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Best Supplements for Glutathione

If you’re looking for supplements to support glutathione production, you’re in luck.

There are many different options available, and some of them are better than others. In this blog post, we will discuss the seven best supplements for glutathione.

We’ll also provide information on what glutathione is and why it’s important. Keep reading to learn more!

Please keep in mind supplements are lightly regulated by the FDA. Their stated claims have no guarantee. They aren’t cures or treatments for any diseases.

Food is your best source of nutrition, especially for glutathione! Please check with your doctor before starting any supplement program.

Please note we include items that we trust will be useful to our visitors. If you click one of the links on our site, we may get a commission.

Finally, be sure to check out the frequently asked question section below our top picks – let’s dive in!

Best Glutathione Supplements

  1. Best Overall – Nature’s Craft

  2. Best NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – Superior Labs

  3. Best Liposomal Glutathione – Pure Encapsulations

  4. Best Powder Form of Glutathione – Bulk Supplements

  5. Best of Glutathione Blend – NOW

  6. Best Price – Life Extension

  7. Glutathione Runner-Up – Jarrow Formulas

Best Overall

  • Price = $18.77

  • # of Servings = 30

  • Price per Serving = $0.62

  • Product Reviews = 4.4/5 (5,159 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 1 Vegetable Capsule

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Help preserve brain health including memory, focus, and attention support

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = Amazon’s Choice, contains milk thistle and ALA

  • Cons = a bit higher price per serving (but not too high either)

About Glutathione

Introducing Glutathione by Nature’s Craft, a glutathione supplement contains 500mg of L-Glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid and milk thistle.

These ingredients are common in anti aging treatments and are also known to promote liver and kidney health. The scientific support for Glutathione is also very strong.

With over 5,000 reviews and an Amazon Choice supplement the social proof is strong.

Made by Nature’s Craft:

According to ReviewMeta.com, Nature Craft’s adjusted average review is 4.3/5 from 15,033 verified reviews.

  • Start = 2013

  • Revenue = less than $5 million

  • Employees = less than 25

  • Mission = improve your health, improve your life; naturally

  • Third Party Certifications = GMP

  • Third Party Reviews = adjusted average review is 4.3/5 from 15,033 verified reviews

Best NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

  • Price = $21.95

  • # of Servings = 75

  • Price per Serving = $0.28

  • Product Reviews = 4.8/5 (56 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 2 Vegetarian Capsules

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Free radical protection

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = highest dosage of NAC, highly competitive pricing

  • Cons = Not a direct glutathione supplement

About NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) is a long-term stable form of non-essential amino acid cysteine. NAC binds with two different amino acids, glutamine and glycine, to generate a powerful antioxidant called glutathione, which helps to maintain essential biological processes.

While this supplement is not a direct glutathione supplement, it facilitates the process and because most people have enough residual glutamine in their body already, it essentially acts as a glutathione supplement.

This supplement contains the highest dosage of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) at 1,200 mg. This antioxidant is derived from the essential amino acid cysteine and helps to promote healthy immune system function and cellular health.

NAC is also a great way to combat free radicals, those pesky molecules that can cause oxidative stress and lead to premature aging.

Best of all, the price per serving is one of the lowest.

Made By Superior Labs:

Began in 2007, geared for athletes, and has FDA and GMP certification. Mission statement emphasizes purity, testing, and quality. According to ReviewMeta.com, Superior Labs has an average adjusted rating of 4.3/5 with 3902 verified reviews.

  • Start = 2007

  • Revenue = $6 million

  • Employees = less than 25

  • Mission = purity, testing, and quality

  • Third Party Certifications = NSF, GMP

  • Third Party Reviews = average adjusted rating of 4.3/5 with 3,902 reviews

Best Liposomal Glutathione

  • Price = $99.00

  • # of Servings = 60

  • Price per Serving = $1.65

  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (21 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 1 Soft Gel Capsule

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Protect liver tissues

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = Supports antioxidant defenses and detoxification, proprietary blend

  • Cons = Highest in price per serving

About Liposomal Glutathione

Liposomal Glutathione from Pure Encapsulations contains L-glutathione, an antioxidant that is more readily absorbed by the body when it contains a liposomal form.

The liposomal form of glutathione protects glutathione bonds from breaking down in the acidic environment of the stomach.

This may support liver health and cellular functioning, while also providing antioxidant protection from free radicals.

Pure Encapsulations is a high quality brand backed by science, so there proprietary blend makes this product unique.

However their price per serving is the highest.

Made By Pure Encapsulations:

Pure Encapsulations began in 2004. According to ReviewMeta.com, Pure Encapsulations has a 4.5/5 average rating from 12,280 reviews. Pure Encapsulations lists over 50 clinical studies going back to 2006 on their website.

  • Start = 2004

  • Revenue = $35 million

  • Employees = 170

  • Mission = it’s what’s inside that counts

  • Third Party Certifications = Egg Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, GMP, Certification Made in the USA, Peanut Free, Wheat Free, Hypoallergenic, NSF

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.3/5 with 7,100 reviews

Best Powder Form of Glutathione

  • Price = $43.96

  • # of Servings = 833

  • Price per Serving = $0.05

  • Product Reviews = 4.8/5 (1293 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 600 milligrams

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Detoxify to support and protect kidneys and liver

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = Pure NAC

  • Cons = Lowest price per serving, not a direct glutathione supplement

About N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) by Bulk Supplements contains NAC, a non-essential amino acid that plays an important role in detoxification.

It helps support the kidneys, liver, and lungs and promote healthy immune function. NAC may also contribute to healthy skin and support sexual health and brain function.

Plus, it can help promote a healthy mood.

So if you’re looking for the best glutathione supplement that can offer a wide range of health benefits, NAC is the way to go.

While it’s not the highest dosage of NAC per serving, it is the lowest in terms of price per serving. Plus, this supplement comes in liquid form whereas normally you only get liposomal glutathione capsules.

Made By Bulk Supplements:

Bulk Supplements started in 2011 and is based in Nevada. Its main manufacturing facility is FDA registered. According to ReviewMeta.com, average adjusted rating is 4.4/5 from 39,370 verified reviews.

  • Start = 2011

  • Revenue = $10 million

  • Employees = 50

  • Third Party Certifications = NSF, cGMP

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.4/5 from 39,370 reviews

Best of Glutathione Blend

  • Price = $22.06

  • # of Servings = 60

  • Price per Serving = $0.37

  • Product Reviews = 4.6/5 (5,135 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 1 Veg Capsule

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Promote healthy immune system function and proper detoxification processes.

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = High quality blend of Glutathione, Milk Thistle, and ALA

  • Cons = Exact same ingredients as Nature’s Craft

About Glutathione 500 mg

Glutathione 500 mg features glutathione, an important compound for cellular health. Glutathione directly neutralizes free radicals, and also helps maintain the activity of vitamins C and E. In addition, milk thistle extract and alpha lipoic acid are included as complementary ingredients which are known to support liver health.

The only downside is this supplement contains the exact same ingredients as Nature’s Craft! However, the price per serving is cheaper.

Made by Now Foods:

Family owned since 1968. One of the most popular supplement brands, with many more third party reviews. According to ReviewMeta.com, Now Foods has an average adjusted rating of 4.2/5 from 175,757 verified reviews.

  • Start = 1968

  • Revenue = $650 million

  • Employees = 1600

  • Mission = provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives

  • Third Party Certifications = USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, GMP

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.2/5 from 175,757 verified reviews

Best Price

  • Price = $6.75

  • # of Servings = 60

  • Price per Serving = $0.11

  • Product Reviews = 4.9/5 (820 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 1 Capsule

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Support immune health and liver function

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = Pure NAC, competitive price per serving

  • Cons = None

About N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) is a dietary supplement that supports comprehensive health in a variety of ways. As a powerful antioxidant, NAC protects cells from oxidative stress and encourages liver health and function. Supplementing with NAC helps to fight back against oxidizing free radicals and promote healthy glutathione levels.

But you already know this about NAC from the previous products!

As you can tell, there are lots of products here with relatively similar ingredients. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s bad because it’s harder to make a choice. However, because there are more companies producing relatively similar products, you can be more certain there’s a demand for this products and they have real benefits.

The price per serving on this supplement is low, which helps separate, but not the lowest NAC.

Made By Life Extension:

Life Extension began in 1980 and is still going 40 years later. In 2021 ConsumerLab.com voted Life Extension as #1 Rated Catalog/Internet Merchant. According to ReviewMeta.com, Life Extension’s average adjusted rating of 4.1/5 from 24, 224 verified reviews. 

  • Start = 1980

  • Revenue = $168 million

  • Employees = 500

  • Mission = Achieve your goals with the best nutritional products that science can offer

  • Third Party Certifications = GMP, Non-GMO

  • Third Party Reviews = average adjusted rating of 4.1/5 from 24,224 review

Glutathione Runner-Up

  • Price = $46.50

  • # of Servings = 120

  • Price per Serving = $0.38

  • Product Reviews = 4.9/5 (13 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 1 Capsule

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Support a variety of processes in the body including energy metabolism

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = Pure glutathione (reduced)

  • Cons = No other ingredients

About Glutathione Reduced

Glutathione by Jarrow Formulas emphasizes a low ratio of reduced vs oxidized glutathione (which is used as a measure of cellular toxicity).

Each veggie capsule of Glutathione Reduced delivers 500 mg of glutathione.

These are similar ingredients to other products on this list!

Made By Jarrow Formulas:

Jarrow Formulas was founded in 1977. According to ReviewMeta.com Jarrow Formulas has a 4.2/5 average adjusted rating from 18,251 verified reviews.

  • Start = 1977

  • Revenue = $182 million

  • Employees = 325

  • Mission = promote optimal health with high-quality

  • Third Party Certifications = NSF, Non-GMO, cGMP

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.2/5 with 18,251 verified reviews

What factors do we use to rank supplements?

1 – Price: What’s the price of the supplement? What’s the cost per serving?

  • At Eating Enlightenment we value quality over price. However, all else being equal, then price comes into consideration. 

2 – Reviews: How many reviews for each product? What’s the average rating? How many third party reviews?

  • We strongly believe in third party reviews. Many supplement companies list positive reviews on their website, but third party reviews include negative comments. We always go with third party reviews.

3 – Reputation: How reputable is the brand behind the supplement? How long has the brand been around? What’s their mission? 

  • We believe that a company’s intention is highly important and should be one of your top purchasing decision factors.

4 – Taste / Absorption = What’s the taste? How quickly does your body absorb the supplement? Do reviews mention any negative side effects like an upset stomach?

5 – Perceived Therapeutic Effect = What beneficial effects or feelings does this supplement promote?

6 – Food Allergens = Does the company provide allergen info?

7 – Science / Certifications: Does the company list transparent scientific studies on their website? Do third party certifications test the company’s supplement for quality control? How many certifications does the company have?

8 – Pros/Cons: What are the pros and cons of each supplement? How is the supplement unique? For what situations is this supplement best?

Who benefits most from glutathione supplements?

When it comes to benefiting from glutathione supplements, there are a few people who will likely benefit more than others. After sifting through the research, it’s hard to find a group of people who don’t benefit in some way from taking glutathione supplements.

Here are a few groups of people who may benefit the most:

  • Athletes

  • Elderly

  • Those with chronic illness

When it comes to athletes, glutathione has been shown to be beneficial for both short-term and long-term exercise performance. In one study, it was shown that those who supplemented with glutathione before exercising had increased performance compared to those who didn’t supplement.

For the elderly, glutathione supplementation has been shown to it comes to those with chronic illness, glutathione has been shown to be beneficial for a variety of different conditions.

When should I take glutathione supplements?

The answer may depend on why you’re taking them.

If you’re an athlete, it’s generally recommended that you take glutathione supplements before exercise. This is because glutathione dietary supplements have been shown to improve performance.

For the elderly, glutathione supplementation has been shown to be beneficial for a variety of different conditions. So, there is no specific time of day that’s best for taking them.

Risks, side effects

Glutathione supplements are generally considered safe for most people. Some potential side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. If you experience any of these side effects, it is recommended that you stop taking the supplement and speak with a healthcare professional.

How to take supplements for glutathione

Supplementing with glutathione was able it comes to dosage, most studies use a dose of anywhere from 500 mg to 2000 mg per day.

It’s best to start at the lower end of the spectrum and increase as needed.

As always, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any supplement regimen, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medication.

How soon after taking glutathione supplements will I feel better?

Some people may feel the effects of glutathione supplementation within a few days, while others may not notice any effects for a few weeks. If you don’t notice any effects after a few weeks, it is recommended that you increase your dosage or speak with a healthcare professional.

Glutathione Best Supplement – Summary

There are many different reasons why people might choose to take glutathione supplements.

Some of the most common include improving athletic performance, benefiting from chronic illness, and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. The benefits of taking these supplements can vary depending on the person.

However, they are generally considered safe for most people when taken in appropriate doses. Speak with your doctor before starting any supplement regimen to ensure that it is right for you.

Do you have experience taking glutathione supplements? Let us know in the comments!

One final note – be sure to check out our complete database of supplement reviews so you can find the best supplement for your personal situation!

If you don’t know how to research supplements for yourself, be sure to read our beginner’s guide to supplements and vitamins.

About the Author

Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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