Ready for a lasting solution to break the cycle of crazy food thoughts?

Here's an "Inside-Out Approach" to help you become binge-free in just 3 months. Best part? You only need 3 things and a paper.

How we roll: The Inside-Out Approach

At Eating Enlightenment, we don’t take it lightly when we say it is what’s inside you that counts. We mean it.

Our method doesn’t rely on external measures, like steps, calories, or macros, to determine if you’re worthy—you already are.

Instead, using journaling as our tool, we focus on YOU and your innate ability to heal.

We believe in the value of our emotions as sources of revelation and cultivating self-awareness and compassion. 

As one of my clients said…

“I think people have to go within and find out why they binge. But, more importantly, the answers to change their behavior around food will come from themselves. It’s understanding and being kind to yourself first so you can heal… for good.”

Believe it or not, one of the simplest ways to stop bingeing is through self-awareness and compassion.

Surprisingly, we can both attain these by journaling alone. Think of it as a lifetime tool to help realign yourself.

How is this approach different? 

At Eating Enlightenment, we work on emotions and psychology first, nutrition second. After all, if we want to heal 100%, we can't skip the inner work. 

We’re also grounded on compassionate accountability. That means you don’t only get support from me (yours truly), you also get cheered by an exclusive community of friendly people. No more trudging alone! 

But we also understand that not everyone is ready for change or is willing to take a chance on one tool to make peace with their inner child scars.

Now, if you’re interested to feel the difference, here’s how to know if this approach is for you.

This is not for you if:

-Your main focus is to lose weight, not understand your emotions (I know that losing weight can mean everything for someone and that's okay—but that's exactly what we move away from so true healing can take place)

-You want nice meal plans without working on your self and emotions

-You're not willing to keep a food & mood journal (no worries, it's only in the beginning. Consider it your training wheels.)

This approach is a perfect fit for you if:

-You have a history of dieting/emotional eating/binge eating

-You struggle to feel your hunger/fullness cues

-You're willing to put diets and weight loss on the back-burner 

-You have unhealed traumas or can't make sense of your emotional world

-You want to heal your inner child wounds but you don't know where to start

-You're willing to give journaling a shot with compassionate and expert guidance

Compassion Journaling To Make Food Incredibly Easier

Here’s what you’ll experience once we heal your inner child wounds:

Learn self-compassion. Hush the food frenzy in your head and tame your inner critic.

Understand your emotions to connect with yourself better. Finally, get answers to why you can't stop bingeing.

Gain body confidence. Make peace with your body and live your best life unapologetic about your weight and how you look.

Reclaim complete body trust. Eat whatever and whenever you want without panicking since you have lifetime tools to re-align yourself.

Gain loads of sanity back. No more living in fear of losing control. Instead, you can use that extra mental space to focus on actually living. 

Become more present in your life. Surprise your friends with a calmer and healthier you. Enjoy going out more without the stress and guilt…

In short, experience Eating Enlightenment!

What does 1:1 coaching look like? 

It's in our best interest to make healing more accessible to more people, thus the flexibility of the programs we offer. 

The following packages are usually done for 2-4 months.

$499/month (Budget-friendly)

-1 X 40-minute session per week
-Unlimited email support in between sessions
-Value-packed resources like templates, worksheets, and personalized videos tailored-fit to your needs

$749/month (Flagship offer)

-2 X 30-minute sessions per week
-Unlimited email support in between sessions
-Value-packed resources like templates, worksheets, and personalized videos tailored-fit to your needs

$999/month (Most support)

-2 X 40-minute sessions per week
-Unlimited email support in between sessions
-Value-packed resources like templates, worksheets, and personalized videos tailored-fit to your needs

Because we want to help you feel supported, all these packages include exclusive access to our Journaling Community, plus resources I don’t share anywhere else.

Sessions are available over private phone, audio online, or private online video meetings. 

We also understand not everyone is in the financial position to commit to a 3-month program. 

If you want to see first if compassion journaling is the right fit for you, here’s what we can help with:


-90-minute 1-off Breakthrough Session with the option to follow-up after 3 weeks 
-In this session, we’ll take a deep dive to identify the reasons why you binge so you can take actionable steps to free yourself.

Stories of Healing

Here are some kind words from clients... 🙂

Before I started these calls, I was overwhelmed with information on the Internet about how to stop bingeing. It has been immensely helpful to be taught how to journal and the reason why I’m journaling. Also, learning how to journal on a step-by-step basis made it not an overwhelming task. I have been able to pinpoint multiple times when I would normally have binged because I paused and took time to journal, I was able to avoid it entirely.

The first word that comes to mind is NORMAL. At week 6, I noticed a significant change, and it was my breakthrough. Before week 6&7, it was my internal dialogue. I could NOT say ‘no’ to binge eating even when I was full. That has all changed now because I realized it is so much more than just telling myself ‘no.’ The method here that goes beyond saying ‘no’ to myself is journaling… while every method had some value, I’d say journaling was the missing piece to my success

Working with Jared made me believe that food does not have power over me—it is fuel. I always thought it was wrong to feel and process anger and many other emotions. I was taught to “soldier on,” and this seems effective, but ultimately it steers you away from the true information source which is our emotions. It is life-changing to truly understand that emotions are sources of information, not pain.

My bingeing got so bad that I was easily spending over $200 a week just on food for myself from restaurants. My body was on the brink of growing out of all the clothes I had, and I had no other online store that would have had any bigger sizes. I used to believe that I would get bigger and bigger until I became disabled and chronically ill. I was surprised by how effective journaling was at breaking the cycle of my thoughts around food and stressful events.

I did continue to journal and access my eating patterns and my feelings when I ate. I can proudly say I haven’t binged for about a month! I’m so proud of myself and you were a big part of this journey in my life. I want you to know you did help me a lot in the time we did work together.

What would you give for eating to be just damn GUILT-FREE, NORMAL, and PEACEFUL? 

What if instead of letting your hard-earned money slip away on some hype-y diet or some meal plan...

You decided you want lasting change because, heck, you deserve it.

How FREEING would that feel?

What if you only need to invest $17 a day for 30 days minimum one time, instead of jumping on another diet that can easily add up to thousands of dollars?

Imagine having someone by your side, fully committed to take you by the hand with kindness and expertise... 

Plus a community to back you up so you don't feel as alone, but inspired to take on the next steps without the overwhelm?

Would it be worth every dime knowing you’ll wake up one day not spiraling into a binge…

...but smiling heartily because your inner child scars are healed and your binges are basically gone?

I trust that you'll do what feels right for you and you’ll do your best to fully own your decision.

Now, if you're ready to get a personalized roadmap and reclaim your life…

Here's my promise to you.

If you do the work and dedicate yourself to emotional healing and your binge frequency is 1X or more per week after 60 days of working together—I don't deserve your money. You'll get your full refund, no questions asked. All the risk is on me. That's how much I want to see you succeed.

money back

60 day Guarantee

Risk free

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

It’s all in your hands

Right now, you have 3 options. 

Stay where you are. That's completely fine or...

Do it on your own. Collect all the free resources you can and feel to do trial-and-error on how to stop the binges. This, however, won’t grant you feedback and direction, which are crucial to recovery.

Or choose to invest in yourself today. Start seeing results as early as a few weeks into compassion journaling. And finally, get a hold of why you binge, so you can start breaking the cycle.

You’re worthy of support

Whatever you decide, do know you have options to make peace with food and your body.

Remember, you're not broken and you’re worthy of support. 

With compassion and willingness to make emotions your ally, I'm sure you'll see progress in your day-to-day. :)

I have faith in you. 

All my best,


Frequently Asked Questions

Does binge eating disorder merit treatment?

Bingeing is a disorder. It robs people of their lives and dignity. But treatment is available, which means that those who suffer from binge eating can dramatically improve the quality of their lives. The first step is accepting that one has a problem. Once that's done, effective treatment can begin.

I've tried everything out there. What if it doesn't work for me?

The Inside Out Approach is designed for us to get to the roots of why food is difficult. We unleash that by 1) identifying your inner child scars and 2) understanding your emotions through journaling. It's not based on willpower but heart power.

Will Inside-Out Approach help me lose weight?

In a nutshell, yes, if you are overweight. However, weight loss just becomes a byproduct of peaceful eating.
We aim for balanced eating. If weight loss happens, then great, but if not, no worries because peaceful healthy eating is still a great success. After all, there is much more to health than weight loss like feeling good in your body and having energy to do what matters to you.

What if I have a medical condition? Is this approach appropriate for me?

Mindfulness through journaling, compassion, and eating intuitively are universal tools. They work in tandem with other nutritional programs (like for diabetes).

Finally, last but not least ... I get it. 

As a fellow introvert, video calls can be a lot of pressure.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email instead. :)