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How To Read Food Labels For Healthy Eating

Let’s Stop Making Nutritional Things Confusing.

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Forget about food labels. If you struggle with nutrition information overload, here’s 3 simplest tips to clarify nutrition confusion:

  1. Stop Worrying About Food Labels – More Damage Is Caused By Worrying About Nutritional Labels. Instead Focus On Eating Unprocessed Foods
  2. Eliminate Need To Read Food Labels – Ask Yourself, Did This food Exist 1,000 Years Ago? If Food Existed 1,000’s Of Years Ago Then No Need To Read Food Label.
  3. If You Must, Focus on Low Sugar High Protein – If You Must Read A Food Label, The Quick Rule Of Thumb Is To Place Greater Value On Foods With Low Sugar To Protein Ratio. The Less Sugar, The More Protein, The Better.

Meaning was this food around 1000 years ago?

Carrots, yes.

Candy … well … I’m pretty sure candy wasn’t around 1000 years ago.

This guideline is meant to give you a simple way to make reliably healthy decisions.

It’s the quickest rule of thumb I have ever discovered.

Pretend I have a jar of peanut butter and lentils by my right side. On my left side, I have popcorn.

So by using this rule, is it 1000 years old? I would only have peanut butter and lentils as my answer.

Obviously this rule is too simple. Any “rule” automatically will make you feel like a failure if you ‘break’ the rule or that you aren’t living up to the proper standards. So we don’t want to get stuck in black-and-white thinking.

But it’s a good guideline that can help you clarify nutritional confusion.

How To Read Food Labels For Healthy Eating Commentary:

Now this topic became important to me, because a client recently asked me this question.

We had gone over the basic health principles, which are unprocessed meals where you get a variety of proteins fats veggies and carbs.

However, this woman was incredibly busy taking care of two different families, working 13 hours a day, and she told me that she needed a simpler way to figure out which foods in her cupboard were good for her.

She needed quick foods, which she could grab on the go.

And so that’s when I clarified and reduced the previous guidelines I gave to her.

I took the slightly more complex guidelines I gave her before, and boiled it down even further into the 1000 year rule.

And then we went through her fridge.

She showed me her fridge.

And we went item by item applying the thousand year rule.

We looked at the various items and her cupboards.

And I asked her was this around 1000 years ago? I put it to crackers, was this around 1000 years ago? No.

What about eggs were eggs around 1000 years ago? Yes.

Now do eggs have any labels? No. So get rid of the labels! That’s a big way how to read food labels for healthy eating.

And so we went through and she got to see that she had a lot of foods in her pantry that were not in the category of a thousand years old, but she also had a lot of foods that were in the category of thousand years old.

Now there are 2 downfalls with this rule I do want to cover real quick, too simple and too bad.

First of all this rule is it a thousand years old, it’s too simple. For example peanut butter is made of peanuts.

However nobody was making smooth peanut butter like they can nowadays. so you don’t want to get bugged down by the technical aspects of this.

This is just a rule of thumb it’s something that as you go through the grocery aisles you can ask yourself, was this around a thousand years ago?

And the second downfall is that you might think this is a rule, where if you fail to eat foods that existed a thousand years ago, then you are screwing up somehow and not doing it right.

And that’s just not true. So don’t fall for these traps.

As you see through these traps you will gain motivation to eat healthy and exercise.

But on the flip side, if this rule gets you to eat the majority of your foods so that the majority of your foods are from foods a thousand years ago – that’s great!

That’s basically all you have to do to eat sustainably to lose weight, to decrease your binge eating, to feel satisfied, like this rule if you just eat foods that were around 1000 years ago you’ll feel a lot better. You want to look at supplements as well.

And one rule even if it’s a little bit simple if it helps you get to that point where you’re eating the majority of your diet from unprocessed foods it’s worth it.

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