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Foods That Keep You Full The Longest
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You can have your cake and eat it too.

Well, maybe not cake.

But here’s a list of foods that keep you full the longest so you eat less calories overall.

Foods That Keep You Full The Longest

These measurements are from a ‘satiety index’ or a scientific list of foods that keep you full.

In general these scores are derived from 4 different criteria:

  1. Lots of fiber
  2. Tons of protein
  3. Lots of volume
  4. Low in energy density

If you are lactose intolerant, then read here for lactose intolerant cheeses (which contain protein)

To read this list please realize the base measurement is white bread which only scored 100.

  • Boiled potatoes 323
  • Fish 225
  • Oatmeal 209
  • Oranges 203
  • Apples 197
  • Whole Wheat pasta 188
  • Beef 176
  • Baked Beans 168
  • Grapes 162
  • Whole Wheat Bread 157
portion serving size

The highest scoring food was boiled potatoes.

Way different than salty fries!!!!

Specifically boiled potatoes scored 3.23 on a Fullness Index.

White bread only scored 1.

What does this mean?

Basically boiled potatoes keep you 3x as full. So if you get full … You don’t need to eat so many slices of white bread.

Knowing what foods are filling can also help you significantly decrease food cravings and binge eating!

For another post where I review a short guideline on how to easily sort through foods which give you fullness so that you can easily make purchasing decisions while grocery shopping, check out this video here.

Foods That Keep You Full The Longest Commentary:

Now here’s the hard part – how do you actually make decisions while you shop to buy these foods?

Hopefully you realize that these foods are also nutritionally healthy. Plus, they make you feel full and satisfied.

When you feel full and satisfied then you eat less and stop binge eating.

However, food companies are brilliant.

  • They spend $10 billion a year marketing their food products.
  • They have celebrity endorsements.
  • Their foods taste very sugary and addicting.
  • They have flashy images.

Plus, often times when you are shopping you’re in a hurry. You have places to go, people to feed.

You’ve also been shopping many times before and shopping is a habit. We all know that habits are hard to break too.

Memorizing a list of foods that are nutritionally dense and score high on this fullness index is simply not realistic.

food lables
Despite the prevalence of labels, food confusion is only getting higher!

However, you can make purchasing decisions using this one simple guideline.

In the video linked above, I go over this 10,000 year rule.

This means you simply ask yourself whether this food was around 10,000 years ago.

For example potatoes and fish and beef and apples and oranges these were all around 10,000 years ago.

So just by asking this simple question instead of memorizing a list of foods, you would be able to make decisions based on one simple question.

What about whole grain pasta? Whole grain pasta wasn’t around 10,000 years ago true.

However, humans have been grinding up whole grains for a long long time.

These are the types of food that keep you full the longest.

So no rule is ever perfect, and in this rule I do make an exception for whole wheat foods like whole wheat pasta or whole wheat bread. Technically speaking these foods weren’t around $10,000 years ago…

Yet they are still incredibly nutritionally dense and filling.

So that closes out this video.

But also …

Learning skills is the best way to go. Here are 4 skills to stop binge eating and just for better eating in general.

4-important-skills-to-stop-binge-eating (2)

Plus, it always helps to have a great breakfast or to have a list of healthy foods to pick from.


What are your thoughts? What foods fill you up the most?

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