3 Ways To Get Over A Food Obsession

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Here is the number one technique on How To Get Over An Obsession.

Amy used to have a binge eating disorder but now she has freedom in her life, travels the world and is actually living her dreams out!


For the full interview with Aimee, watch this other Youtube video here: https://youtu.be/23YMu0NYNAY

What is this technique?

The technique is where you bring awareness to a thought and shine light on it.

To shine light on a thought you see if the thought is true.

This technique is also found in cognitive behavioral therapy.

how to stop thinking about food
This technique falls within the subset of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive, refers to the mind. As you can see from this technique, we are working with our mind here, as opposed to our emotions primarily.

How To Get Over An Obsession

So how do you apply this technique in real life?

The trick is to catch your thoughts in real time.

This, admittedly, is difficult.

But not impossible!

For example, you might think you are guilty and feel you are guilty when you overeat.

Guilt might become an obsession of yours.

Or maybe you make a “mistake” in your diet and you can’t get that mistake out of your head. You become obsessed with that extra cookie you ate or if you had too many calories this day.

Now normally you just feel guilty and obsess over this food and battle your thoughts and that’s that.

This is just your life, right?

But a crucial piece of figuring out this puzzle is about figuring out why you feel guilty.

Our mind and body’s are linked together …

So if you are feeling guilty or obsessing about thoughts …

You must seek to as Aimee said, shine light on your thoughts! As you do this, you will begin the process of reconnecting to your body.

Inquire about the truth of your thoughts to see if they are true. This is how to get over an obsession

First you have to catch the thought.

Say you are feeling bad because you ate too much.

Well, you first have to catch this obsessional thought.

Then you have to check this thought.

This second step “check” is what Aimee is referring to.

For me, I know that oftentimes I’ll have a thought of “rejection”

For example, in my earlier years I might go up to a social group and if no one welcomes me in, I might assume that I am being rejected.

I still have those tendencies today as I grew up socially awkward, but now things are much different.

Whereas previously I would just feel rejected and not fight my feelings of rejection …

Nowadays and over the years I’ve learned to catch these feelings of rejection …

And then I’ve learned to challenge them, or check these feelings of rejection.

get over an obsession
A major philosophy of mine is learning to think for yourself.

Is this a valid thought?

So …

As Aimee said, you have to find the truthfulness of your thoughts.

So when I was being rejected … I would instinctively assume I was being rejected …

But if I caught my thoughts then I could realize …

  1. I wasn’t being rejected
  2. I hadn’t given enough time for people to accept me
  3. It’s natural for people to not immediately let a stranger into their group

See, these things are more true than saying these people rejected me.

But because I grew up in rejection patterns, I saw rejection.

So you have to learn how to question your thoughts. This is how to get over an obsession.

Just know there are many ways to get over other obsessions including body shame.

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