Why Am I Eating So Much And Not Getting Full?!?

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Why Am I Eating So Much And Not Getting Full

If you want to know why you eat so much and never get full, then you must learn about a concept called staying power.

This concept deals redefines fullness as a skill. Not something that automatically happens perfectly. But an art that you can learn to master.

So we are looking at refining our skill of fullness. Remember, fullness is a skill and consists of three parts.

1 – Food Is Fuel – the first part of fullness involves actually eating foods that are fuel for your body.

2 – Knowing How Fullness Feels – the second part involves being able to know when you are full and to detect patterns so that you can recognize which foods are fuel from your body.

3- Experiment – You must consciously explore and discover which foods fuel your body best. Nutrition lists are useful, but ultimately your mind and body must connect the dots.

Here is a video review where I look at the Top 10 Foods Scientifically Measured By Fullness.

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Why Am I Eating So Much And Not Getting Full – Commentary:

To increase your food fullness skills, we will put on our scientists hat.

To put on our scientist hat means we need to compare different foods and measure how much fullness they give us. This type of personal experimentation is a key skillset of intuitive eating.

To measure fullness it will be helpful to reflect upon the characteristics of fullness. Characteristics of fullness include:

– Stomach – stretching, bloated, full,

– Mood – relaxed, pleasant

– Energy – up or down depends, this is harder to spot

– Decreases food thoughts – as you get full you’ll stop thinking about food

So to be a scientist with fullness we keep both of our meals the same but then switch one meal on two different days.

Pleasant Hunger Versus Unpleasant Hunger

Now, don’t be too perfectionistic about this. we are doing a rough estimate, don’t worry about controlling everything perfectly. By experimenting the different foods you’ll have plenty of information to decipher the patterns.

So all you do is have the same food each day except for one different meal, and then use the food fullnest journal entry system to keep track of how long these different foods made you feel.

You don’t have to use the worksheet, you can just keep track on a phone app or piece of paper. However, I strongly recommend actually writing something down physically or typing something down.

For example, you write down 1.5 hours for the peanut butter and jelly. this means for 1.5 hours you felt full, and you started noticing hunger around 1.5 hours.

Then, the next you compare a different snack option to the peanut butter and jelly. You might have another journal entry where you write down cottage cheese and strawberries, 2 hrs.

So using this compare and contrast you would conclude that cottage cheese and strawberries made you feel more full.

This is vital information that you now have stored in your gut and can access at an emotional level.

That’s why you’ve been confused about “Why Am I Eating So Much And Not Getting Full???”

Instead of just having a meal plan, now you have had a real experience and can use this wisdom to make emotionally wiser food decisions.

So you can also read my other post here about how practice accepting your emotions and being happy.

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