What Are the Key Factors That Promote Healthy Living in the Elderly?

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What Are the Key Factors That Promote Healthy Living in the Elderly

Healthy living and enjoying a lifestyle that promotes long-term health and well-being should be one of the key goals of every individual, regardless of age or stage in life. It is important to understand that adopting a healthy lifestyle can be one of the main ways to have a long and fulfilling existence. 

Conversely, people who do not take adequate care of their physical and mental well-being may find that their life is more difficult and less enjoyable as a direct result of this self-negligence. 

This article has a clear focus on the factors that promote a healthy existence in the elderly generation. At this stage of life, there is a range of social, mental, and physical challenges that are specific to this age group. 

In this article, three of these challenges will be explored in detail. In addition, there will be a discussion of some of the solutions that can be put into place to manage or eradicate these problems. If you are a senior citizen or have loved ones who are in the later stages of life, then some of the information and advice should be considered essential reading.

Freedom from Isolation

It is an unfortunate fact that feelings of isolation can become more common in elderly people. Today, in America, it is estimated that approximately 25% of adults aged 65 or over who live in a community setting suffer from isolation. 

This can be caused by losing loved ones and partners and then finding that the person must live alone in the family home. This situation is compounded when there are no nearby friends and family members and mobility issues prevent the person from visiting others regularly. In such circumstances, the elderly person can be encouraged to relocate to an area where friends and family members live. This can often be the best solution to alleviate problems relating to loneliness. 

However, in some cases, the elderly person may be adamant that they wish to continue to reside in their family home. In these circumstances, it can be beneficial to consider using different forms of technology that encourage communication and social contact. 

One key example is the use of video conferencing software to enable face-to-face conversations to take place regularly. Whilst it is recognized that some elderly people are not particularly tech-savvy, there are standalone devices that can be used to make and receive video calls. 

One such device is a voice-controlled speaker with video capabilities, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. These devices can be quickly set up to make video calls via voice operation, making them ideal for many senior citizens and a perfect way to stay connected with other family members.

An Age-Specific Tailored Diet

It is of paramount importance that senior citizens adhere to a diet that is tailored to their changing health needs. Most elderly people require higher levels of certain nutrients in their diet, such as vitamin B12, higher levels of protein (for muscle and bone density maintenance), and more calcium. 

This diet may also be lower in calories than was consumed in earlier years, mainly because elderly people are less physically active than middle-aged or young adults. Senior citizens should choose high-quality ingredients to cook with or secure the services of dedicated “Meals on Wheels” companies that serve the elderly population. You can find details of some of the best providers of this service by clicking on this Healthline link

Help for Mental Problems

A healthy lifestyle in elderly people must also take into consideration factors that relate to a person’s mental health. For example, dementia and memory problems tend to become more prevalent as people enter the later stages of life. At first, these problems may only cause minor issues with daily life (such as misplacing house keys but subsequently locating them). However, if they continue to develop, they may result in the elderly person struggling to stay safe in the home environment. 

Thankfully, there are a range of professional organizations that are created to care for elderly people with mental problems that relate to memory issues. In 2023, there is a range of memory care senior living facilities that have highly trained staff on-site who can create care plans to help alleviate some of the issues that result from memory difficulties. 

If you live in America, specifically in central California, it is worth investigating the range of San Jose memory care establishments that are present in the locality. At these premises, high-quality care is given to residents to manage such conditions. This allows a high quality of life to be achieved and maintained. 

To Sum Up 

Three main factors that promote healthy living in the elderly are being free from isolation and taking steps to stay connected to the outside world if isolation becomes a factor. 

It is important to enjoy an age-specific diet as an elderly person that includes high-quality nutrients at levels that are required by senior citizens. 

Finally, it is vitally important to seek help for mental problems that may occur in later life. Memory care facilities should be considered to enjoy a safe and high-quality standard of living when memory problems pose a direct risk to personal safety.

About the Author

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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