8 Memory Boosting Foods For Brain Health

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memory boosting foods

Did you know that there are a lot of memory-boosting foods that can help a student while at college. In general, these foods positively affect brain health and brain cells and, therefore, can boost brain ability.

We can even call these mind foods simply because they directly affect brain health.

The bottom line here is that when brain and nerve cells are in optimal condition, and you get certain benefits from these foods, you can study faster and more effectively! 

1 – Strawberries and Brain Health 

strawberry plant in nature

It may look strange or weird, but strawberries (all berries, in fact) can help you with brain health and keep your brain healthy. They contain Anthocyanins which decrease inflammation and boost the blood flow to the brain. You can learn faster, period. They won’t help you with writing, though.

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Even if you boost brain capacity to the maximum, but you don’t want to write, the outcome won’t be great. Your essay deserves professionalism due to the fact teachers these days need perfection as much as they can get it. 

2 – Oranges 


Well, many citrus fruits will do the job. These have great compounds that brain cells need. Brain health will be at the highest level possible.

In addition, this fruit can protect you from neurological diseases, improve memory, improve brain function, and decrease brain aging. If you want to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s disease, now you know how to do that.

We must add that even orange juice comes with the same perks. The flavonoids that offer the best results are:

  • hesperidin
  • naringin
  • quercetin
  • rutin

3 – Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate prebiotic

The next time someone tells you that you eat a lot of chocolate, you can answer this. Of course, you can get similar benefits from foods that contain dark chocolate.

While at university you should eat this food more. It will boost cognitive function, decrease cognitive decline and also enhance memory.

This food also improves insulin sensitivity.

As such, sugar is faster and better transported to the brain, where it is burning as fuel. Now you can improve memory easily. This is an important lesson. Yes, you can find the details in any book. 

4 – Nuts 

mixed nuts

Yes, all nuts have this benefit. There are many of them, and all contain healthy fats, zinc, protein, and fiber. This means that you will keep your brain loaded with needed nutrients when you study hard and long.

It is one of the healthiest snacks and foods we all love. Research suggests that nuts boost brain function and mental function. They are a part of every healthy diet.

These don’t slow cognitive decline, as some of you may believe.

Other health benefits are available as well. Even Harvard medical school claims this. They are good for people with high blood flow and blood pressure so you may want to add them to your diet. Your learning will be much easier. 

5 – Eggs Are Not Only Great Protein 


If you like to eat eggs, you are a happy person. Eat fish, eggs, and nuts as much as you can.

Eggs contain a lot of selenium. It is used for coordination, memory function, and motor functions. Then we have choline, which produces chemicals that boost brain function. Improve memory function, sharper memory function, and decrease age-related neurodegenerative diseases are all possible when you eat eggs.

Even Harvard medical school claims this. Eggs do not affect your blood-brain barrier or blood vessels so keep that in mind. In addition, B vitamins are found here in high amounts. Your education can be better with the help of eggs. 

6 – Avocado Boosts Brain Function


Avocados are great to eat. You can eat, play and eat again. Even better. You can eat them raw or as you like. Diets rich in avocados is always an excellent choice. The main advantage here is the presence of lutein.

It will accumulate in the eyes and brain. It doesn’t affect overall brain health or slower mental decline but improves cognitive function, nerve signals, and accuracy. What this means is that you can complete your job in less time and also add stay healthy lifestyle to your life.

Avocados do contain essential nutrients and are as good as leafy greens. It is rich in omega-3s, vitamin e, and vitamin C. Who knew. You can get a better grade, thanks to avocados. 

For more info on avocados, read about 13 awesome avocado health benefits!

7 – Fish, The Best Brain Foods

iodine fish

As you may know already, fish is ideal. It has omega 3 fatty acids in massive amounts. A control center will probably tell you to eat more fish.

But, this food contains selenium and B12 vitamin. These affect a brain-healthy lifestyle and brain development. New brain cells cannot be formed so we must make sure to keep old ones healthy.

Memory loss can be prevented if you eat more fish. Improved cognition is possible as well. Fatty fish with fatty acids is the best choice you can make. Some people even got their diploma faster with this help. After all, fatty acids are important.

Also, try to decrease caffeine consumption. 

8 – Carrots

Carrots contain beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin which your brain needs. There are no dietary fats here. In general, you are looking at better memory and faster brain function.

They can do something with free radical damage as well but this is a minor advantage. Vitamin c and vitamin K can be found in some other foods of the same type so you may want to consider these as well. Of course, leafy greens are always a nice addition.

Eat more carrots, whole grains, and fatty fish to get better memory. Vitamin K is important as well. Saturated fats have some perks. You will be more effective in class, and your coursework will be better. 

The Final Word 

All of these foods can help you with memory, nerve signaling, brain alert and so much more. They can eliminate brain fog also. So, healthy foods paired with whole grains and vitamin e, and others can be beneficial. 

About the Author

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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