Body Connection and Protecting Your Inner Light

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Body Connection and Protecting Your Inner Light

Body Connection? What the heck is that?

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You can also download the audio version from Eating Enlightenment website here.

This video is all about deepening the connection to your body and really understanding your bodily sensations.

This video, in addition to making sense of your bodily sensations, explores how to really start building trust with your body. And trusting your body is the essence of eating enlightenment.

The essence of eating enlightenment is you have it within you, that your body can return to a natural way of eating that stops been eating and leads to you returning to your natural body weight.

To put it in more simple metaphorical terms terms, in eating enlightenment we Believe that you have an inner light.

So the first part of the video is all about listening to the messages of your inner light, which get expressed through your bodily sensations.

The second half of the video is about protecting the inner light.

You might imagine a flame, a candle in the midst of a windy day. If you do not shield and protect and care for the candle, the flame will be blown out.

And so the second part of the video is all about how we can protect our inner light using self-care activities. Let’s dive into today.

Body Connection Commentary:

If you recall earlier on I Said that one of the most powerful questions you could practice was asking what am I feeling right now?

And this table can help you explore where precisely you are feeling different bodily sensations and moods.

Often times when we look at our emotions, we can become confused. And we don’t really know what we are feeling.

However, most people can feel their body and even if they don’t know where precisely they are feeling and emotion, they can know if they are feeling neutral, unpleasant, or pleasant.

So it’s great if you can really feel the emotion in the specific part of your body, but it’s okay if you struggle with this, and one powerful way you can practice feeling your emotions is a simply check in with your body and see if you’re feeling pleasant, neutral, or unpleasant.

And study your patterns for a few days… what we are doing here is building trust with your body.

Body Connection – Exposing Yourself To Light To Build Self-Confidence

See here’s how you build trust. It’s called exposure.

The meaning of exposure is that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So in eating enlightenment, sometimes the intensity of our feelings can overwhelm us.

However we realize that the more we expose ourselves to these feelings, The stronger we will become.

So here’s a practical example: you quote unquote look under the hood and try to feel your emotions you feel something in your gut but you’re not sure what.

And you know it’s unpleasant. You take a guess that you are feeling anxiety.

This anxiety is very intense and you want to eat, distract yourself, think about your to-do list… You want to do a thousand things, anything but feel this weird feeling in your gut.

Yet by feeling your emotion in your gut, you are exposing yourself. You are building your emotional resilience.

The next time this feeling arises in your gut, it will be more familiar, and because this feeling didn’t kill you last time, you will be less afraid of it.

And in this way we learn to not run away from our feelings.

By not running away from our feelings, our trust grows and ourselves and our connection with our body get strengthened.

This is how we connect to our inner light.

Deeprak Chopra also has some interesting thoughts on body connection. If you’re curious about his thoughts, click here to read his article.

But… We don’t stop there. Our inner light is fragile. our inner light is telling us messages in our body, like the anxiety and your gut.

That’s your body telling you something.

That’s your inner light trying to get your attention. Aka … Body Connection

If we do not act and heed and respect the messages of our body, then the inter light will be extinguished.

Then we will binge eat, then we will disconnect and not live our best lives.

So it’s really really important we protect and care for the messages that we’re getting from our body and from our inner light.

And so in eating enlightenment we realize that to truly help another person, we have to be able to love and help ourselves.

Let’s be real here for a minute… Your relationships and children and friends and family… They don’t need a stressed out, depleted you. What they need a quality you.

Pause and think real quick, they need you to be present energetically.

They need you to be a source of love for yourself that radiates outwardly.

I grew up in a family where my parents were physically there, but not emotionally there and I know that physical presence is not the whole picture.

I grew up in a family where my parents were physically there, but not emotionally there and I know that physical presence is not the whole picture.

You need to be emotionally there in your relationships as well. So you need to put yourself first.

What would it mean for you to really care for yourself like you do your children?

That’s what we’re asking you to lean into.

How do you take care of yourself and others?

If you need some help getting motivation to answer this question, I wrote a post here that should help figure out the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while letting go of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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