Understand the Relationship Between Mental Health and Astrology Readings

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According to Vedic Astrology, certain planets can negatively affect a person’s health by having negative qualities. This can result in harm to one’s mental well-being. Therefore, there is a significant correlation between mental health and astrology. To study this, a person should consult their astrological birth chart, which details their health status. Additionally, it is essential to examine the positioning of the planets during this assessment. More information will be provided on this subject.

Astrology Readings And Mental Health

Astrology proposes that the combination of favorable and harmful planets can lead to emotional pressure. Additionally, it suggests that the pessimistic impact of planets could impede your cognitive function and cause a decline in communication abilities. To comprehend your entire personality, astrologers on https://asknebula.com/ use planetary alignments in conjunction with mental characteristics assessments. The following are a few ways in which astrology relates to mental well-being. 

Throughout history, astrology has maintained its significance, leading to a significant portion of the population leaning towards and having faith in it. For those who struggle with verbal expression, zodiac sign attributes are utilized to demonstrate their personalities and range of emotions, creating the basis for horoscope psychology. Consequently, it can be used to foster positive relationships with others. Similarly, the field of psychology is broad and adaptable, utilizing various approaches to healing, as long as it does not cause harm to the individual. Hence, individuals who hold steadfast faith in psychological astrology frequently experience cognitive advantages upon engaging with astrology readings.

Signs Of Mental Illness In Horoscope

The Horoscope depicts various mental states, including sadness and anxiety, through the positions of planets, houses, and zodiac signs. Such alignment can potentially result in mental issues over short or long periods. 

  • The Moon represents the psyche, and its burdensome positioning in the birth chart can result in psychological instability. 
  • Likewise, if Mercury, the significator of the nervous system, is unfavorable in the horoscope, it can cause mental illness. 
  • Furthermore, a poor planetary alignment of Jupiter, the significator of intellect and growth, can lead to poor emotional health. 
  • The fifth house represents cheerfulness and optimism, and if an air sign such as Gemini or Aquarius wrongly influences it, it can lead to mental problems. 
  • A gloomy fifth house can also cause emotional instability. If Jupiter and Mars align in the Seventh House, it can create an uncontrollable temper in a person. 
  • Additionally, the slow-moving planet Saturn is a Karaka for anxiety, and unfavorable planetary alignments involving Saturn in the fifth, seventh, or ninth houses can cause physical problems.
  •  If Saturn is in the twelfth house with a weak Moon, it can also lead to mental health issues. 
  • Moreover, the presence of a malefic sub-planet accompanying Saturn in the Seventh House can cause physical problems. 
  • If Rahu and the Moon are in the Ascendant with a malefic in the ternary, it can create fear and problems.

A Role Of Planets

In the 1950s, “lunatics” was used to describe people with mental illness. This term is derived from the word “luna,” which means “moon.” It was believed in the past that the phases of the moon and mental health were linked. Birth charts, horoscopes, and data systems provide information about different aspects of our lives. In Vedic astrology, the Moon represents the mind, while Mercury is associated with reason and wisdom. By examining these two planets in a horoscope, one can identify the possibility of mental instability and take necessary precautions. If the Moon is aligned with unfavorable planets, severe depression may result. Moon in conjunction with Rahu may cause schizophrenia or fear, while Moon and Ketu can cause insanity and delusions. If the fifth house of a person is suppressed by an Air sign, he or she may be vulnerable to mental illness. The combination of the fourth house and the Moon denotes mental harmony, while the partnership between the fifth house and Moon indicates emotional well-being. Thus, a problematic fifth house may negatively impact one’s relationship with their spouse.

Role Of Moon

The Moon, which is considered a divine star, plays a significant role in maintaining mental balance. It represents a person’s mind and governs their creativity, imagination, and skill. The Moon’s position in a Horoscope can indicate how a person thinks and reacts to different situations. A strong Moon can bring about excellent qualities like sharp thinking, creativity, and rapid development. However, a weak Moon can lead to severe mental health issues, including depression, schizophrenia, sleep disorders, and menstrual problems. If malefic planets afflict the Moon, it can result in mental illnesses. Moreover, Moon’s placement in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses can cause problems with focusing abilities. Weaknesses in the Moon may indicate difficulties in different stages of life. Saturn’s influence on the Moon can make a person experience suicidal thoughts and extreme sadness. Also, when Rahu or Ketu afflict the Moon, it can diminish confidence and self-esteem.

Role Of Mercury

Mercury is regarded as the ruler of all talents and skills and is considered a divine planet in astrology. Any aspect of the body related to stimulation, the respiratory system, and the nervous system is governed by Mercury. If Mercury is strong in a person’s horoscope, they may exhibit a wide range of talents and possess excellent balance in their profession. However, if Mercury is negatively influenced by malefic planets, individuals may experience depression and anxiety. The adverse effects of a weak Mercury in a Horoscope may cause mental difficulties during the planet’s Mahadasha or Antardasha, leading to irritability or erratic behavior. If Mercury is positioned in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house and is aspected by malefic planets, it may cause psychiatric issues like OCD, ADHD, severe anxiety, and depression.

Role Of Venus

Venus is linked to positivity, pleasing scents, emotions, and happiness. It governs various forms of contentment revolving around family, friends, and partners. A well-placed Venus in one’s birth chart can bring about luxurious living. Nonetheless, it also represents desires. If Venus is placed in the fifth House of Horoscope, it can have negative effects. Contrary to popular belief, Venus may not play a major role in this area. However, it benefits both the mind and body. Hence, when Venus is in a weak state, it implies strange actions and a lack of focus. Additionally, Jupiter, associated with wisdom, plays a crucial role in mental health. If it is strongly placed, it influences the healthy behavior of all planets. On the other hand, an afflicted Jupiter may lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.


Astrologers on astrology readings offer numerous remedies to treat mental health issues. Similarly, psychic medium readings provide a unique avenue for individuals seeking spiritual solace and closure, offering comfort and guidance through connecting with departed spirits. Here are some effective solutions to help your mental health:

  • Neutralize any harmful effects caused by planets, 
  • Perform NavGrah Puja to appease all 9 planets, 
  • As the Moon has a significant influence on mental well-being, try to please it regularly. 
  • Conduct a Puja for Rahu or Ketu and wear gemstones related to the Moon to boost its strength.

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