Pawsitive Vibes Only: The Transformative Power of Puppy Yoga

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Pawsitive Vibes Only The Transformative Power of Puppy Yoga

Have you ever considered doing a sun salutation with a puppy? Performing yoga sequences and poses in a room full of little pooches is the new craze and one of the best things anyone can ever do for their mind and body. Also known as doga, puppy yoga adds playfulness to your practice, making your yoga sessions fun and joyful.

This article will highlight the transformative power of this yoga hybrid to help you learn how it can improve your life.

Get the Facts About Puppy Yoga
Power of DogaMust-Try Puppy Yoga Poses
Helps you bond with your pupHeart to Hound Mudra
Reduces stress and anxietyWheelbarrow Pose
Support your mental healthPuppy Paw Mudra
Improves your sleep qualityMirroring Chair Pose
Allows you and your furry friend to socialiseInner Dog Mudra

Allows You to Bond With Your Dog

We all want to build an unbreakable bond with our canine, but this can be challenging if you have a busy schedule. That’s where puppy yoga comes in. Doga helps you connect with your pet on a deeper level by allowing you to spend quality time together. In turn, they will start to trust, love and respect you.

Trust is essential because it assures your pet that interacting with you will lead to something good. The best part is that you can perform several yoga poses with your pup and strengthen your bond. With that in mind, here are some of the feel-good puppy yoga postures you can enjoy with your furry friend:

Heart to Hound Mudra

Because you’ll be resting your forehead on your pet’s forehead, this pose connects the mind’s energies of both of you. To perform the Heart to Hound Mudra, follow the steps below:

  1. With your pooch pet in front of you, sit up straight with your legs crossed. 
  2. Put one of your hands on your heart and place the other on your furry friend’s heart.
  3. Take deep breaths in and let it out while holding this yoga posture.

Wheelbarrow Pose

Your dog will love doing the Wheelbarrow puppy yoga pose. To get the full effect of this yoga posture, you need to stand behind your pup while leaning slightly forward. Hold its hind legs and gently pick them up. Use your hands to support your dog’s hip joints, then slowly help it to stretch and flex its upper body.

Puppy Paw Mudra

In this yoga pose, you’ll have to get your pup to lay on its stomach while ensuring its front paws remain extended. You’ll then kneel behind your pet with your head on its back and hands on its paws. Take deep breaths while turning your head to the right or left.

Mirroring Chair Pose

Sit on your knees, then have your pet sit on its hind legs right in front of you. Now, you need to hold its body and raise the front paws. Hold the pose and praise your pet pal for doing it right.

Eases Stress and Anxiety

Not only does puppy yoga allow you to enjoy a fun and playful workout, but it also boosts your mood while relieving stress. Interacting with your furry friend dog while practising yoga increases the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which can reduce anxiety while promoting a sense of calm.

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Improves Your Mental Health

Studies show that yoga boosts concentration, focus and attention while enhancing cognitive skills. Adding your furry friend to your yoga sessions can significantly increase the impact of these benefits. By helping you have a positive mindset and lowering stress, puppy yoga provides a great way to improve your mental health. 

When you are mentally healthy, you’ll appreciate life more and can handle challenging times in your professional and personal life. You can also work more effectively when mentally strong.

Helps You Have a Good Night’s Sleep

If you suffer from sleep deprivation and often wake up during the night, try puppy yoga. Doga is an excellent way to wind down for a good night’s rest. We all know that getting enough sleep reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other serious problems.

You are not the only one who will relax and enjoy good-quality sleep. One of the best things you can do to protect and support the overall health of your furry friend is to ensure they get enough sleep. It plays a vital role in their metabolism, immune function and cognitive health.

Since yoga spaces are often silent and relaxed, going to such an environment with your hyper pup can help calm them down and make them want to sleep. If this does not lull them to sleep, doing some yoga poses with them is a surefire way to make them burn that pent-up energy and have a snooze.

Provides Opportunities for Socialising

Making new friends with similar interests can be difficult if you have a hectic schedule. Joining puppy yoga classes can help you meet and connect with like-minded people who love dogs. Since you have similar interests, finding conversation starters that will break the ice will be a breeze. So why is socialisation important?

  • It improves your emotional and mental health by increasing your sense of happiness and well-being
  • Regular social interaction can help sharpen your memory
  • It staves off those feelings of loneliness
  • Socialising improves your cognitive abilities
  • It may lengthen your lifespan

Doga also provides a pawfect opportunity for your furry friend to socialise with other puppies and learn to get along with people while they are still young. Additionally, socialising teaches your pet how they should react to the world around them. Starting while it is still a pup will ensure it grows into a well-adjusted, confident dog that does not fear or attack others.

Final Thoughts

Puppy yoga started in 2002 in America and came to Britain two years later. By 2011, it had already spread throughout the Western world. Dog yoga combines the physical and spiritual benefits of the regular yoga class, with the cherry on top being the mental boost that playing with adorable pups provides. While the dogs are often incorporated into some yoga postures, their main contribution is to spread joy and provide entertainment.

If you have never stepped on a yoga mat or are a yoga enthusiast looking for an exciting twist on your workout, puppy yoga will make you crack a smile. Dog yoga will inject playful and upbeat energy into your practice, ensuring an ultimate feel-good experience. Nothing is more relaxing and fulfilling than doing a Downward-facing Dog Pose, Heart to Hound Mudra or Mirroring Chair Pose with a cute pooch right by your side.

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