9 Tips to Tame your Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth

We all experience different kinds of food cravings every now and then. There is nothing wrong in eating what your stomach longs for once in a while.

However, if the sudden pangs of hunger occur way too frequently, this can indeed be a problem. Many of us have a sweet tooth, i.e. our love for sweet foods and desserts can be mindboggling at times.

Sweet is the first taste humans lean towards from birth, which is exactly why babies love sugary snacks.

When we eat something sweet, our body releases serotonin – a brain chemical that makes us feel good or ecstatic.

Women in particular are more susceptible to undergo sweet tooth cravings, and it is often difficult to abstain from second servings. 

If your sweet tooth tends to get out of control more often than you’d like to admit, try these ten tips to tame it: 

1 – Drink loads of Water

dehydrated hot weather

Oftentimes, our body is telling us that it is dehydrated, but we misjudge thirst as hunger and turn to food. Insufficient amounts of water in the body slow down hydrolysis, which is important to break down food and release energy.

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water throughout the day, and you will be able to keep all untimely cravings at bay. Refrain from drinks with high sugar content, as they tend to amplify sweet tooth ache instead of satiating it. 

2 – Relieve Stress

Most people overeat when they are anxious or stressed. Binging on something sweet is their coping mechanism to alleviate stress levels, which is addictive and so it becomes a habit. If you are feeling agitated or frustrated, you need to clear your mind rather than filling up your stomach.

It is best to go out to get some air, and for a change of scenery. Take a walk, do some breathing exercises, a couple of stretches, and then get back to work. Once the tension is released, the craving shall disappear and you will be able to concentrate on solving the problem at hand. 

3 – Grab some fruit

Many of us are eager to grab a big candy bar, pint of ice-cream, or piece of cake (that has too many calories to keep count of) when the sweet tooth aches. The conflict can be resolved by opting for a healthier substitute rather than going cold turkey.

Fruits are enriched with natural sugars along with several other nutrients that nourish the body. You can have a mango, banana, grapes, or berries, which offer an adequate amount of sweetness to satisfy your craving.

They also contain fiber that provides a full feeling, so you won’t encounter hunger pangs anytime soon again. 

And to top that off, according to this reliable dentist in las vegas, fruits like apples and strawberries are also good for your teeth. Apples cleanse your teeth and fight bad breath, while strawberries are packed with vitamin C that is good for your gums.

4 – Do not shift to artificial sweeteners

chocolate and coffee study

Many people will tell you to shift to artificially sweetened products to deal with the cravings, but that is not a good idea.

Artificial sweeteners will not help tame your sweet tooth; it will also contribute to health problems in the long run. It is better to switch to natural sugars, less sweet alternatives, or journal.

5 – Eat more fermented foods


Eating unprocessed fermented foods like Greek Yogurt, pickles, farmer’s cheese, kimchi, and sauerkraut helps control appetite, regulate serotonin levels, and prevent sweet cravings. These fermented foods are very good for gut health, being a rich source of probiotics. 

6 – Have proper meals

fiber protein and fat

People who eat 3-5 wholesome and balanced meals throughout the day are less prone to erratic hunger pangs. However, if sweet and unhealthy snacks replace actual meals, the constant cravings are expected.

Foods that are high in calories and primarily made from simple carbs are able to provide a quick boost of energy, but the effects wear off too soon.

As a result, you feel drained again shortly and reach for more sweets to gain the same short-lived sugar rush. 

7 – Take a Nap

Sometimes, the body is simply exhausted and we perceive it as hunger. If you haven’t slept in the last 18 hours, abandon whatever you are doing and hit the pillow. Once you get a proper nap and wake up rejuvenated, you’ll feel much better and willing to eat something sustainable.

A sugary snack can keep you going a bit longer, but eventually you will crash and burn; hence, when the sweet tooth aches, just sleep on it. 

8 – Chew on Gum

If binge eating sweets is a routine you want to quit, chewing gum can help you break this habit. You are basically accustomed to munching on something all the time, so chewing gum as an alternative would keep you distracted and eradicate the craving.

9 – See a Therapist

therapy counseling

Last but not least, unexplained and relentless cravings for sweet foods may indicate an eating disorder. Many people develop an eating disorder when they are depressed or suffering from another mental health issue.

It is important to identify the underlying problem and receive treatment from a professional. Your therapist can help you conquer your inner battles and put your mind at ease. 

If you’re a busy professional whose been struggled with food cravings for decades, then it’s best you meet with a Food Cravings Coach.

Author Bio

John Adams is a paralegal and lifestyle blogger who concentrates on health, fitness, personal injury law, and self-development. He encourages readers to fight for their rights and overcome obstacles holding them back. He believes that every person can improve the quality of his/her life by thinking positive and making better choices.

About the Author

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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