Raw Foods and Intuitive Eating: Overcoming Immune Disorder

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Raw Foods

About 6 years ago before Kelly became passionate about raw foods, Kelly began to experience burning sensations all over body like a painful rash.

Obviously something felt very wrong to Kelly. She went to the doctors office and the doctor said they could find nothing wrong with her. Yet Kelly’s skin was burning and itching! Obviously something was very wrong.

Things continued to get worse. The burning sensation that began on her skin began spreading internally! Kelly continued seeing doctors. Finally she found a doctor that gave her some medicine but warned her, “This might cure you, but this might make things 10x worse.”

Kelly took the medicine and things got 10x worse. And then Kelly found out she was pregnant.

That’s how her journey began.

Yet nowadays Kelly has fully recovered thanks to raw foods and finding her higher power.

Not only has Kelly recovered, she’s thriving. Kelly has blogged extensively about her journey at https://kellysantos.org/blog.

Kelly is starting a podcast and is almost finished with her 1st book, which is in the final stages of editing. She’s also an intuitive reader and you can book a reading with her here – https://kellysantos.org/readings/

Finally, Kelly offer’s Holistic Health Coaching to help people become the healthiest, happiest, & most fulfilled versions of themselves possible.     

How did Kelly recover from her autoimmune disorder and go on to thrive? You can watch the interview down below, or click on the link to download the podcast episode!

Plus, we recorded the interview in her daughter’s room too ?

YouTube player
You can also download the MP3 file directly here, or type “Eating Enlightenment’ into your podcast provider.

About Kelly’s Journey to Raws Foods and Intuitive Healing

Kelly is also Holistic Health Coach & Intuitive and has been for over 20 years. She takes a holistic approach to your health by linking together spirituality and wellness.

Kelly’s training is extensive. She has an educational background in psychology, alternative health, and intuitive healing along with certifications in yoga, hypotherapy, intuitive reading and body work.

She’s personally studied the nuances of raw foods and nutrition by directly training under Aajonus Vonderplaitz, who was a raw food leader in Los Angeles. 

Her mission is to inspire people to live life naturally, healthfully, and authentically.

Here are some of the questions I asked Kelly before our interview. She graciously provided answers, which I edited slightly considering our conversation. My questions are in bold, her answers are in italics.

For another post of mine about nuances of nutrition, including space and fullness, read here.

Questions with Kelly

How did you start your journey, including the autoimmune disorder and what that was like?  Can you share  a “low” moment where you hit a rock bottom of sorts that motivated you?

It was 26 years ago (19 years old) that my real journey began. My journey of following my Higher-self and spiritual path, essentially finding more meaning in my life, deeper meaning. Of course, the road was not easy, and there were lots of twists and turns.

And when I didn’t listen to what my soul and higher-self were directing me to do, I paid the price by getting really sick with an autoimmune disorder or eczema. No one knows for sure what it was, but it was so debilitating that I spend 3 months in bed everyday, alone with no one to take care of me, scared that I had lost control of my body and life.

Shortly after that, I found out on top of being sick, I was also pregnant. This was definitely not one of those situations where it was like, well let’s see maybe this happened for a reason. No, the only gift from this was my daughter, and she was the reason, and the only reason.

Any Other Lessons?

My sickness showed me that I needed to speak-up, and stop doing things I didn’t want to do for money. 

Little did I know, this was all GRACE in action. Sometimes when things fall apart, it is for a reason. And that reason is mainly b/c we are not listening to what our soul wants for us. And the reason for that mainly, is b/c we are scared, and we can’t see what is next.

I couldn’t see that leaving that job I hated was what I was suppose to do. And that moving cross-country was also what I was suppose to do at that time. My life were I was, in LA, was over, and it was time to move on. So the Universe gave me a kick in the butt.

You have a background psychology, alternative health, and intuitive healing, along with certifications in yoga, intuitive reading and body work. Can you retrace this journey for us briefly?

Kelly’s Raw Foods Mentors and more …

Can you share a story about one or both of your mentors, Aajonus Vonderplaitz, about they impacted you personally and what lessons you learned from them?

Aajonus – (lesson) You eat for the medicinal qualities of the food your consuming, not because of what it tastes like, or b/c you like the taste alone. And even if you don’t like something at first, keep eating it and soon you’ll adjust to the taste of it, and soon you’ll even like and crave it. This was the case for me with vegetable juice, mainly green juice. I hated it at first, but so needed it in my diet. 

(When we experience a health issue) it’s not always the case that it’s something we’re doing physiologically wrong, or eating wrong. We need to look at the mind, body, and the soul, to see where can we make changes in our lives, where we not listening where are we not making time in our lives to listen to what we really need, to what our soul or body wants.

Kelly’s Training Principles

You mention a few key training principles are “eliminating harsh chemicals, eating healthy nutrient-dense raw foods, finding what brings you joy, and aligning with your Higher-Self”. If someone were completely new to these things, can you describe each one briefly, maybe tell a story, and give a brief practical action step?

Eliminating harsh chemicals (Buy organic cleaners, detergent, etc. b/c chemical overload alone can make us sick. This includes reducing EFT exposure which is like #1 reason people are getting sick now a days. Recommend blog on EFT’s. Put your phone on airplane mode at night if you can’t shut it off, and unplug your whole room before bed, and no social media or TV after dinner. Read instead.)

Eating nutrient dense raw foods food (Find someone like myself who can help you with this. And don’t think they need to be certified b/c they don’t. If they live it, is good enough. But eating non-processed, raw healthy fruits and veggies is a start. Adding healthy fats is key too. And knowing when and how to eat matters too that’s why I recommend getting a coach or mentor in this area until you got it b/c it can be very complex.)  

Finding what brings you joy (do anything that makes you happy, just find a way to play and have fun. get in touch with your inner child and remember what it was that made them happy and do that.)

Enlightenment Moments

Can you describe a peak moment of yours where you realized you were on your path?

That’s simple. When I felt good helping a client with their life situation and they were so grateful for it. Sometimes the appreciation you get from someone is more gratifying than the money. I think (feeling good) is a sign your on the right path. It won’t always be easy, but it feels good, feels right.

What’s been an “Eating Enlightenment” for you where you realize the way you had seen food was incorrect, a lightbulb moment which changed the way you relate to food? 

#1 Think of your food like you do your relationships, and ask, ‘what am I getting from this relationship?’ ‘Am I only giving, or am I receiving too?’ Like when I eat certain foods and it takes my body more energy to break down the food, then energy I’m receiving from the food. So every time you sit down to eat, ask yourself what am I getting from this food? 

#2 When you’re eating make sure you’re not doing anything else you’re not looking at the phone you’re not looking at the TV you’re doing not you’re doing nothing else but eating your mindfully eating to the best of your ability.

What projects do you have going on right now? Where can people contact you?

Finishing my book, working on the next step of getting it professionally edited. I also can be reached via email at [email protected], or my website at KellySantos.org

About the Author

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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