8 Tips To Deal With Stress During Coronavirus Pandemic

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8 tips to deal with stress during coronavirus pandemic by shan naqvi

It was December 31, 2019—I was watching TV. There was a very unusual news report about the mystery of death, a person who died of an unknown disease that the world was not aware of.

At that time, my emotions were normal, like anyone else. “This is a world and there are many diseases that affect human beings, nothing to worry about!” It’s something I told myself to ignore the news.

After a month or so, I saw another news about the thousands of people affected by the virus in China! Whoop! Whoop. Scary! 

Well, for some, it wasn’t as frightening. I saw people, on social media, starting to make fun of China with disrespectful remarks on why they were affected—who told them to eat live animals, and so on.

And what happened next? Everybody knows! 

In situations where the eyes blinked, it was scattered all over the world. It no longer seem as funny as it was before.

  • Sometimes you embark on a ship and sail to the ocean, then terrible storm begins; the port you go to loses; its meaning; the port you left loses its meaning! Now there is one thing that matters: Getting to any port! Sometimes life’s purpose is reduced to one single goal: TO EXIST.

–Mehmat Murat Idian

Scientists are surprised to see how contagious this virus is. This can be quickly spread from one to the other, making it more severe and more severe; the symptoms are as normal as regular fever.

Mostly, people don’t even know that they actually have had an effect. That’s where social distance has become inevitable. WHO, in Feb, has declared that the only way to avoid the spread of this virus is by social distancing.

It wasn’t enough to ensure it didn’t spread, but it was a systematic measure that might help at least.

In the one hand, the world was afraid of the virus and, on the other hand, to hold social distances means of closing all airports. End up having someone with you. Stop all your social experiment, and then it went even further to suggest that you were supposed to be locked up in your own house.

It’s terrible, but the truth. That’s the only way, unfortunately.

  • Maybe I couldn’t help everyone survive, but I could, at least, save this one life.

― Tiana Warner

It’s time to take responsibility and save your lives and thousands of others. I know, it’s actually not as simple as it’s said. These days, taking responsibility means staying at home.

This is where it has a huge effect on our lives. Here are some of the viewpoints of how this has influenced us so far.

It has effected businesses

My friend from London, the Speaker, emailed me saying, “Is that our end?” I did not understand his intention properly, so I asked him to explain, wondering what he meant by the end.

He said, I used to have my journal full of bookings all over the world. Now I’ve only one booking so far, and I’m expecting it to be cancelled at any moment.

That’s sad, but it’s real! Our businesses have been affected so far. I can see that a lot of people are having jobs, and those were people who were teaching how good entrepreneurship is than a regular job.

But that’s certainly not the end. It just happens.

Mental and Physical being

As far as social distancing is involved, many people are just depressed. It’s all because they can’t stick around with anybody. Can’t go out there. And the worst thing is that they have to sit at home.

Looks like there’s no difference between Monday and Sunday…

Every day looks the same.

This has a huge effect on our well-being, to the point that we take it too seriously.

Social Distancing:

It’s easier for many to stay at home for those who used to work remotely, but what about a business coach who used to travel around the world, and that was his source of income?

Lockdowns are also imposed or coerced in many countries! What this means is that you have to stay at home, otherwise you will be forcefully kept in your house.

For countries like Russia, it has become difficult to violate this rule, so that means staying in a room for 24 hours, so you can’t even get out of the street for fresh air or walking.

So, did it ever happen in history before? Indeed, no.

Researchers claim that it wasn’t the least during the First and Second World Wars.

How far is America effected?

Today, the number of cases in America is estimated to be as high as 367,758 and the death row increased to 10,981.

Apparently, this is not to be expected to be extreme, as officials at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention and disease experts claim that between 160 million and 214 million people may be infected.

Experts further indicated that about 200,000 people could die from this deadly virus, and that is, of course, the worst!

Well, nothing to panic on! There’s always a choice and here the choice is to sit at home and stay safe. So how to cope with this tough time and lead a happy life?

Here are my 8 tips that will help you find relief in this time of the pandemic.

Sleep tight and well…

Sleep is a silver lining in this time of the pandemic. Usually, because we have a lot of time. Much like we’re locked up in our house. It’s a real opportunity for exhausted people to really rest and heal.

Reports indicate, “Average person gets 6 hours of sleep in America.” And that’s actually much less. According to sleep experts, on average one should get 8-9 hours of sleep.

It’s a great opportunity for us to rest and rebound from the wounds of less sleep.

Exercise a bit…

At first, I was so dam lazy that I could not even sit properly and then exercise changed my life. No one can get over this idea that exercise is a crucial part of our lives.

In fact, I wouldn’t suggest that you go insane and punish yourself with exercise, but that you start exercising today. This could be as simple as walking for half an hour or so and streching the body.

Running and other cardio exercises are also a good way to get underway.

The aim is to give your body some power. It’s an opportunity to develop this exercise regime that’s going to rest your whole life.


Throughout this tough time, our mind is too filled with negative thoughts to say with thoughts that we don’t even know.

Meditation can actually heal these wounds. It is as simple as sitting alone in a room and giving your thoughts to breath. Don’t try to manipulate your breaths, but just give it your attention. You don’t even need to avoid thinking when you’re meditating.

Most of the time, I’ve heard people wonder why they can’t suppress thoughts when meditating. I’d just say, “You don’t need to do that”

That is why beginners are sucking meditation. It’s your mind’s task to have thoughts. You can’t avoid that. Just lay back and relax. The goal is not to be a Sadhguru, but to be yourself. Keep this easy!

Eating Healthy

In the past, when the virus spread recently, I saw some Facebook posts where some guys were talking about how they should keep healthy at home, and the whole reason behind it was Diet.

If I’m not being blunt, you don’t need a diet at all. All you need is a healthy meal. Read this post on eating healthy or listen to Jared’s interview on eating.

The goal is to concentrate on eating a meal that gives you fuel.

You don’t even need to keep a journal and make a list of how you can diet. All that you need to do is eat healthy and stay happy.

Let go stress

It’s normal so that you can feel upset when you sit at home all the time. This would have a negative effect on itself, and I don’t refute this.

Instead, what I’m talking about is not trying too hard to let the stress go. According to Bruce Lipton, you’re not supposed to control your thoughts, because you just can’t. Let them be exactly as they are.

So, by letting go of stress, what I mean is to remain calm. Be positive, don’t overthink your emotions. Be like you are, particularly in this terrible time.

Stop watching news 

When there’s something you just need to know about, believe me, you’ll hear it from others. News channels are going to make you more and more cynical.

This plays a crucial role in raising your stress, so what you may want to do is stay calm and let go of the news.

And if you just can do that. Avoid watching news for a while now! You’re going to thank yourself later.

Keep distance and stay safe

I insist, do what the government is asking you to do. They’re trying to save you. I see a lot of people walking on roads, and they really don’t know how dangerous it can be for them; I don’t judge them because of it.

My idea here is that this is the best time to demonstrate responsibility, because it’s a lot easier these days to take responsibility, so it’s easy to stay home and stay healthy.

Think about yourself and your family…

And now I would like to add an extra piece that does fear really do anything?

The answer is no! 

Fear can do nothing but panic and make your life as challenging as you can imagine.

You don’t need to be afraid of this situation, as one day, it will go away. This is the time to reflect on your well-being.

The best choice is to consider what the experts are asking us to do and to stay calm because there is no reason to worry in this situation. Everything you can do is follow the prevention rules and, of course, that’s better than being afraid.

My turn…

As everyone else, I was terrified at first, and I got worried, but later I realized there was no need for it, because what change would my thoughts bring? So does yours?

Conclusion: You may have already realized what it is to be … Please stay safe at home and follow my steps to remain optimistic, and the idea is to stay positive because negativity can make you sick.

So, what are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comment box below.

Guest Post by Shan Naqvi “Digital Marketing Professional” and author of “50 First Steps”

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Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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