3 Ways To Not Eat When Bored

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3 Tips How To Not Eat When Bored to Stop Binge Eating (Eating Disorder Therapist Sunnyvale)

How to not eat when bored …

  1. are you really bored? (Psychologically)
  2. are you really bored? (physically)
  3. Ok, you’re bored, then use boredom to enjoy yourself and level up

It’s a tough topic because so oftentimes boredom is NOT actually boredom.

Boredom can be like a mask.

Like do you live a life where you’re super stressed ALL THE TIME …

So when you’re not stressed running around then you are bored?

Well …

That’s probably not boredom.

That’s burnout, I’m sorry to say.

For more information on the different types of compulsive eating which includes boredom eating (like emotional eating, binge eating, too) then check out my other video here:

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How To Stop Snacking When Bored

Let’s try to apply these 3 tips for the next time you want to grab a snack when you’re bored, or binge eating.

First, you check in with yourself.

Have you ever done yoga? If so, it’s similar.

It’s just about bringing awareness to the present moment.

Are you bored?

Or, are you like me? Are you running away from something?

For me, I used marijuana and weed to run away from my negative feelings …

Loneliness, depression, anxiety …

On the surface level I was bored.

But as my awareness grew, I realized that NO…

I wasn’t bored …

I was scared of rejection.

My fear of rejection was making me nervous around people.

And so I was lonely.

This was what I was avoiding. Can you relate?

If so, then you are NOT a bored eater!!!

We’ve just applied step 1.

But either way …

You’ve now done step 1! Of this training anyways …

mindful eating

Step is similar. It’s a step where we cross out if we are a boredom eater.

Hopefully you did not cross out step 1. You are NOT running away from a negative feeling.

It feels like …

Well … it feels like you’re bored. Case closed.

how to not eat when bored

Step 2 is all about ARE YOU HUNGRY?

Because you might be stuffed to the brim with binge eating

Your stomach might be crazy full …

You fell hella bad. Do you know what I mean?

But then you might still want food?

Has this ever happened to you?

You MUST be bored, right? Why else would you want food, even though you were obviously uncomfortably full?

It must be boredom …

Unless. It’s not boredom.

physical versus emotional eating

What if you hadn’t given your body nutrients?

Sure, you stuffed your belly with simple sugary carbs …

But you appetite and belly want NUTRITION.

Like balanced meals, you know the whole plate thing.

What if that’s what your body wanted?

You would be hungry.

So check that off the list for step 2.

Make sure your hydrated and not hungry.


Proceed to step 3 of how to not eat when bored

Find some hobbies. If you cant’ find hobbies, then maybe you are depressed, instead of being bored.

It’s easy to mix up boredom with depression. If you need help with depression and eating there are strategies available.

But don’t think I’m being cute with you.

Hobbies are hard to find.

Don’t settle for anything less than something that makes you FEEL good.

For example, my parents met dancing.

I feel like a good hobby of mine SHOULD be dancing.

It’s fun, meet girls, etc.

But …

My last few times dancing have been kinda boring…

I know I SHOULD like dancing

(and in my defense, I used to go dancing A LOT, so it’s not like I don’t like dancing)

But this time around …

It just ain’t clicking.

I SHOULD like something, but I don’t!!

So go try some stuff out …

But be brutally honest.

Have you ever gotten confused with excitement for nourishment?

Like you try something new and you get excited, but this new something doesn’t nourish you?

Well …

If that’s you then find some hobbies!!

Finally, to wrap things up here …

Do reflect, learn, analyze, introspect …

Are you really a bored eater? Or are you running away from something?

You can also try using weight loss affirmations to keep yourself entertained as well.

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