10 Best Binge Eating Books

What are best books on binge eating?

Well, depends how you define ‘best’.

The best book for you personally depends on what you know about bingeing. 

There are certain ‘best’ books perfect for beginners.

On the other hand, there are other ‘best’ books for people who are continuing their journey and already know a lot about bingeing, therapy, CBT, etc.

This post will give my opinion:

  1. Books 1-5 are the 5 best books about binge eating for beginners
  2. Books 6-10 for people who are more familiar with the disorder.

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Best Books For Binge Eating

1. Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Program (Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch) 

Why is this book so great? Intuitive Eating contains the ‘big picture’ showing why people start binge eating and how they can heal from the disorder.

There are 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.  These include, for example, principle #1, Reject The Diet Mentality, and principle #6, Feel Your Fullness. 

Filled with exercises, eating disorder science and much more, this book is simply hands down a must have for anyone interested in beginning to heal their relationship with food.

2. Never Binge Again (Glenn Livingston)

In the opening pages Glenn summarizes binge eating disorder treatment in an easy to understand story about learning to ride a bike.

When you ride a bike, you expect yourself to fall down. But if you can quickly pick yourself back up and make adjustments, then you’ll be riding smoothly in no time. 

It turns out this metaphor parallels exactly the journey to heal binge eating disorder. See, recovery from all eating disorders is like learning a new skill. 

This book is simple and cuts to the heart of the matter.

3. In the Labyrinth of Binge Eating (Hilda Dulin Lee)

This book is less known, but it contains one of the most powerful autobiographical stories of binge eating that I’ve ever stumbled across. 

Hilda herself struggled with a severe binge eating disorder for decades, stemming from her early childhood of trauma and food addiction.

The stories she shares – from her loving husband, to running a medical practice while in the throes of binge eating, and much more – bring a truly human element to binge eating.

If you’re looking for a true story of someone who has been through mental health hell and back, look no further.

4. The F*ck It Diet: Eating Should Be Easy (Caroline Dooner)

If you’re looking for a book with pizzazz and personality, here you go!

Caroline writes in an extremely friendly, entertaining manner and she covers the absolute essentials of why the dieting is not a good choice. 

If you are a chronic dieter, or recognize that you fall into patterns of yo yo dieting, and you want a fun read, then this book is for you.

5. Health At Every Size (Lindo Bacon)

This book is a bit more of a difficult read and I debated putting it into the list of more advanced books.

However, this book literally sparked the ‘Health At Every Size’ movement, which you may have heard of before. 

The Health At Every Size movement is much more than a health philosophy.  It’s really a social justice message to empower people struggling with depression, body image and shame about their body.

If you are looking for a comprehensive understanding with lots of research, then this book is for you.

6. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders (Christopher G. Fairburn)

Dr. Fairburn writes with extreme confidence that all eating disorders have at their root the same cause and the same solution.

This book is specifically to help clinicians. It covers step by step instructions on how to beat eating disorders of all types by examining the underlying thought processes.

Be warned – It’s a tough read. But if you can handle scientific language and are really curious and determined, there’s probably no better resource out there.

7. Anti Diet (Christy Harrison)

Ever wonder why dieting became so commonplace? Ever wonder about why BMI is a faulty and racist tool? 

I personally found this book to be one of the most fascinating reads about why eating disorders developed from a cultural perspective.

If you’re looking for a historical perspective on why our nation became so crazy about weight loss, and what’s up with the current wellness industry, this book is for you.

8. Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Binge Eating and Bulimia Nervosa (Debra L. Safer)

If you want an in-depth look at how to tolerate intense emotions, then try this book.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is highly regarded and held in similar regard to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

This novel will help you get over cravings, urges and other physical and emotional sensations.

Be warned, though, this is a tougher read. But if you have a scientist mindset and want to take a specific approach to fighting your cravings and urges, this would be a great help.

9. When Food Is Comfort (Julie M. Simon)

This book takes a deep look into childhood. 

If you know you have trauma stemming from your childhood and are looking for ways to heal that trauma, along with your food relationship, this book can give you a great step forward.

There are many specific exercises on how to eat better and reconnect with your inner child. 

Since most of the other books on my lists don’t dive into childhood, I find this book to be particularly informative, covering a lot of ground that other books may neglect.

10. Brain Over Binge (Kathryn Hansen)

This is a really great book! 

Part of me wants to put this book in the beginner section as it’s easy to read and quite practical. 

However, this book does specifically focus on cravings and doesn’t focus on other issues, which is why I’m putting this book into the advanced category.

Plus, there’s also a deep dive into the basics of nutrition. 

Speaking of nutrition, be sure to check out my beginner’s guide to supplementation and vitamins.

Did I miss a book? Want more info on Intuitive Eating? Let me know in the comments below!

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