unhealthy you get an immediate good feeling. However with healthy food that fills you up, the feeling is more subtle and delayed.

So the natural follow-up question goes like this – if the feeling is more subtle and delayed, how do you become addicted?

The key is to pay attention. You have to honestly keep a journal and record how foods make you feel. When you start to see a significant pattern of unhealthy foods making you feel lousy, while healthy foods are giving you energy and nourishment, your emotional brain will start to put together the dots.

But the journal honestly is an incredibly helpful tool to help the emotional brain make those connections.

Here’s a journal prompt I sometimes give clients. You can use this prompt in your own journal.

So let me know your thoughts. What do you like/dislike about this idea?

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