Weight loss, protein and health: Is there any one size fits all approach?

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Is there any one size fits all approach? Picture showing quote saying different food for every body

Yesterday a member of this email list emailed me about protein.

And I really appreciated their insight!

Their powerful insight was …

There can be TOO much protein.

Like you can experience health complications if you eat too much beef, meat, eggs, etc. Don’t search for fat burning foods and expect results!

So I want to thank this person for sharing a bit of their story.

It’s always valuable to share your story to listening ears and receive validation.

And in particular, this person’s story also (in some ways) contrasted my previous email …

(Because in my previous email I wrote how protein is the #1 Weight Loss Hack)

So …

What is it?

Is protein a hack? Or, is protein dangerous?

What if you have too much protein?
What if you have too little protein?
How much protein is enough …?
What types of protein are best?

And …

You could keep asking protein questions like this until the end of time.

But the topic for today is something really important.

I see this a lot …

People asking too many questions.

Don’t get me wrong. Questions are good.

But sometimes asking too many questions can paralyze you.

Like just a few months ago I met a really nice sumo wrestler.

He said he’d been on over 50 protein diets.

He said he had read over 100 health/fitness books.

And he also said …

That just the other day he spent 30 minutes in the grocery store comparing nutritional labels.

He was comparing two different types of beans and trying to find the beans with the lowest sodium.

Yet …

He got stuck in his head. This was 30 minutes of acute stress!!!!

Like massive headache, temples throbbing, sweating…

And in reality …

The cost of the stress was much higher than the cost of a few extra grams of sodium.

We have to remember our culture …

The diet industry and the Just Do It type of thinking (these are the bad guys) …

They want you to be in fear.

Not at Weight Loss Enlightenment.

We don’t like fear.

And getting stuck thinking about nutrition is STRESSFUL.

So how much protein should you have?

Start gradual.



Work your way up.

Start with one 1-2, maybe 3, fistfuls of protein a day.

But then …

Be prepared to adjust.

You Must Base Your Health Journey In Awareness of Your Feelings/Emotions. This is a critical component of both health at every size and intuitive eating.

This is reallllly important to get. Basing your decisions on your feelings…

Because remember …

Is there any one size fits all approach?

I’ll be talking about this point soon!


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