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Hashimoto’s disease is a condition that affects the thyroid gland. It can cause a wide range of symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss.

If you are struggling with Hashimoto’s disease, you may be wondering what supplements you can take to help improve your condition.

In this blog post, we will discuss 8 of the best supplements for Hashimoto’s disease.

Keep in mind supplements are lightly regulated by the FDA. Their stated claims have no guarantee. They aren’t cures or treatments for any diseases.

Please check with your doctor before starting any supplement program and that we include items that we trust will be useful to our visitors. If you click one of the links on our site, we may get a commission. If you have questions see the FAQ section below – now let’s dive in!

What is Hashimoto’s?

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a small gland in the neck that produces hormones that regulate the body’s metabolism.

In Hashimoto’s, the body produces antibodies that attack and damage the thyroid gland. This leads to inflammation of the thyroid and eventually to a reduction in hormone production.

Hashimoto’s is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. It is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. There is no cure for Hashimoto’s, but it can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes.

Best If You Like Lots of Reviews

  • Price = $14.98
  • # of Servings = 30
  • Price per Serving = $0.49
  • Product Reviews = 4.2/5 (12,989 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 2 Veg Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Increase energy and clear brain fog
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros = High quality blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs
  • Cons = None

About Zhou Thyroid Support Complex:

The Zhou Thyroid Support Complex is a dietary supplement that supports focus and clarity. It is formulated with iodine to give the thyroid gland the nutrients it needs, helping you wake up more rested and energized. This clean, vegetarian-friendly formula is gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and contains an all-natural blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids.

Made by Zhou Nutrition:

Zhou Nutrition was formed in 2011 and is based in Tampa, Florida. According to ReviewMeta.com Zhou Nutrition has a 4.1/5 average adjusted rating with 3,749 verified reviews.

Best Overall

  • Price = $19.79
  • # of Servings = 60
  • Price per Serving = $0.32
  • Product Reviews = 4.4/5 (3,084 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 2 Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Thyroid and adrenal support
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros = High quality blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs from a highly reputable brand
  • Cons = None

About Herbal Adrenal and Thyroid Support Complex:

Introducing Herbal Adrenal and Thyroid Support Complex! This premium thyroid care supplement is formulated with thyroid vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that combine to help mitigate the effects of everyday thyroid concerns. This adrenal support complex provides more than simple iodine supplements for thyroid and adrenal support. This advanced thyroid energy complex includes l-tyrosine, B12, Schisandra, Ashwagandha root, and more and see the wonders of these potent ingredients for optimum wellness. With competitive pricing and made by Nature’s Craft, this is a solid choice.

Made by Nature’s Craft:

According to ReviewMeta.com, Nature Craft’s adjusted average review is 4.3/5 from 15,033 verified reviews.

Best If You Like Best Price per Serving

  • Price = $27.00
  • # of Servings = 30
  • Price per Serving = $0.09
  • Product Reviews = 4.8/5 (67 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 2  Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Supports healthy thyroid activity & function
  • Food Allergens = Fish and shellfish
  • Pros =  Highly competitive pricing, unique proprietary ingredients
  • Cons = Fewer reviews

About Triple Action Thyroid:

Triple Action Thyroid formula is a potent blend of nutrients that helps maintain already healthy thyroid hormone levels, supports healthy thyroid activity and function, and encourages a healthy metabolism. The triple action thyroid supplement is a unique blend of ashwagandha, iodine, Korean ginseng and more. This potent combination promotes the healthy production of thyroid hormones while helping to convert them into their active states. Furthermore, this vitamin supplement contains B12 to support a healthy thyroid and state of Vitamin A that aids in maintaining high levels of active thyroid hormone.

While this supplement doesn’t have as many reviews, it does contain propriety ingredients like Sensoril, along other vitamins and minerals that are known to help with thyroid function.

Made by Life Extension:

Life Extension began in 1980 and is still going 40 years later. In 2021 ConsumerLab.com voted Life Extension as #1 Rated Catalog/Internet Merchant. According to ReviewMeta.com, Life Extension’s average adjusted rating of 4.1/5 from 24, 224 verified reviews. 

Best If You Want Maca Superfood

  • Price = $20.95
  • # of Servings = 120
  • Price per Serving = $0.17
  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (859 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 1 Veg Capsule
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Support immune function
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros =  High quality pure Peruvian Maca, best pricing per serving
  • Cons = No other vitamins, minerals or herbs

About Peruvian Maca:

Peruvian Maca – this superfood has been used for centuries in South America to support overall health and well-being.

Peruvian Maca is especially rich in minerals and nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy body. It is a great source of protein and fiber, and it also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Additionally, Peruvian Maca is a good source of vitamins B1, B2, C, and E.

This superfood supports immune function and helps to regulate the adrenal, thyroid, and pancreatic glands. Maca is also known to boost energy levels and help preserve muscle mass. So if you’re looking for an all-natural way to support your health, try Peruvian Maca today!

Made by Superior Labs:

Began in 2007, geared for athletes, and has FDA, GMP certification. Mission statement emphasizes purity, testing, and quality. According to ReviewMeta.com, Superior Labs has an average adjusted rating of 4.3/5 with 3902 verified reviews.

Best If You Want Highest Concentration of Forskolin

  • Price = $21.99
  • # of Servings = 30
  • Price per Serving = $0.73
  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (61 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 2 Vegetarian Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Enhances energy and balances appetite
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros =  High quality ingredients that support energy
  • Cons = Not as many ingredients for thyroid health

About Forskolin 1000 Boost:

This unique formula provides 500 mg of premium Forskolin extract per serving, standardized to 20% potency – the highest concentration of any Forskolin supplement on the market.

Forskolin is a natural compound that has been shown to boost metabolic processes, encourage thyroid function, and promote the production of insulin and digestive enzymes. Plus, their thermogenic blend of naturally caffeinated herbs helps support your metabolism and balances appetite. You’ll enjoy increased energy and alertness from the green tea, yerba mate, and guarana extracts – without the crash associated with other energy supplements.

Made by Nature Wise:

Founded in 2012 in California, Nature Wise aims to promote health and inspire wellbeing. According to ReviewMeta.com, Nature Wise has a 4.2/5 average adjusted rating from 32,542 verified reviews.

Best If You Want To Buy From A Reliable, 100 Year Old Family Run Company

  • Price = $24.99
  • # of Servings = 30
  • Price per Serving = $0.83
  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (93 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 2 Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Supports healthy weight, energy, body temperature, mood
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros = High quality blend of ingredients that help with thyroid
  • Cons = Higher price per serving

About Thyroid Complex:

This unique formula provides key nutrients that support thyroid health, including iodine, selenium, and zinc. The ingredients in Thyroid Complex not only support the healthy metabolism of the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), but also provide beneficial antioxidants to nutritionally support total thyroid health. Overall, the ingredients in this supplement work with your system to maintain healthy thyroid function to support a healthy weight, energy levels, body temperature regulation, mood, digestion, cardiovascular system, hair, nails, and more. While the cost per serving is higher, the ingredients in this blend are excellent for thyroid health.

Made By Botanic Choice:

Botanic Choice started in 1910, over 100 years ago. The company is family owned and has millions of customers worldwide. They are one of the oldest supplement companies still around today. According to Meta Critic, Botanic Choice has a 3.8/5 rating with 1,496 reviews.

Best Pure Plant Blend

  • Price = $49.99
  • # of Servings = 30
  • Price per Serving = $1.66
  • Product Reviews = 4.0/5 (81 reviews)
  • Serving Size = 2 Capsules
  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored
  • Labeled Effect = Supports healthy metabolic balance and overall well-being
  • Food Allergens = Safe
  • Pros = Proprietary blend of plants that are known for their iodine content, made in the USA
  • Cons = Higher price per serving

About Gaia Herbs Thyroid Support:

This unique blend of ingredients helps to support healthy metabolic balance, which is crucial for overall well-being. Gaia Herbs Thyroid Support contains Ashwagandha, Brown Seaweed, Kelp, and Schisandra – all of which are known for their iodine content and ability to help smooth out the stress response cycle. While the cost per serving is higher, if you are looking for a plant-based supplement for thyroid health this is a solid choice.

Made By Gaia Herbs:

Founded in 1987 and now located in North Carolina. Certified B Corporation. According to ReviewMeta.com, Gaia Herbs receives a 4.2/5 average adjusted rating from 7,834 verified reviews.

Why are Hashimoto’s supplements important? 

Treating Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid, typically involves hormone replacement therapy. However, supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals can also play a crucial role in managing symptoms and maintaining overall thyroid health.

Selenium, for example, is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, while zinc aids in their metabolism and vitamin D supports immune function. B-complex vitamins are often found to be deficient in patients with Hashimoto’s and can help address symptoms such as fatigue and depression.

However, it is important to work closely with a healthcare provider before starting any supplement regimen, as some may interact with thyroid medications or have adverse effects if taken in high doses.

Who will benefit by taking Hashimoto’s supplements?

Individuals with the autoimmune disorder Hashimoto’s disease can benefit from supplementing their diet with certain vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin D.

What factors do we use to rank the best supplement for Hashimoto’s?

1 – Price: What’s the price of the supplement? What’s the cost per serving? At Eating Enlightenment we value quality over price. However, all else being equal, then price comes into consideration. 

2 – Reviews: How many reviews for each product? What’s the average rating? How many third party reviews? We strongly believe in third party reviews. Many supplement companies list positive reviews on their website, but third party reviews include negative comments. We always go with third party reviews.

3 – Reputation: How reputable is the brand behind the supplement? How long has the brand been around? What’s their mission? We believe that a company’s intention is highly important and should be one of your top purchasing decision factors. See the top 21 most popular supplement manufacturers.

4 – Taste / Absorption = What’s the taste? How quickly does your body absorb the supplement? Do reviews mention any negative side effects like an upset stomach?

5 – Perceived Therapeutic Effect = What beneficial effects or feelings does this supplement promote? Learn if you are taking too many supplements.

6 – Food Allergens = Does the company provide allergen info?

7 – Science / Certifications: Does the company list transparent scientific studies on their website? Do third party certifications test the company’s supplement for quality control? How many certifications does the company have? Read here for more info about whether supplements are FDA approved.

8 – Pros/Cons: What are the pros and cons of each supplement? How is the supplement unique? For what situations is this supplement best?

Who should not take Hashimoto’s supplements?

It’s important for me to stress that not everyone with Hashimoto’s disease can benefit from supplements. First and foremost, anyone taking medication for any autoimmune thyroid disease should consult with their physician before taking any supplementary pills or herbs, as they may interact with the medication and affect its effectiveness.

In addition, individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid supplements as they may contain ingredients that could harm the baby.

Finally, those with other medical conditions such as kidney or liver disease should speak with their doctor before starting a supplement regimen, as these conditions can affect how the body metabolizes and processes vitamins and herbs. It’s always important to consider all potential risks before beginning a supplement regimen for Hashimoto’s.

What are the risks to taking Hashimoto’s supplements? 

For individuals with Hashimoto’s disease, it can be tempting to turn to supplements as a way to alleviate symptoms and improve thyroid function. However, there are a number of risks associated with taking these supplements.

First of all, it is important to remember that supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same way that medications are. This means that the immune system effectiveness and safety of supplements can vary significantly, and they may contain unintended or harmful ingredients. It is also important to keep in mind that the cause of thyroid dysfunction and autoimmune diseases varies from person to person, and what may work for one individual may not have the same effect on another.

In addition, some supplements can interact with medications and potentially worsen thyroid symptoms.

Overall, before starting any supplement regimen for Hashimoto’s disease, it is essential to consult with a healthcare practitioner who is familiar with your specific case.

What time should I take Hashimoto’s supplements?

When it comes to Hashimoto’s supplements, timing can make a big difference in their effectiveness. The best time to take them is with your largest meal of the day, as this will help ensure optimal absorption. And if you take any medications, be sure to space them out by at least two hours from your Hashimoto’s supplements to avoid any potential interactions. You may also want to consistently take your supplements at the same time each day to maintain a steady level in your system. And of course, always check with your doctor before making any changes to your supplement routine.

Food sources for Hashimoto’s

When it comes to managing Hashimoto’s disease, diet can play a crucial role. While research is still ongoing, some studies have shown that certain foods may worsen symptoms and potentially lead to flare-ups. These include gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and alcohol.

However, this does not mean that people with Hashimoto’s have to eliminate all of these from their diets. The key is moderation and finding the right balance for each individual.

In terms of beneficial food sources, probiotics have been shown to improve thyroid function and alleviate symptoms. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower contain goitrogens, which are known to help regulate thyroid hormone production. Seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids can also be helpful in managing Hashimoto’s disease.

Of course, it’s always important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any major changes to your diet. Finding the right dietary plan can make a significant difference in managing Hashimoto’s disease and improving thyroid hormone metabolism.

If you want a specific meal plan you may want to order an online blood test for vitamin deficiencies to see if there are nutrient gaps in your diet.

How can I improve my Hashimoto naturally without supplements?

When it comes to improving Hashimoto’s disease or decreased thyroid hormone levels, diet and lifestyle changes can have a major impact. First, managing stress levels is vital as chronic stress can worsen symptoms.

Regular exercise, mindfulness practices, and finding healthy coping mechanisms can help in this regard.

Next, incorporating anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy greens, berries, fatty fish, and olive oil can improve overall immune function and decrease inflammation in the body.

Additionally, removing gluten from the diet may also improve symptoms as it has been linked to thyroid problems in some individuals.

Finally, supplements such as selenium, vitamin D3, and probiotics may also help re-establish normal thyroid function, though it’s important to consult with a healthcare practitioner before starting any new supplement regimen. In sum, while supplements can play a role in managing Hashimoto’s disease, diet and lifestyle changes should be the first line of defense in improving symptoms naturally.

How soon after taking Hashimoto’s supplements will I feel better?

As with any supplement or medication, the amount of time it takes for you to feel improvement varies from person to person. It also depends on the severity and progression of your Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. That being said, many people report feeling better within a few weeks of starting Hashimoto’s supplements.

However, it is important to note that improvement in symptoms does not necessarily mean your thyroid levels have been restored to normal. It may take several months or even longer before blood work shows an optimal level of thyroid hormone production. In the meantime, keep track of any changes in symptoms and discuss them with your doctor at regular appointments.

It is also important to continue taking your Hashimoto’s supplements as directed, even if you are feeling better, in order to properly manage the condition and prevent further issues down the line.

Remember, every individual is unique and healing takes time – hang in there and stay focused on your health journey.

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If you want to learn more about supplements and vitamins in general, read our Supplements and Vitamins – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

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