Dieting and Binging A Casual Analysis: Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

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Dieting and Binging A Casual Analysis
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Have you ever lost control while you were eating?

Or felt incredibly chaotic and confused and like you absolutely urgently had to have food and a lot of it?

But then afterwards you felt guilty bloated?

Today I’ll be giving two reasons which contribute to this chaotic uncontrollable feeling so that you can understand why you lose control.

  1. Biology – not eating enough
  2. Rigid rules – success or fail and then uncontrollable eating when you fail

Basically rigid rules like you can ONLY have 1200 calories per day or you ‘fail’ for that day …

Combined with not eating enough …

Make it so that you have these breaks, when you let your guard down.

And the avalanche of foods cascades in chaos.

The solution? Don’t have as many rigid rules that make you into a failure if you don’t live up to them perfectly.

The enemy is rigid, black-and-white, all-or-nothing, success-or-failure mindset.

In Eating Enlightenment, we practice the middle way of thinking, or flexible thinking.


And before we begin exploring these points I’ll say in my own experience that once I got my biology handled, my eating habits normalized.

This isn’t always the case.

In comparison to the people I help nowadays, I feel that I had a moderate case of binge eating.

However, my weed addiction was way harder to beat than the binge eating.

For me, I wasn’t eating enough. despite smoking tons of weed everyday, which you would think with the munchies and food cravings, would make me eat more it actually had the opposite effect.

I would just stay indoors and not eat very much at all.

These were my college days.

Tremendously bad eating habits!

And in hindsight I wasn’t regulating myself that well. I wasn’t having contact with friends or other people.

I was just in my room playing chess all day and smoking weed.

Basically the only time I would eat was when I would have a huge binge meal.

sugar addiction

By eating more regularly and not letting myself go hungry for hours at a time, my binge eating greatly diminish and that’s the biology part.

Now I am skipping over some important details because I want to focus on the food rules today so if you want more details about avoiding the hunger deprivation you can watch this video and only to it down below.

The food rules all can be summarized in this one phrase “what the hell?”.

But what the hell effect is a scientifically documented phenomenon. It’s where you somehow break a rule, feel like a failure and then say “what the hell?”.

So what often times happens is that biology and rigid rules intertwine and create a massive negative effect.

This is the fundamental rule of dieting and binging.

First the biology is where you aren’t eating enough and where you are biologically hungry.

The second is then where these rigid rules make you feel like you are facing some pressure.

And eventually there is a perfect storm.

No one can follow these perfectionist rules forever. Eventually you eat something and not supposed to, or you eat too many carbs, or you have a few extra calories…

There are 1,000 reasons why. But eventually, somehow you will fail these rigid rules. And these rules are rigid because if you do not follow them 100%, then you are a failure.

And this notion of failure is exactly why I teach people about the power of body awareness skills.

And if you are a failure then what the hell, why not?

So for the rest of the day you are in this weird state of permission, where you are allowing yourself to eat and you will have dropped the rigid rules.

After all, what the hell, why not?

And you eat way more food than you should have. This is where this chaotic uncontrollable eating comes from.

It’s like you are inhaling after you have exhaled and held your breath out for 2 minutes.

Imagine holding your breath for 2 minutes. Then imagine breathing out and excelling and then holding your breath for 2 minutes.

When you finally inhale it’s going to be a crazy out-of-control inhale.

That’s what’s happening here these rigid rules are keeping you tense and stressed out. There’s no source of satisfaction either.

Your sacrificing your joy and so much to lose weight.

In the beginning you were excited and in power to by the weight loss you saw as you ate less food and followed these rules.

But now a few weeks or a few months later… Something bad is happening.

Your body is starting to rebel against these rules. Your body is also chronically hungry.

That’s why tons of science has actually documented this stuff too, which you can read a real.

And you keep having these episodes where you are uncontrollably eating. And now you have the pieces to understand why.

Your body is chronically hungry and you are under tons of pressure.

eat food like a normal person

So when your guard lets down this is your chance for your body to refeed itself.

Does this make sense? Let me know what remaining questions you have.

There are factors than just these two, but these are powerful drivers which combine oftentimes into a perfect emotional storm.

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