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As the meal delivery market grew in popularity in 2012, most big brands were meal kits (where you prepare your food).

However, the food delivery industry has grown dramatically in the past decade. With a lot of attention on healthier meal plan plans, some brands have come up with a way to solve two or more issues facing food availability. As a result, the number of meal deliveries now surpasses that of a meal kit.

We already have a lot to worry about in our daily lives. We are going around, working the hustle and bustle, and making things happen. With so much already on our plate, the last thing we want is to worry about food availability, accessibility, and freshness. What if your healthier and tastier meals could be made available whenever you need them based on a subscription plan?

We can only expect a service like this to become much more mainstream; why? More people want convenient services. One of the popular meal delivery services is the Fresh n Lean meal delivery service.

Looking at the importance of making the right meals available to you, however, and whenever you need it, we will review Fresh n Lean.

The review will cover what fresh n lean is, how it works, how much it costs, and how to subscribe. We will also be answering some frequently asked questions to help you through all you need to know about Fresh n Lean meal delivery services.

If you want to try Fresh N Lean, use this link to sign up and $20 off your first delivery.

What is Fresh n Lean Meals?

Fresh N Lean is a meal delivery business based in Anaheim, California, launched in 2010. The company specializes in freshly prepared, ready-to-eat meals, fresh and on the go.

  • The meals are healthier, tastier food options than everyday fast food meals.
  • They are carefully prepared by professional chefs utilizing nature’s blessings.
  • The meals from Fresh n Lean are single-serving meals that can be refrigerated and immediately reheated in the microwave when ready to eat.
  • Meals are delivered weekly, with the option of receiving 5 or 7 days’ worth of meals at a time. You may also choose how many meals you want each day.

With the Fresh n Lean meal delivery service plan, you are guaranteed healthier, tastier, fresher meals all week.

For people looking to switch up their diet and work around other dietary restrictions, Fresh n Lean meal delivery service helps you achieve this very easily. Go about the rest of your day while Fresh n Lean guarantees you the tastiest, healthiest, one-serving meals delivered fresh to your doorstep every week for the rest of the year.

Fresh N Lean meal delivery service differentiates itself from other prepared meal delivery services by emphasizing higher-quality foods such as organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and sustainable seafood. Furthermore, the whole cuisine is gluten-free.

To meet the health standard demands, Fresh n Lean meal delivery service uses organic, non-GMO products and free-range, certified-humane animal proteins for all of their meal options. They are also well dedicated to ensuring meals are delivered to meet the health requirements when they get to you. Meals provided are in fresh, non-frozen conditions. Fresh n Meal features five regular meal plans to pick from Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan, and Low-Carb Vegan.

To top it all off, each Fresh n’ Lean meal delivery service includes local and regional food, some of which are cultivated on the company’s farms, so you know you’re receiving high-quality products.

Fresh N Lean Meal Delivery Service Menu choices

Not all restaurant delivery services need fancy, or unique menus or famous endorsements. It is perfectly normal for a service that does the core mission of offering a wide variety of delicious foods at customers’ doorsteps each day of their visit.

However, Fresh n Lean meal delivery service does go out of its way to ensure the meals are as tasty as they are healthy. A visit to their website, and you will find that they feature a variety of meals shared into specific categories to cater to your dietary needs while still working magic on your taste buds.

Fresh N Lean also has an inclusive menu selection option. You can choose from a wide variety of meals you want delivered to you every week.

If you prefer a professionally curated menu, you can also access that every week. Fresh n Lean meal delivery service offers a new menu every seven days, and they deliver exactly what we want at the same low price, making it a top choice to provide a full meal.

Cooking and Eating With Fresh N Lean Meal Delivery Service


The meal package lists instructions on how to reheat foods on the stovetop, oven, or microwave. I heated all my meals in microwaves and finished them in an oven, but some of my dishes could also work with some other appliances.

True to the title, the first Fresh – N -Lean individual meals were fresh and delicious. My first meal with Fresh n Lean was a tender meat dish stuffed with earthy spinach and quinoa. I found it a bit undercooked, but I liked the food taste, especially the tomato sauce layer.

My other dinner, Mediterranean Chicken Breasts with Artichoke, was somewhat misleading. Amongst artichokes were also several other vegetables like potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini. The Fresh n Lean meal delivery service options feature an entree and breakfast category.

Every meal service comes with a protein and carbohydrate measurement. The meals arrive fresh and make it easier to track your calories and note if you are meeting your set dietary requirements per meal delivery service. Fresh n Lean easily has one of the best-tasting meals.

Can I Microwave Fresh n Lean Meals in their Original Packaging?

FreshnLean lists three possible ways to make this meal warm in the meal box: microwaves, ovens, and stovetops. Most people use microwaves for reheating their whole foods because they can be done in just a few minutes. Depending on my experience, it may be an undesirable choice for you.

While the packaging is eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and great for logistics purposes, there are better ways for microwaving. The packaging material can work well in your freezer under the right temperature. Microwaving is a whole different story entirely. FreshnLean recommends using the microwave when heating the food in the trays.

Here is the problem with that. Increasing evidence suggests micro washing food in plastic will allow chemicals to “leak” in. To bypass this minor issue, you should transfer your meals into a microwave dish or oven safe dish before heating them.


Fresh N Lean sent me 20 meals to sample, and the package it arrived in was a little small. This box keeps food cool through the insulated climatacell temperature pack lining.

Food arrives fresh and stays cool and fresh. Fresh N Lean suggests freezing food for extended shelf life, though flavor may suffer. However, since fresh n lean meals come in every week and each meal is freshly prepared, you will not be losing too much when you preserve the meals just a little bit.

Meals can be prepared by recycling a recyclable bag of plastics. Daily Harvest uses compostable bowls to make vegan meals and remains one of the best biodegradable packaging products. Alternatively, the food is fresh without packaging.

Ready to get started?

Fresh n Lean Subscription: How much does Fresh n Lean cost?

Healthy chicken and veggies entree

Usually, food kits delivered are in two types. Some services give you raw materials you make yourself or services that offer a fully prepared dinner that can be cooked or eaten quickly.

FreshN Lean represents this option. Although cooked meals can cost more on average than meals prepared on the spot (maybe to compensate for the chef’s labor), Fresh N Lean’s price is comparable to the cheaper traditional meal plans and is between $9 and $12 for a portion.

Choose one or several meals weekly, or make a custom à-la carte subscription.

Fresh n Lean Meals Options

There are general plans with multiple meal options to choose from. Depending on your dietary requirements, you can either go the keto way, the protein way, or try their other three options. Based on the plan you select, Fresh n Lean recommends a meal option. These options cover your dinner, lunch, and breakfast meals for seven days.

You can select your choice of meals and customize your meal plan from the available options. These meals are specially formulated by expert dieticians and prepared by professional chefs. So Fresh & Lean meal delivery service will guarantee you the freshness of the products you receive. Fresh N Lean offers flexibility in its menu choices with new meals every week. You can exclude at least two items, like seafood or eggplant.

In separate sections, indicate allergy conditions. It’s a great way to get an idea of how much food is available this month. Squash-pepper frittatas These meals include breakfast (scrambled eggs with chicken and Brussels sprouts) and entrees (cooked shrimp with Japanese broth kombu). The Mediterranean chicken thigh and bell peppers is delivered fresh and can be prepped in your conventional oven.

Food Delivery Method

In the last years of reviewing Fresh n Lean food and meal plans, the team made several changes to packaging and food delivery methods. Fresh n Lean has tried out different packaging materials to find the most suitable one for all meals. In tests, they had previously used styrofoam as insulation. Fortunately, it has changed to a more environmentally responsible product.

The inside is fully biodegradable, and both cardboard and the meals can be recycled. Ice packs can be very difficult to recycle. While the label states to put the inner portion into the ice pack, wash it out and then recycle it, the gel contents are usually difficult to get off the plastic liner.

Fresh n Lean pays attention to the quality of its meals and packaging which is worthy of note compared to other meal delivery services.

What is Fresh n Lean Meals Like?

Fresh N Lean is extremely varied but keeps everything healthy, as one could think by such a name. There are hearty meals such as grass-fed grilled steak with bearnaise and sweet potatoes with lighter foods such as braised beef or chicken breast with grilled curried spinach and bokchoy.

The vegetarian menu has weekly stir-fries for tofu and Rice or Bean bowls. It doesn’t have a heavily seasoned taste and is rich with tasty flavors, spices, and sauces adapted from famous global cuisine. All the meals generally are around 500 – 500 calories.

How Fresh n Lean Works (Joining & choosing Your Meals)

tray meal and plated meals

Fresh n Lean operates similarly to other commonly used meal delivery services – like Freshly or Factor Meals. They deliver your fresh (not frozen) meals every week on your chosen plan. During your visit to their website, you will determine what meal plans will fit your lifestyle best.

I love Fresh n Lean for showing you the full menu for the coming month. Though, I was previously experiencing similar problems with premade meal delivery services in my area. I am still determining what meal I will get to pick when I sign up.

Meal Quality: Kitchen Safety Standards, Ingredient Sourcing, & Food Allergens

Fresh N Lean excels in the quality of the ingredients used to make it stand OUT among its competitors. Besides achieving certification and ensuring a safe and clean environment, they also take heightened precautions.

For example, one way they provide the quality of the meal service is by following similar strict standards. This mainly occurs through the way that you can restrict meals containing specific allergenic foods. I’m looking for specific ingredients which can be eliminated. You can tick out up to three ingredients from your pre made meals.

Variety of Meals Fresh n Lean Offers

At first, it seems that Fresh Lean offers many different options on its menu. But if you go deeper, that is only sometimes true.

I’m going to tell you….. Fresh n lean offers its customers a variety of different meals every day. There are 15 to 20 food options in every meal plan. You may need help using Fresh N Lean to replace your meal with fresh food. Specifically, on their paleo program, you may choose between 14 meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on the day.

Fresh n Lean Snacks

Fresh n Lean provides snacks to add to your daily boxes at any time. They include granola, almond buttercup, and coconut buttercup. The coconut almond butter cups are great, but they taste a bit different.

How does Fresh N Lean works?

I’ve never heard of fresh n lean, but after reading some basic internet and advertising jargon, I know this restaurant caters to those looking to eat healthy with meal prep plans for keto, paleo, and keto.

Fresh N Lean Meals offers organic food delivery subscriptions. Unlike the typical “cook-your-self” meal kits, you can have meals delivered to your door each week. When you register, you can choose any five meals: protein plus, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, or Low–Carb vegan.

Customer Service Experience

Fortunately, my food didn’t require customer service or support from Fresh n Lean. I recently reached out via email ([email protected]) to let them clarify some things in their meals plan before I published them.

Response time was about 24hrs. This seems odd since when I first tried talking in live chat, it took me only a short time. They closed it out recently. The company also offers a phone number to answer questions:(800) 420-4080.

Meals We Received In Our Most Recent Box (Taste Test)

Our customers have ordered various packages of Fresh N Lean products to try out and evaluate our delivery options for dietary choices. The company’s diet focused mainly on plant food and diet supplements until recently, when they began promoting specialized meals like Whole30. Below is a look at the most recent Keto meals I received and what I’m thinking about tastes.

How fresh n lean got to where it is

Fresh n Lean differs from many of the food services available on the market (most of them supported by angel investors). Laureen Asseo was 16 at the fashion industry school in 2010 when a young girl discovered that her father was suffering health complications because of her eating habits. To assist him, she began to create nutrient-balancing dishes.

Fresh N Lean pricing

If you want meat-based meals, the cost would be $12 per dinner for two meals per day (10-14 meals a year). So the more you order, the less expensive it is, but pay attention to that one of my tricks was to schedule biweekly boxes instead of each day.

My thoughts on fresh n lean meal plans

When I started searching FreshLean’s website for meals I was quite overwhelmed. There are plenty more choices, and it’s also evident that they continue to add more meals each year. In August 2021, Whole30 plans were introduced. Let us see how all these plans work individually.

Ionutrition (now defunct)

In 2015, Fresh n Lean had just begun to grow and created its sister firm named Throughout that time, Fresh n Lean focused on vegan and gluten-free meals. Ionictrition aims to make healthy meals for athletes and bodybuilders that follow a performance-driven diet and eat meat.

However, it was only a brief period when Fresh n Lean decided to incorporate this into its current business operations as part of an attempt to expand its Fresh n Lean brand beyond food. You can read the first review below about Fresh N Lean Nutrition. When it was first announced, it was a unique project.

Standard vegan meal plan

Vegan diets are straightforward. It primarily involves consuming meals containing foods made with plants and no animal ingredients or any other animal product that has been produced. A vegan diet is incredibly beneficial to our health, the environment, and our planet.

A nutrient-balanced Vegan Diet consisting of most foods, including fruit and vegetables, may help prevent aging and weight gain. A further reason that reducing livestock consumption contributes to a significant increase in global warming is to help improve the environment.

Bulk meals plans

Fresh Lean has no similar bulk food plan to those previously reviewed. According to its name, the package includes only significant portions of food, either vegetables or sides (like quinoa or rice). Since this plan does not provide meals but only individually cooked foods, they may not be the most suitable choice.

Some folks may benefit from the program, though — if you fall within a category listed below — but you’re going to have to look at it in its entirety. Fresh ‘n Lean is one of the few delivery food services offering such a large plan.

Low Carb Vegan Meal Plan

Low-calorie vegan food plan is based on the above standard vegan menu offered by FreshNLean. It’s a pretty close equivalent to the typical vegan food plan but has smaller carbohydrate portions. Most of the premade meals on this menu feature bell pepper and plant based meals. The bell pepper frittata and cured spinach is a common favorite.

I tend to vacillate between the two depending on my diet goals. I generally prefer consuming vegan meals based on the basic vegetarian diet. Though, I tend to resent the fact that I have a tendency to overeat a lot of things, so I usually choose to go for low-carb vegan meal plans. The macro averages of meals for the meal plan below are summarized:

Whole30 meal plan

Fresh Lean’s new Whole30 menu plan has recently been released. Whole30 is a diet based on Whole30, a 30-day book about total health. Whole30 combines the best of two stages of elimination and includes the following: For 30 days eliminate any foods containing sulfates and sugar, in addition, to grains, and legumes. The diet requires that you never weigh yourself or measure your body in a single day. The second phase involves gradually replacing dietary ingredients for a healthy lifestyle and evaluating their effects.

Protein + Meal Plan

Typically, Fresh n Lean offers the meal program as a fitness meal program. This is a full meal stuffed with meaty meals, particularly lean and grass-fed meat including poultry, turkey, salmon, and beef. Here are my normal macro counts for this lunch (which vary between times). Remember, you can customize your individual diet plan according to your macro goals with additional meals, appetizers, and snacks. In contrast, you may exclude food. Below are my favorite breakfasts and dinners of Protein+.

Paleo meals

Paléo means to eat what human food was in the Paleolithic age or the Paleolithic. Thus it’s very important that people eat foods they hunt and gather for: meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. It does not require the use of strict macro-nutrients as keto does. Instead, paleo has the effect of changing lifestyle. While paleo diets have more flexibility than some others, it offers some functional advantages. It also reduces the risk of high blood glucose and lowered cholesterol.

Keto meal plan

Keto diet has been a popular diet for a long time now. Researchers found the keto diet helped people reduce weight by 2 kilograms a year. One of the biggest problems with keto diets is that they are very strict, requiring the person to be careful about how much carbs, fats, and protein are consumed daily. The delivery of food services is therefore useful primarily if people want to follow this diet.

How much does Fresh N Lean meal cost?

Rates vary by meal plan frequency for each meal plan. Maybe a lot. Fresh and low-fat meals start at $8.90 for the three meals you choose from the vegan standard plan daily. You will need to get 15 to 20 calories daily.

Does Fresh N Lean help you lose weight?

Fresh and lean meals help with weight loss, but you’re not getting the extra help. Likewise, costs are quite diverse. For breakfast, lunch and dinner you will pay $128.00 a day for a five-day plan.

Is Fresh N Lean fully cooked?

Fresh lean food arrives cooked in full. After preparing the food, put your meals in microwaves at a temperature of 2 – 3 minutes, remove a sealed seal and eat!

Can I freeze my Fresh N Lean meals?

Ideally you could freeze your meal as well as eat it fresh to ensure a great flavor. If you choose not to eat a full day of frozen food, you will usually enjoy the best results.

How do I cancel my fresh and lean plan?

Can I cancel or modify an existing contract within two weeks from our dashboard? The cancellation of a next week scheduled delivery must occur before noon on Friday.

How easy is it to cancel Fresh N Lean?

Cancellations are made possible through logging into the account. Please register for a login.

Can you cancel Fresh N Lean at any time?

You have the right to change up your Fresh & Lean subscription anytime, but if you cancel before midnight p.m. EST Saturday after your delivery, you will receive an additional meal charge.

How do I cancel my fresh meal delivery service?

Login to my website. You can see your names from the top of the page, by clicking the Account Settings button. Click ‘Cancel plan’ in the Settings tab (Sections) and select the option ‘Standard’. You should use this procedure when cancelling an appointment.

Customers can also log into the account and cancel subscriptions from the app. In the edit plan section, the Cancel button appears on the lower part of the edit plan.

For canceling Fresh n Lean subscriptions, please go directly to the Fresh site and Login. You can see your active subscription status from here and cancel any subscription you don’t like. Alternatively, you are free to cancel this plan anytime.

Where is fresh and lean based?

Our land is 5000 sq.ft. An Anaheim-based company that has been designed to achieve this goal. Harvesting wonderful local products and cooking delicious real food.

Who owns Fresh N Lean?

In the past three years, as Managing Director for Fresh & Lean, the company has raised $45 million in sales and revenues. Asseo started her food business in 2010 at a young age in a one-bedroom apartment, creating recipes and cooking meals.

How do I contact fresh and lean?

If your request requires further assistance, you may contact us by phone or email [email protected].

Can fresh and lean meals be frozen?

You can freeze the meal as much as you like. If you decide to eat frozen meals, freezing them is usually the best way to get results.

You can freeze meals if you want, but it is advisable to eat fresh for best tastes. When freezing your meals you usually get the most beneficial effect.

Is fresh and lean a subscription?

Yes. Your menu plans in our company offer many menu items. If you would like to have three meals in one go, it is your choice. Take control of your own subscription by selecting meal schedules, day of week or skip the week.

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