What To Eat When Craving Sweets To Stop Binge Eating

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What To Eat When Craving Sweets

Ever wonder what to eat when craving sweets EVERY day after work? Even after dinner?

These 3 meals should help you reduce these unstoppable cravings and binge eating by I would say 50%. The key is to eat regularly.

However, this ‘quick’ trick will only see such great results for people who are under eating during the day. Another quick trick is researching supplements for sugar cravings!

Results may vary 🙂

(this doesn’t account for vegetarian, gluten, and other eating conditions)

  1. Bacon/eggs or full fat greek yogurt w/ berries
  2. Big salad, light dressing (preferably olive oil based), avocados, nuts, chicken on top
  3. Another meat, some carbs like sweet potatoes or brown rice, and more veggies

Why does this work wonders?

You aren’t starving! And you are filling your body up with foods that will sustain you.

This won’t solve the entire problem of sugar cravings and binge eating. But it’s a solid foundation to get started on.

What To Eat When Craving Sweets Commentary:

If you are undereating you are setting yourself up for binge eating or sugar attacks late at night.

Now the above strategy might trigger you.

You might think there’s too much fat or too much protein.

I could counter argue, which I do in the video, however the point is to try it.

Try it for a week. I guarantee results.

Does this mean you’ll have to meal prep. Yes.

Spend more money on groceries, yes.

Does it mean it may feel a little weird?

stop stress eating


But be careful!

Whenever trying a new behavior, challenge or trying someone’s advice …

It’s important to remember…

Don’t get caught in the trap of perfectionism!

This might look like:

  • you beat yourself up if you skip a meal
  • you have to get every ingredient on the menu or you’ll feel bad about yourself
  • if you don’t clean your plate you’ll feel bad about yourself

There are a thousand things that could happen.

Don’t force yourself to finish the meal either.

So … What To Eat When Craving Sweets


Because if you are having a sugar addiction or binge eating at night …

Then what have you got to lose?

Now it’s one thing you’re eating plenty of food during the day …

But are you really?

Are you really?

Because I doubt it.

If you have the habit of consistently …

Whether that’s 1x a week or 7x a week …

If it’s an ongoing pattern that repeats itself for months or years on end …

Where you feel guilty, depleted, ashamed, confused afterwards …

Could it be that you aren’t eating enough during the day?

mindful eating

I know it can be scary to eat more food than you’re used to.

Eating more food might make you fat!

But here are a few reasons why that’s simply not going to happen.

  1. The quality of foods matter much more than the quantity.

This is a huge mindset shift for many people.

It doesn’t matter HOW much you eat.

It matters WHAT you eat.

This is the answer to What To Eat When Craving Sweets?

I know that might sound crazy.

Of course it matters how much I eat! After all, if I didn’t eat so much candy or sugar then I wouldn’t be having these problems!

And … if I ate too much salmon and avocados then I would get fat too!

But here’s the thing …

Your body will not want too much of quality foods.

Your body will find it very difficult to binge or eat too much if you are regularly giving your body ample foods that are in good quality.

The foods listed above are in high protein / fat

  1. But won’t I get fat with all these fat?

No. What To Eat When Craving Sweets?

Fat is the single best way to stay full during the day and stop binge eating at night.

Introducing fat into your diet is one of the best nutrition tricks you can ever implement, you’re not doing so already.

I know … you may have gotten an ingrained fear of fats.

But truth be told …

You’ve also heard avocados, nuts and so forth are high in ‘good’ fats.

So what gives?

best fat burning foods

Basically you want good fats.

Imagine two planes taking off the runway for a destination.

One plane has fuel that quickly shoot the plane up to the sky, but then crashes back down once the plane reaches the earth.

The other plane gets to the sky a little bit slower, so the fuel lasts longer, and gives the pilot enough time to realize he’s getting low on fuel and to re-fuel!

This is what fat gives you.

Good fat gives you leeway.

You’re full for hours and then you slowly notice yourself getting less full.

Then …

As you notice less fullness, you can eat again.

I hope this analogy helps!

Go try this out for a week.

Let me know your thoughts.

And let’s be honest here.

How much of these objections are just excuses?

You get the basic premise.

Don’t let yourself starve!

Eat whole foods so you don’t starve! That’s What To Eat When Craving Sweets!

Your energy will skyrocket.

You’ll have made tremendous progress very rapidly!

That’s the way to go!

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