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Best Supplements for Arthritis

Do you suffer from arthritis? If so, you’re not alone.

Millions of people around the world are affected by this condition, which is characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints.

While there is no cure for arthritis, there are many treatments available that can help reduce symptoms. In this blog post, we will discuss the best supplements for arthritis and how they can help improve your quality of life.

Please keep in mind supplements are lightly regulated by the FDA. Their stated claims have no guarantee. They aren’t cures or treatments for any diseases.

Food is your best source of nutrition, especially for managing arthritis! Please check with your doctor before starting any supplement program.

Please note we include items that we trust will be useful to our visitors. If you click one of the links on our site, we may get a commission.

Finally be sure to check out the frequently asked question section below our top picks – let’s dive in!

Best Arthritis Supplements

  1. Best Overall – Osteo Bi-Flex

  2. Best for Fast Acting – U.S. Doctors’ Clinical

  3. Best Blend – Designs for Health

  4. Best for Omega 3’s – Bulk Supplements

  5. Best for Collagen – Now Foods

  6. Best for Proprietary Ingredients – Life Extension

  7. Best Herbal Blend – New Chapter

Best Overall

  • Price = $13.28

  • # of Servings = 40

  • Price per Serving = $0.33

  • Product Reviews = 4.6/5 (4,605 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 2 Tablets

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Nourish and strengthen your joints for the long term

  • Food Allergens = Shellfish

  • Pros = Includes a clinically studied herbal extract that has been shown to improve joint comfort in 7 days, competitive price per serving

  • Cons = Lesser known brand company (but still a great brand)

About Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength

Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength features Joint Shield 5-LOXIN Advanced, a double-blind clinically studied herbal extract that has been shown to improve joint comfort in just 7 days.

In addition to Joint Shield 5-LOXIN Advanced, Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength also contains glucosamine chondroitin and collagen to nourish and strengthen your joints.

Plus, this formula includes Vitamin C for immune support.

While not as many people have heard of the brand Osteo Bi-Flex, it’s been around since 1997 and gets very high third party review

Made By Osteo Bi-Flex

Located in Iowa and founded in 1997. Osteo Bi-Flex is a brand built on quality and innovation. According to ReviewMeta.com, Osteo Bi- Flex gets 4.5/5 average adjusted rating from 555 verified reviews.

  • Start = 1997

  • Revenue = $22 million

  • Employees = 118

  • Mission =  Providing high-quality nutritional supplements

  • Third Party Certifications = GMP, Non-GMO

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.5/5 with 555 verified reviews

Best for Fast Acting

  • Price = $29.99

  • # of Servings = 30

  • Price per Serving = $0.99

  • Product Reviews = 4.2/5 (1,771 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 3 Veggie Capsules

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Bone & Joint Support.

  • Food Allergens = Gluten free

  • Pros = Some clinical research, high quality blend of effective ingredients, made in USA

  • Cons = Higher price per serving

About Arthro-7 Original Formula

U.S. Doctors’ Clinical Arthro-7 is a clinically researched joint supplement blend that supports joint health.

The key ingredients in Arthro-7 are Collagen, MSM, Vitamin C, CMO, Bromelain, Lipase, and Turmeric – all of which have been shown to be effective in supporting joint health.

The fast-acting formula can show results in as little as 2 weeks! Finally, Arthro-7 is manufactured in the USA in FDA-registered facilities.

Made By U.S. Doctors’ Clinical:

Located in California, U.S. Doctors’ Clinical is dedicated to providing our customers top-of-the-line formulas that have been developed to withstand the rigors of human clinical trials. According to ReviewMeta.com, U.S. Doctors’ Clinical gets a 4.1/5 average adjusted rating from 85 verified reviews.

  • Revenue = $5 million

  • Mission = the best formulas available from a team dedicated to providing products.

  • Third Party Certifications = GMP, Made in USA

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.1/5 with 85 verified reviews

Best Blend

  • Price = $52.45

  • # of Servings = 30

  • Price per Serving = $1.75

  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (19 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 4 Capsules

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Help your body to effectively repair the joints

  • Food Allergens = Shellfish

  • Pros = High quality blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins

  • Cons = 4 capsules per serving, higher price per serving

About ArthroSoothe

Joint pain can be debilitating, preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest. Health’s ArthroSoothe is a joint support supplement that can help you get back to your active self.

ArthroSoothe contains a potent blend of nutrients that help promote joint health, including: collagen, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, curcumin, and boswellia.

These ingredients work together to help reduce inflammation, promote healthy joint function, and protect against deterioration.

The downside is 4 capsules per serving with a higher cost per serving, but Designs for Health is time tested having been around since 1989, with some of the highest quality and effective ingredients.

Made by Designs For Health:

Located in Florida and United States According to ReviewMeta.com, Designs For Health has 4.3/5 average adjusted rating 6,345 verified reviews.

  • Start = 1989

  • Revenue = $135 million

  • Employees = 400

  • Mission = dedicated to providing top-quality, reliable and efficacious dietary supplement products to the professional health care community.

  • Third Party Certifications = GMP

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.3/5 average adjusted rating 6,345 reviews

Best for Omega 3’s

  • Price = $16.96

  • # of Servings = 50

  • Price per Serving = $0.33

  • Product Reviews = 4.7/5 (19 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 2 Softgels

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = May help reduce arthritis and joint pain 

  • Food Allergens = Shellfish

  • Pros = Competitive pricing, pure Omega 3 supplement sourced from Krill

  • Cons = No other vitamins, minerals or herbs, not specific to arthritis

About Krill Oil Softgels

Krill oil is source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

Omega-3s help build and maintain cell walls, provide energy, and keep the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system working properly.

Krill oil may reduce arthritis and joint pain, support heart health, boost cognition, and fortify the immune system.

However, it’s a general purpose supplement that doesn’t treat arthritis specifically.

Made By Bulk Supplements:

Bulk Supplements started in 2011 and is based in Nevada. Its main manufacturing facility is FDA registered. According to ReviewMeta.com, average adjusted rating is 4.4/5 from 39,370 verified reviews.

  • Start = 2011

  • Revenue = $10 million

  • Employees = 50

  • Mission = 

  • Third Party Certifications = NSF, cGMP

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.4/5 from 39,370 reviews

Best for Collagen

  • Price = $32.61

  • # of Servings = 120

  • Price per Serving = $0.13

  • Product Reviews = 4.9/5 (128 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 1 Veg capsule

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Supporting healthy joints

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = High quality collagen, great brand, great price

  • Cons = Not many additional vitamins, herbs or minerals

About UC-II

UC-II is a formula designed to help provide the body with the building blocks it needs to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.

Generally speaking, Type II collagen is a key protein found in cartilage, and is essential for providing strength and support.

Some say Undenatured Type II Collagen (UC-II) is thought to be a main go to form of cartilage support because it is a building block staple when it comes to protein found inside cartilage.

Made by a highly trusted brand with a highly competitive price per serving too!

Made by Now Foods

 Family owned since 1968. One of the most popular supplement brands, with many more third party reviews. According to ReviewMeta.com, Now Foods has an average adjusted rating of 4.2/5 from 175,757 verified reviews.

  • Start = 1968

  • Revenue = $650 million

  • Employees = 1600

  • Mission = provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives

  • Third Party Certifications = USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, GMP

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.2/5 from 175,757 verified reviews

Best for Proprietary Ingredients

  • Price = $25.50

  • # of Servings = 30

  • Price per Serving = $0.42

  • Product Reviews = 4.6/5 (227 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 2 capsules

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Promotes joint & connective tissue health

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = High quality blend, trusted brand

  • Cons = Proprietary ingredients listed without transparent clinical science

About ArthroMax Advanced

Arthro Max Advanced is here to help.

Formulated with NT2 Collagen and Après Flex, this product is designed to provide nutrients specifically for joint health.

Arthro Max Advanced helps inhibit inflammatory factors, supports youthful mobility, and helps relieve minor joint discomfort. While there is no clinical research directly listed, we did find some research, admittedly not third party, but research nonetheless which supports these proprietary ingredients.

Note: NT2 Collagen is identical to Undenatured Type II Collagen (UC-II).

Overall this is a high quality blend targeted for joint support made by a trusted brand with a decent price point.

Made By Life Extension:

Life Extension began in 1980 and is still going 40 years later. In 2021 ConsumerLab.com voted Life Extension as #1 Rated Catalog/Internet Merchant. According to ReviewMeta.com, Life Extension’s average adjusted rating of 4.1/5 from 24, 224 verified reviews. 

  • Start = 1980

  • Revenue = $168 million

  • Employees = 500

  • Mission = Achieve your goals with the best nutritional products that science can offer

  • Third Party Certifications = GMP, Non-GMO

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.1/5 from 24,224 review

Best Herbal Blend

  • Price = $63.60

  • # of Servings = 90

  • Price per Serving = $0.71

  • Product Reviews = 4.5/5 (158 reviews)

  • Serving Size = 2 capsules

  • Taste / absorption = Unflavored

  • Labeled Effect = Supports joint function, movement and flexibility

  • Food Allergens = Safe

  • Pros = High quality herbal blend

  • Cons = No collagen

About Zyflamend

Zyflamend is made with a clinically studied blend of 10 powerful herbs that work better together.

Chinese goldthread, hu Zhang, Chinese skullcap, and barberry are ancient tonic herbs in the Chinese herbal tradition.

Rosemary and oregano are native to the Mediterranean region. Hu Zhang of Zyflamed is a natural source of resveratrol, which is present in the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Turmeric, ginger, green tea, and holy basil are common components of Asian and Indian health regimens.

As a result, Zyflamend delivers herbal pain relief while supporting healthy inflammation response and joint function.

Made by a trusted brand at a decent price point.

Made By New Chapter:

Based in Vermont since 1982, New Chapter aims to revolutionize natural wellness and is a Certified B Corporation. According to ReviewMeta.com, New Chapter has a 4.2 average adjusted rating from 11,369 verified reviews. 

  • Start = 1982

  • Revenue = $61 million

  • Employees = 300

  • Mission = revolutionize natural wellness

  • Third Party Certifications = Certified B Corporation

  • Third Party Reviews = 4.2 average rating from 11,369 reviews

What factors do we use to rank supplements?

1 – Price: What’s the price of the supplement? What’s the cost per serving?

  • At Eating Enlightenment we value quality over price. However, all else being equal, then price comes into consideration. 

2 – Reviews: How many reviews for each product? What’s the average rating? How many third party reviews?

  • We strongly believe in third party reviews. Many supplement companies list positive reviews on their website, but third party reviews include negative comments. We always go with third party reviews.

3 – Reputation: How reputable is the brand behind the supplement? How long has the brand been around? What’s their mission? 

  • We believe that a company’s intention is highly important and should be one of your top purchasing decision factors.

4 – Taste / Absorption = What’s the taste? How quickly does your body absorb the supplement? Do reviews mention any negative side effects like an upset stomach?

5 – Perceived Therapeutic Effect = What beneficial effects or feelings does this supplement promote?

6 – Food Allergens = Does the company provide allergen info?

7 – Science / Certifications: Does the company list transparent scientific studies on their website? Do third party certifications test the company’s supplement for quality control? How many certifications does the company have?

8 – Pros/Cons: What are the pros and cons of each supplement? How is the supplement unique? For what situations is this supplement best?

Who benefits most from supplements for arthritis?

When it comes to dietary supplements for arthritis, there are a few different groups of people who can benefit.

The first group is people who are looking to prevent arthritis. If you have a family history of arthritis or you have joint pain that comes and goes, taking a supplement may help reduce your risk of developing arthritis or help to reduce the severity of symptoms if you do develop it.

The second group is people who already have rheumatoid arthritis or chronic joint pain. If you have joint arthritis symptoms, taking a supplement may help to improve your symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Supplements can also be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, for example other symptoms like knee osteoarthritis.

Finally, there are some people who may not necessarily have arthritis but still experience joint pain.

Who may not benefit from arthritis supplements?

There are a few different groups of people who should not take arthritis supplements.

The first group is children. Arthritis supplements have not been studied in children.

The second group is people who have certain health conditions or take medications that could interact with the ingredients in arthritis supplements.


Arthritis supplements to reduce joint pain are generally considered safe when taken as directed. However, there is always the potential for side effects. The most common side effects include upset stomach, constipation, and diarrhea.

If you have any concerns about taking a joint health supplements, or if you experience any adverse effects, be sure to speak with your doctor.

How to improve symptoms of arthritis naturally

There are a few ways to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis pain naturally.

One way is to take supplements that contain anti-inflammatory herbs and spices such as turmeric, ginger, and boswellia.

Another way is to eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and omega-three fatty acids / fish oil.

You can also try some home remedies like hot showers, yoga, stretching, ice, and massage.

If you are looking for more information on how to improve your symptoms of arthritis naturally, be sure to speak with your doctor or a registered dietitian.

They may recommend you take a blood test to see if you’re vitamin deficient or if there are any warning signs. Read about the best online blood tests for overall health here.

How soon after taking arthritis supplements will I feel better?

If you’re taking supplements for arthritis prevention, you may not see results immediately. However, if you’re taking them to treat symptoms of arthritis, you may notice a difference in your pain level and inflammation within a few weeks. Be sure to speak with your doctor if you don’t see any improvement after a few weeks of taking supplements.

Best Supplement for Arthritis – Summary

Arthritis affects many people and arthritis supplements are a great way to improve your symptoms of arthritis naturally.

There are a few different groups of people who can benefit from taking them, including people who are looking to prevent arthritis, those who have already been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and those who experience joint pain.

Some ways to improve your symptoms of arthritis naturally include eating a healthy diet, trying home remedies like hot showers and massage, and taking supplements that contain anti-inflammatory herbs and spices.

Have you tried an arthritis supplement before? Let us know in the comments!

One final note – be sure to check out our complete database of supplement reviews so you can find the best supplement for your personal situation!

If you are not sure how to research supplements to conduct your own review, read our ultimate beginner’s guide to supplements and vitamins here.

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Jared Levenson is a former binge eating wrestler turned Zen Buddhist Monk, Internal Family Systems counselor and nutrition wellness coach. He's helped hundreds of people through universal meal principles and internal family systems to make peace with food, stop binge eating, and find true health and wholeness.


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