10 Best Brain Food Snacks for College Students

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10 Best Brain Food Snacks

Brain food snacks are crucial for a productive college experience.

With the right food, your studies are easier since you have the energy to understand the content taught in class and what you study in class.

The brain’s extra energy will also affect your social life, helping you to relate well with the people around you. Overall, a healthy brain will also enhance your psychological well-being. 

How do you feed the brain while on the go and in between classes? Snacks are a great idea!

Why? Snacks help you to keep the brain healthy. They boost your energy from time to time, especially between meals. You avoid depriving the brain of the energy it requires to maintain optimal performance.

The choice of snacks will influence your short-term and long-term brain health.

Here are the best brain foods and snack ideas!

1 – Nuts

best nuts

Nuts are natural snacks and one of the best brain boosting foods. They do not require extensive preparation. Nuts are easy to snack on as you pass time between lessons or when lazing around after class.

Nuts provide an instant energy boost that will go directly to the brain. Since they are simple snacks, you are allowed to carry them to class. Nuts have a huge effect on memory, so you can easily prepare for exams and perform better for a proctored exam.

Nuts do not require extensive preparation. They are packed and ready for consumption, making the snacking moment easy. You can carry the nuts in your bag with all your papers and not worry about spilling soup and destroying your personal essay

2 – Avocado 


Avocado is an excellent addition to bread, cakes, rice, and other meals. You can also eat avocado without having to add it to any other foods. Avocado is tasty and healthy for snacking at any moment. 

Avocado provides the healthy fat that will maintain optimal brain performance. They are packed with essential nutrients too!

They offer a pleasant energy boost and will stay in the body longer than most fruits. Avocado is easily available and cheap to suit the budget of a college student. Avocado is a fruit for all seasons!

3 – Eggs 


Eggs offer a wide range of nutrients that will enhance your brain health. Whether you like the egg-white or yolk, you will get numerous nutrients to keep you healthy.

The egg yolk is a great source of chlorine. Chlorine reduces brain inflammation and will promote effective brain function. It enhances your memory and will sharpen nerve communication. 

Egg white is a reliable source of amino acids that enhance happiness. The release of serotonin will keep you happy even in the toughest situations. The nutrients help you to manage the pressure that may result from assignments and other situations in school. 

Try to get more eggs!

4 – Vegetable salad

salad upward angle shot

The brain requires a lot of natural vitamins to function optimally. The vitamins can be found in natural fruits and vegetables. Add a lot of leafy greens to your meals like kales, spinach, and arugula. 

Vitamins maintain the health of nerves that will keep your brain sharp. Vitamins will prevent cognitive decline, enabling you to handle some of the toughest assignments. The vitamins also help in repairing the brain faster, enabling you to recover easily after a tiring experience. 

Vegetables come in multiple varieties. Each season presents an opportunity to enjoy a colorful vegetable serving. They are cheap and can be added to any meal. A vegetable salad snack will also add some flavor to your diet. 

5 – Coffee

migraine headache and coffee

Enjoy a cup of coffee alongside your favorite snack.

Coffee awakens your brain and can improve blood flow. It will keep you alert, especially helping you to put in more hours when studying. It increases brain activity and cognitive function, enabling you to get more energy to keep studying or revising for your exams. 

Coffee is served in a variety of ways. You may enjoy your beverage alone or combine it with your favorite snack. Cakes and other snacks are also prepared with coffee flavors. Such a combination allows you to enjoy your coffee in different settings. 

However don’t drink too much coffee! Coffee can increase your blood pressure temporarily so be sure to drink in moderation.

Even if you’re studying for exams, watch out for too much coffee consumption.

6 – Meat 

The brain requires enough proteins and animal fats to maintain optimal performance. Meat is one of the best sources. Whether you prefer white or red meat, the brain will appreciate the serving. 

The brain is a great mood booster. It stays in the body longer and provides an instant energy boost. You can snack on meat in a variety of ways. Meatballs, burgers, and pizzas are some of the ways to prepare meat snacks. 

Meat is associated with lower incidences of depression and anxiety. It also provides protein that helps to repair the brain after an exhausting experience. With a good mood and healthy brain cells, your academic work will be easier to handle. 

While meat is part of a balanced diet and has many health benefits, many college students are going vegan so just be sure if you are vegan / vegetarian that you get enough protein.

(Hint: go greek yogurt!)

7 – Fruits 

Fruits provide the quickest source of natural energy. Fruits are natural snacks, helping you to maintain your energy between meals. They will also boost your mood, giving you a reason to tackle even the most challenging assignment. 

It is easy to carry your fruits in the bag or a container that you carry around to class. You will also find different fruits each season. Such seasonal options add flavor to your snacking. The fruits add a variety of nutrients to the body, keeping you healthy and vibrant. 

8 – Fish 

healthy fats to eat picture with avocados, fish, nuts, olive oll

Fish tops the list of the best food for your brain. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that will enhance your brain health. With sufficient omega-3 you sharpen your brain, enabling you to remember more of what you learn in class. 

Fish also shields you from cognitive decline. Your brain will remain younger and sharp even when handling tough assignments. Fish comes in multiple varieties and is available throughout the year. It is easy to prepare and carry around as a snack. Fish is delicious and will boost your mood instantly. 

9 – Dark chocolate 

Brain health depends on your ability to supply the nutrients required to maintain good health. Dark chocolate ensures a healthy supply of blood and other nutrients to your brain. You avoid cardio-vascular diseases that may limit blood supply. With an enhanced nutrient supply, you enjoy better memory and a sharp mind. 

10 – Water

The ultimate brain food is water. It ensures that all nutrients consumed through the many foods are supplied to the brain. Water will also carry waste from your brain. While you take all the other foods and snacks, you must enjoy a healthy supply of water to enhance your brain health.

We hope you enjoyed this post!

Let us know in the comments … what is your favorite brain food snack?

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Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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