Get your life back with Eating Enlightenment

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What benefits can I expect?

Peace of mind around food and body

No more out of control moments around food getting up at night staring at the fridge!

Self-love and nourishment and compassion instead of constant food thoughts and obsession

Be free to live a meaningful life based on YOUR values instead of constantly thinking about weight and food

Hangout with friends and family, birthday parties and vacations without fear 

Regain your easy, confidence and inborn intuition around food

Stop spending untold thousands of dollars on programs that simply lead to weight gain in the long run

Finally be free of yo yo dieting and weight cycling frustrations

Stop hating your body and shift into a sense of respectful body care

Learn to care for yourself, learn to meet your emotional needs for yourself and find wholeness

Tap into your sense of spirituality and inner light to heal, grow and transform

Oh, and did I mention, stop binge, compulsive, emotional, food addiction, and all sorts of disordered eating

What Is Different About Eating Enlightenment?

journal journaling

⭐  60-minute session per week 
⭐  Mindful Food Journal App
⭐  Daily Email / Text support 
⭐  Includes Comprehensive Course
⭐  Financial Assistance
⭐  Private Online Community
⭐  Growth Partner (Optional)

What Is The 3-Month Program?

Eating Enlightenment 3 Month Program

⭐ 1-2 coaching sessions Per Week (2 x 30 mins or 1 x 60 mins)
⭐ 1 Emergency Binge Support Call Per Week
⭐ Daily Email and/or Text Support
⭐ Lifetime access to Stop Binge Eating course
⭐ Private Online Community
⭐ Growth Partner (Optional)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Have Specific Food Allergies or Diet Requirements?

No worries. Journal with your food rules and you'll discover how you can be free and in control at the same time without constantly thinking. We are NOT here to tell you what, when, how much, etc.

Is this anything like Intuitive Eating or HAES or Overeaters Anonymous? 

If you think this is anything like calorie counting, Intuitive Eating, HAES, dieting, willpower, CBT, or any other program - please let those notions go because this IS different! It's YOUR Enlightenment!

How much time this coaching take?

The coaching is meant to be self-paced, with a target goal of 3 months.

Sometimes people will try 1 month, and other times people will stay for much longer.

What if I quit or fail?

You failed those other times because you were forcing it. This IS different. This is about intrinsic motivation, working with all "parts" of yourself - even the "bad" parts which in their own way just doing their job.

Who Will I Be Without Binge Eating?

Your authentic personality that's safe, compassionate, and confident will emerge over time. You do NOT need to kill the binge part of you, only to help shift and transform.

Will I Lose Weight?

You may lose weight and many people do lose weight. However, weight loss is a nice by product but the real goal here is feeling back in control and at peace.