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Do you feel like your hormones are out of balance? Unfortunately, this is a common issue that many people face.

Hormone imbalance can lead to a variety of issues, such as weight gain, fatigue, and mood swings.

If you’re looking for a way to support hormone balance, supplements may be a partial answer.

In this blog post, we will discuss 6 of the best supplements for hormone balance!

Keep in mind supplements are lightly regulated by the FDA. Their stated claims have no guarantee. They aren’t cures or treatments for any diseases.

Please check with your doctor before starting any supplement program for a hormone imbalance and note that we include items that we trust will be useful to our visitors. If you click one of the links on our site, we may get a commission. If you have questions see the FAQ section below – now let’s dive in!

Best Overall

  • Price = $21.56
  • # of Servings = 60
  • Price per Serving = $0.35
  • Product Reviews = 4.4/5 (24,474 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 1 Capsule
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Support hormone balance
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros = Amazon’s Choice for “best supplement hormone balance”
  • Cons = None

About Women’s DIM Complex:

Looking to support estrogen balance and enjoy the added benefits of increased veggie power? SM Nutrition’s DIM Complex is for you! This unique formula contains 250mg of DIM, plus organic Spinach, Alfalfa, and Kale. It’s sulforaphane-rich Broccoli Sprouts Seed makes it a great choice for women looking for menopause support, weight loss assistance, and relief from hormonal acne. With Vitamin D added for bone support, this complex is a solid choice for women of all ages. Amazon’s Choice for “best supplement hormone balance”.

Made by Smoky Mountain Naturals, LLC:

According to ReviewMeta.com, Smoky Mountain Naturals has a 4.3 average adjusted rating with 657 verified reviews.

A Close 2nd, Highly Reviewed

  • Price = $25.95
  • # of Servings = 30
  • Price per Serving = $0.86
  • Product Reviews = 4.4/5 (23,241 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 4 Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Promote hormonal balance and support ovarian function.
  • Food Allergens = Possible corn allergy
  • Pros = #1 Amazon Best Seller in Vitamin B8 (Inositol) Supplements
  • Cons = No other vitamins, herbs or minerals

About Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro Inositol:

Looking for a premium inositol supplement to help promote hormonal balance and support ovarian function? Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro Inositol is a great choice! Their unique formula is developed with the body’s natural ratio of Myo-inositol to D-Chiro-inositol, which is 2000mg to 50mg or 40:1. It’s also vegan, dye-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. 100% all natural ingredients. No artificial fillers or binders.

Made by Wholesome Story:

Wholesome Story is family-owned and located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. According to ReviewMeta.com, Wholesome Story 4.5 average adjusted rating with 106 verified reviews.

Best If You Want Licthin, Pairs Well, Great Price

  • Price = $11.96
  • # of Servings = 100
  • Price per Serving = $0.11
  • Product Reviews = 4.8/5 (24 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 1 Softgel
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored powder
  • Labeled Effect = Balances hormone levels
  • Food Allergens = Soy
  • Pros = Pure Lecithin powder, competitive pricing
  • Cons = Fewer reviews, no other vitamins, minerals or herbs

About Lecithin:

Looking for a natural and effective way to support your brain function, immune system, and digestion? Introducing Lecithin Powder – a dietary supplement made from naturally occurring phospholipids that offer a wide range of health benefits. Lecithin powder can be taken daily to help boost immunity, aid digestion, support liver and gallbladder function, promote healthy brain function, and contribute to a healthy mood. It also supports cardiovascular and heart health. Made with soy lecithin, this supplement is non-GMO and gluten-free. For more research about the benefits of lecithin read here.

Made by Bulk Supplements:

Bulk Supplements started in 2011 and is based in Nevada. It’s main manufacturing facility is FDA registered. According to ReviewMeta.com, Bulk Supplement’s average adjusted rating is 4.4/5 from 39,370 verified reviews.

Best If You Want DHEA, Great Price, Pairs Well

  • Price = $10.50
  • # of Servings = 100
  • Price per Serving = $0.10
  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (81 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 1 Vegetable capsule
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Promotes optimal hormone balance and overall health
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros = High quality DHEA, competitive pricing
  • Cons = No other vitamins, minerals or herbs

About DHEA:

If you’re looking for a supplement that can help support optimal hormone levels and overall health as you age, look no further than DHEA. DHEA is the body’s most abundant circulating hormone, but levels of this important compound begin to decline with age. Supplementing with DHEA can help replenish your levels of this important hormone and promote healthy immune function, circulatory health, sexual function, lean muscle mass, and more. Maintaining a healthy balance of DHEA is crucial as you age since this hormone plays an important role in many of the body’s systems. If you are looking for a high quality DHEA at competitive pricing this is a great option.

Made by Life Extension:

Life Extension began in 1980 and is still going 40 years later. In 2021 ConsumerLab.com voted Life Extension as #1 Rated Catalog/Internet Merchant. According to ReviewMeta.com, Life Extension’s average adjusted rating of 4.1/5 from 24, 224 verified reviews. 

Best If You Want Quality Maca, Great Price, Pairs Well

  • Price = $19.99
  • # of Servings = 151
  • Price per Serving = $0.13
  • Product Reviews = 4.6/5 (41 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 1 Tsp
  • Taste / absorption = Malty Nutty Flavor, powder
  • Labeled Effect = Support healthy hormone levels and enhance vitality and energy levels.
  • Food Allergens = Peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, milk, soy
  • Pros = High quality Maca powder, competitive pricing
  • Cons = No other vitamins, minerals or herbs

About Maca Powder:

Looking for a nutrient-dense superfood that can help support healthy hormone levels, enhance vitality and energy levels, and even improve sexual health? Maca Powder may be just what you need!

Native to the high mountains of Peru, Maca is a root vegetable that has been used for centuries by the indigenous people for its wide range of potential benefits. Today, it is known as Peruvian Ginseng and is prized for its ability to help support energy and endurance. Maca Powder is also traditionally used to support sexual health.

This Maca Powder is gelatinized, meaning it has been cooked down to make it easier to digest. It’s also versatile – you can add it to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, or bake it into recipes. And because it’s in powder form, it’s easy to take with you on the go.

It just might be the superfood you’ve been looking for!

Made By Viva Naturals:

Began in 2011 and located in New York. Emphasizes ethical, sustainable, and ecologically conscious products. According to ReviewMeta.com, Viva Naturals receives a 4.3/5 average adjusted rating from 16,309 verified reviews.

Why are Hormone Balance supplements important? 

Hormones play a crucial role in the body, regulating everything from metabolism and mood to reproductive function. When our hormones are out of balance, it can lead to a range of symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, and low libido.

Hormone balance supplements can help restore the body’s natural balance, improving overall health and well-being. These supplements often contain herbs and other natural ingredients that have been shown to support hormonal health.

It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen, as certain ingredients may interact with medications or have contraindications for certain conditions. However, for those suffering from hormone imbalances, hormone balance supplements be part of a safe and effective solution.

Best Supplement for Hormone Balance – What factors do we use to rank?

1 – Price: What’s the price of the supplement? What’s the cost per serving? At Eating Enlightenment we value quality over price. However, all else being equal, then price comes into consideration. 

2 – Reviews: How many reviews for each product? What’s the average rating? How many third party reviews? We strongly believe in third party reviews. Many supplement companies list positive reviews on their website, but third party reviews include negative comments. We always go with third party reviews.

3 – Reputation: How reputable is the brand behind the supplement? How long has the brand been around? What’s their mission? We believe that a company’s intention is highly important and should be one of your top purchasing decision factors. See the top 21 most popular supplement manufacturers.

4 – Taste / Absorption = What’s the taste? How quickly does your body absorb the supplement? Do reviews mention any negative side effects like an upset stomach?

5 – Perceived Therapeutic Effect = What beneficial effects or feelings does this supplement promote? Learn if you are taking too many supplements.

6 – Food Allergens = Does the company provide allergen info?

7 – Science / Certifications: Does the company list transparent scientific studies on their website? Do third party certifications test the company’s supplement for quality control? How many certifications does the company have? Read here for more info about whether supplements are FDA approved.

8 – Pros/Cons: What are the pros and cons of each supplement? How is the supplement unique? For what situations is this supplement best?

Who will benefit by taking Hormone Balance supplements?

Hormone balance supplements can be a helpful addition to any individual’s routine, but they are particularly beneficial for certain groups of people. Menopausal women, for example, often experience imbalances in their hormone levels that can cause symptoms such as hot flashes, carb food cravings, and mood swings. See Food Cravings on Period: Normal Hunger or Emotional Cravings for more info.

Hormone balance supplements can help alleviate these symptoms from hormone imbalance and promote overall health during these monthlies and life transitions.

Similarly, hormonal imbalances in men can lead to decreased energy levels and muscle mass, low libido, and weight gain. Supplementing with hormones can help restore balance and improve overall well-being in these cases as well.

Additionally, individuals with diagnosed hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism can also benefit from hormone balance supplements in conjunction with medical treatment.

Ultimately, anyone experiencing the discomfort and inconvenience of hormonal imbalances may find relief with these supplements. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Individuals on certain medications or with known medical conditions may not be able to take hormone balance supplements safely. Working together with a healthcare provider can ensure the best possible outcome for each individual’s unique needs.

Who should not take Hormone Balance supplements? 

Hormone balance supplements can be beneficial for those experiencing hormone imbalances, such as menopause, premenstrual syndrome, or other difficulties with their menstrual cycle. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider before taking these supplements.

Certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy and breast cancer, can affect estrogen levels and make hormone balancing supplements more risk. In addition, individuals taking certain prescription medications, such as blood thinners or birth control pills, may also be at risk for adverse reactions when taking these supplements.

It is also important to note that hormone balance supplements are not a substitute for proper medical treatment and should only be used under the guidance of a healthcare provider. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with your doctor before considering taking hormone balance supplements.

What are the risks to taking Hormone Balance supplements?

For those seeking relief from menopausal symptoms, the temptation of a hormone balance supplement can be strong. However, it is important to understand that these supplements are not subject to FDA approval and do not undergo the same rigorous testing as prescription medications.

As a result, their effects can vary widely and there is a lack of reliable information about potential side effects. Even natural forms of hormones such as black cohosh can interact with other medications and cause serious health risks. Before taking any supplement to balance hormones, it is crucial to speak with your healthcare provider to ensure it is safe for you to use. Remember, when it comes to managing menopausal symptoms, the safest option is often lifestyle modifications and FDA-approved prescription treatments recommended by your doctor.

What time should I take Hormone Balance supplements?

When it comes to taking Hormone Balance supplements, timing is important. It’s best to take them with a meal containing fat, as this will help with absorption. If you have smaller meals throughout the day, it’s fine to split up the dosage and take it with each meal. Ideally, do not to take the supplement right before bed, as it may interfere with sleep patterns. Ultimately, finding the right timing for taking Hormone Balance supplements may require some experimentation, but following these guidelines can help find a regimen that works effectively for you.

Food sources for Hormone Balance

In terms of carbohydrates, I recommend whole grains and legumes as they offer sustained energy and a good source of fiber to support digestion. For protein, lean meats like chicken and fish are preferable over red meat. As for fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated options such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil should be incorporated in moderation. It’s also important to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits as they provide essential nutrients and antioxidants. Lastly, I always stress the importance of staying hydrated with water to aid in the body’s detoxification processes.

If you want a specific meal plan you may want to order an online blood test for vitamin deficiencies to see if there are nutrient gaps in your diet.

How can I improve my Hormone Balance naturally without supplements? 

One of the most important steps is maintaining a balanced diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources.

Exercise can also play an important role in balancing hormones; not only does it release endorphins, help with excess estrogen, and improve overall well-being, but it can also help regulate insulin levels and reduce stress. Practicing good sleep hygiene, managing stress levels, and limiting alcohol intake can also contribute to hormonal balance.

Overall, there are many small steps that can lead to improved hormonal balance without the use of supplements.

How soon after taking Hormone Balance supplements will I feel better?

While responses to supplementation can vary from person to person, many individuals begin to feel the effects of Hormone Balance supplements within a few weeks. This is due to the fact that hormones operate on a subtle yet continuous cycle in the body, so small changes can take time to manifest as improved overall well-being.

However, some individuals may experience benefits sooner than others. It is important to continue taking the supplement as directed and consult with your healthcare provider if you do not notice any changes after a few weeks.

Additionally, supplementing is just one aspect of maintaining hormonal health; other lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and stress management also play a role. Overall, it is important to have patience and consider all aspects of health.

If you are looking to start supplementing but aren’t sure where to begin, check out “What Supplements Should I Be Taking? Here Are Top 20”.

If you want to learn more about supplements and vitamins in general, read our Supplements and Vitamins – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

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Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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