3 Reasons Why You Are Craving Everything

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why am i craving everything

So your mouth can’t stop watering and you’re wondering “why am I craving everything?”

While your local personal trainer or other well-intentioned physician might tell you to “just do it” or give you some dietary trick, I am instead going to help you learn:

  • The root cause of craving
  • Why “bad” foods automatically cause cravings
  • How unconditional food freedom can set you free

The secret is surprisingly right under your nose and here’s why you can’t stop craving everything

One of the most unfamiliar truths that explains this whole phenomena is under eating.

Yes, under eating.

First, let’s get clear on what “phenomena” we are talking about.

We’re talking about binge eating and binge eating treatment.

But what about compulsive eating and food addiction?

Compulsive eating concepts, for the most part, will fall within this explanation. Food addiction, and sugar addiction, will not be within this conversation, although there is overlap.

But for the majority of binge eating, compulsive eating, disordered eating patterns, this information will suffice.

What’s this information?

how to stop compulsive eating
Understanding the phenomena of under eating goes a long way towards understanding cravings

The surprising secret

You (probably) aren’t eating enough?

What are you talking about I’m not eating enough?

My belly hurts from overeating!!! I feel bloated, uncomfortable, nausea after eating and incredibly guilty BECAUSE I overeat. I eat way too much. Don’t tell me I’m not eating enough.

If that’s you, I understand. And I’m still sticking to the truth here.

binge eating cycle
binge eating cycle starts with deprivation

Why Am I craving everything? You’re undereating. Not same thing as craving one specific food.

If you were to crave a specific thing, like pizza and not ice cream, then you would be experiencing something called emotional eating.

However, the phenomena of craving everything is greatly different than the phenomena of craving only specific food.

When you crave just one specific food, it’s usually Emotional Eating because you are seeking excitement, relief from stress and boredom, distraction, self-care, or that you’re hurting emotionally.

By focusing on one specific food, that body and mind can essentially avoid feeling bad.

But that’s not the same as craving everything.

When you’re craving everything, you are under eating. Let me explain:

It comes down to starvation.

When you are craving everything it means you are starving.

It means you don’t eat frequently enough.

It means you are dis-regulated.

hunger training
The brain has many systems to keep us alive. These systems go on ‘automatic’ when we’re starving

What people don’t understand is that their brain, body, subconscious will TAKE CONTROL OVER YOU to stop you from starving.

This explains the out of control symptoms that many people experience when they binge eat.

When you are undereating, you then overeat.

So yes – you are overeating. But you are (probably) not eating regularly enough before you binge eating.

And the strange thing is … binge eating screws up your rhythms and makes you gain weight.

So it might feel like 6 days out of 7 you’re starving …

But that 7th day you gain all the weight back and more …

It’s a strange thing … but you need to eat more during the day so avoid binge eating at night …

(this is this short answer)

The longer answer revolves around self-care.

Because odds are high you aren’t sleeping enough or taking care of yourself well enough.

Not to the point the finger at you, trust me, I’m not. It’s okay for these things to be a little out of whack.

Heck, that’s why you’ve read down to here so far.

When these systems aren’t regulated …

We’re going to see ups and downs.

So really, if you aren’t taking good care of yourself, it’s going to be hard to eat regularly.

There are things you can do take better care of yourself though, and you know how to do them.

It’s just a matter of you prioritizing self-care and making tiny steps.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

About the Author

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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