What Does A Veggie Burger Taste Like?

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What Does A Veggie Burger Taste Like

Want to listen to what does a veggie burger taste like? You can also download the audio version from the Eating Enlightenment website here.

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For years I ate vegetarian food only, no meat.

But I wasn’t a healthy vegetarian. I let vegetarianism get to my ego. Because vegetarian doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy. For me, I got anemia and only weighed 125 lbs. I wasn’t getting enough iron in my blood, and I was always fatigued. While I never purged or threw up, I definitely had binge eating tendencies.

So I started eating meat again for health reasons. My weight normalized and my energy improved. In the following years I have continued to eat meat…

But nowadays I feel inspired when I see companies like Beyond Meat. I am tempted to become vegan again. 

Here are my thoughts on going vegetarian and eating meat replacements products:

1 – Be Vegetarian With Protein – being vegetarian can be great but dangerous if you don’t get proper protein

2 – Eat Meatless Meat For Delicious Protein – meatless meat nowadays tastes great and has similar texture to hamburgers or sausages

3 – A Dash Vegetarian Pride Is Good – be proud, tell people if you want that your vegetarian and eating meatless meats, but don’t get too prideful

4 – Vote With Your Dollar – buying meatless meat products supports these technologies. Ultimately to stop global warming we need to transition to meatless meats

foods that keep you full the longest
There are many vegetarian options that sit great in your stomach too!

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What Does A Veggie Burger Taste Like – Backstory:

I decided to first become vegetarian after spending my college summers at a Zen mountain center called Tassajara.

In the Zen center the monks and their spiritual community did not eat meat. I wonder if these days they allow meatless meat products like beyond meat…

I knew there were economic and environmental reasons to become vegetarian. Until I had the experience in the zen center however, I did not have the personal motivation to stop eating meat.

After a few summers though, I did become vegetarian and remained vegetarian for a few years.

However, I would only stay at the Zen center for like a week or two. So I didn’t really get the full transformative benefits. I would later receive greater benefits years down the line when I lived at the Zen mountain center for an extended period of immersion of 13 months.

Actually back when I first became a vegetarian I was really struggling in life.

I was extremely desperately lonely. After class I would sit in my room and I would play 6 to 8 hours of chess by myself smoking pot everyday.

I was disconnected. I was disconnected from my body and I would always smoke weed. At one point I only weighed about 125 lb. This is very light for me as my natural weight is more around 160 these days.

But I was so disconnected from my body. I was studying economics and school was easy for me. School has always been easy for me, even though I hated school. I’ve always had an easy time with logical problems and math and taking tests. So this made school very easy for me because of my logical brain.

However my logical brain kept me trapped. I could only be logical.

I had no emotional muscles. This meant I had no way to connect to my body. And I definitely couldn’t connect with other people. I was stuck in my thoughts.

I was also stuck playing chess. Increasingly I was obsessed. In a bad way. I was so anxious playing chess. It looks strange now but I remember being so hard on myself whenever I made a mistake and lost a piece. This inner fury would rise up inside me that would hate myself.

So needless to say, I was not in a good emotional state and being vegetarian in this time of life actually backfired on me. 

what is your relationship with food

Without eating meat and actually just not eating enough in general, and binge eating to catch up on calories, I became very malnourished. 

I got anemia, which is a blood condition when you don’t have enough iron in your blood. So this made me feel very fatigued.

So… The doctor basically said I needed to eat meat. And I started eating meat. And as my body recovered, I gained more self-esteem in myself.

My energy got better and yada yada yada…

But the reason I’m making this video is because nowadays I am really getting inspired to become vegetarian again. 

Now, I am not just spontaneously becoming a vegetarian. I’m making this video partly as a way to weigh the pros and cons and to share with you my journey.

There are two main points that are important, and definitely the first point is much more important. The first point is that I am way healthier spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

I’ve learned to connect with myself, heal my inner traumas and to outwardly connect with others.

Fortunately I’ve even been fortunate to graduate with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Nowadays I help people connect to their body and stop binge eating. 

If you’d like to talk with me about my journey or just talk about being a vegetarian, you can schedule a conversation with me on my website.

Part of the reason I’m thinking about becoming a vegetarian again is simply because these meatless meats are actually very good.

They taste great and are quick to make!

In the video above, I explore what does a veggie burger taste like (or sausage)

But I’m not just thinking about going vegetarian for the taste –

I also know that to stop global warming a huge shift will need to occur in terms of eating meat.

Meat takes up a lot of resources. If we eat meatless meat we can save these resources and people can still eat delicious food.

By purchasing meatless meat products I know that I am helping this industry economically. I can trust capitalism (in this situation) that they will continue to develop more and more meat realistic meatless products. These products, in turn, will help stop global warming.

I’m also really impressed by the protein levels. A regular sausage of meat has actually far less protein than the meatless replacements. So for me it’s a cleaner way to get more protein – a true win-win situation.

So those are some of the reasons that you might want to consider adding and meatless meat products into your diet.

Or if not, here are other food items too 🙂

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