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how to not binge eat

How to not binge eat is a powerful question.

My top reason is ENLIGHTENMENT. Let me explain why …

You know uncontrollably and chaotically gobbling down food is … not ideal, to say the least.

And to tackle this problem you know you’ll have to make some big changes.

On the surface level it might seem like you just need to find the ‘magic’ nutritional bullet.

If only you knew the exact right ratio of proteins to carbs, the right types of fats, the magic number of calories …

Then your binge eating would go away. You could stick to the diet and lose weight fast.

But the top reason I teach people how to not binge eat …

Has very little to do with nutrition.

Nothing to do with nutrition? Isn’t nutrition a big part of losing weight?

Yes, but why I enjoy helping people to not binge eat is because …


You first have to shine the light of consciousness inwardly, to your authentic self, which is hidden beneath layers of judgment and conditioned thought.

In this video I talk about enlightenment. And how this process of shining light into WHO YOU ARE fires me up SO MUCH!!!

It’s truly a blessing to see someone who is willing and desiring to become their authentic self. This takes courage. This takes willingness to face your fears, let go of your ego, and explore unknown regions of yourself.

And witnessing someone’s journey to overcome binge eating…

Is nothing short of heroic.

When you just think in terms of nutrition, or calories or percentages …

You’re looking for a clear-cut bandaid black and white solution.

But there is no clear cut solution.

The reason ‘healthy’ eating doesn’t work is because healthy eating oftentimes forgets to consider the powerful emotional, psychological, and physiological forces at play.

(Now I’m just talking why I like to help people, I’m not talking to much info on ‘how’. For more info on how, you can read this article by Isabel Foxen Duke titled ‘How To Stop Binge Eating | The WHY and HOW to Stop’ by clicking here: https://isabelfoxenduke.com/how-to-stop-binge-eating/)

So whenever you think about how to help someone with binge eating disorder

It’s important, so important, for this person to realize they are doing a heroic thing.

Binge eating disorder is deep and complex. To understand ‘why do I binge eat?’ will require you to understand yourself.

As you understand yourself, you will see how you are afraid, anxious, and nervous …

But rather than recoil from these parts of yourself …

You will have an opportunity to love yourself. All of yourself.

You will have an opportunity to integrate yourself. To face your demons. To heal your soul.

And this is why I like helping people how to stop binge eating…

As I see them grow into their own heroes …

I can feel the light growing within myself, within our relationship, and just in life generally speaking …

(If you are looking for a practical video on how to not binge eat, you can check out my other youtube video titled ‘How To Not Binge Eat in 4 Steps (Mountain View Eating Coaching) by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xCklRTDwG8)

Does this all make sense?

Now in today’s video …

I totally am improvising. I usually take some more notes to prepare beforehand …

So I do get a bit long-winded about the exercise in today’s video …

But here’s the point:

  1. Open up – imagine being able to eat foods without guilt or shame or fear of ‘weight gain’‘. For example, pretend these foods give you zero calories.
  2. If you did eat some ‘bad’ or unhealthy foods, imagine what it would be like to eat without guilt or fear or shame or anything else. You get a freebie. This meal is on the house … How do you respond?

2a. The second part of this is thinking about how you would feel eating the ‘bad’ food you secretly want. How would you feel during? But most importantly, how would you feel after?

Noticing how you feel after eating a food is the key to noticing what actually makes you feel lighter.

Normally you eat some bad food and you get clouded over with guilt. You feel shame. You swear you’ll never do this again.

You disconnect from your body. Unfortunately, this disconnection also means that you won’t be able to notice what foods make you feel light, good, and satisfied.

In this video I talk about how I overcame weed, and marijuana, and how I would smoke marijuana to numb the pain. Yet numbing the pain also prevented me from feeling joy.

And a big part of this whole how to not binge eat is realizing …

Joy. What makes you feel SATISFIED? How do you feel satisfied? What makes you feel good and satisfied? What conditions make you feel satisfied?

(For another blog article on food satisfaction, you can visit my Mountain View Eating Disorder Therapist article titled ‘but unconditional eating = gorging’ which you can view here: https://eatingenlightenment.com/but-unconditional-eating-gorging/)

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