Does our health affect the aging process?

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Does our health affect the aging process

Our habits do affect our aging process; positive routines like exercise, better diet, and cleanliness do affect our aging process.

When we are doing exercise and eating a better diet, then it reduce tissue degradation. This is the main reason why you calculate the age of celebrities with the online age calculator. You would be amazed to know their actual age; the main reason behind this is they have adopted better habits like exercise and a better diet. The provides exclusive and sufficient information regarding your age.

When you are doing regular exercise and eating protein-enriched food, tissue degradation normally happens at a slower pace. This would make your appearance younger and healthier; you can observe this thing in celebrities and players. When you compare their age with their age, then you may wonder how old I am. It can be quite amazing to calculate the age of a celebrity and compare it with your actual age. You would be amazed to find the difference between your look and appearance with them. 

In this article, we are describing some of the most important habits essential for slowing down the aging process.

The Eating Habits:

Healthy food is essential and a balanced diet may be a matter of concern for people. The latest research has shown a diet containing a lot of sugar can accelerate the aging process in people. People eating fresh and quality food make them appear fresh and smooth even in the older age. 

Try to eat a balanced diet as it can make you more active and smart. You need to think of celebrities looking young, you would find they are eating a balanced diet and drinking a lot of fresh water. This would make them look even younger and healthier even in older age. The birthday calculator may indicate these people are older than they appreciate, but they can manage their life and their eating habits.

Exercise and our Skin:

People doing exercise find their skin better and fresher as it is getting more oxygen due to better body metabolism. The age calculator may be a better way to find your age and youthfulness. Exercise can be a better way to reduce premature skin scrubbing and to look younger even in older age. Doing a lot of exercise makes it easy to reduce your cholesterol level. The LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein) is one of the major causes of skin deterioration.

The LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein) can cause more fat content in the skin’s epithelial tissues. The date of birth calculator may indicate the person may be looking older than the actual age due to low activity levels. This may lead to the accumulation of more fats in our skin tissues.

Wash your Skin Gently:

Washing your skin gently can reduce the deterioration of the skin aging process. it may be a matter of concern for the people. This may be better to reduce the aging process, as it can be great for your aging process. The age calculator is a way to find the skin aging process by finding the aging process. People are doing exercise to make their skin soft and gentle along with skin washing creams. When you have soft and gentle skin, then you can afford to live a healthy life. Try to drink plenty of water to keep your skin fresh and healthy.


Your skin can be one of the most apparent parts of your body if you are not able to maintain the freshness of your skin. Then it may be possible you would look older, as the age calculator would indicate you are older than your actual age. This should be a matter of concern for you, as protecting your skin is one of the most effective ways to avoid the aging process.

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Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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