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3 Raw Vegan Diet Weight Loss Myths That You Might Believe

Last updated on July 10, 2020

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

True story – just a few days ago my friend said she was doing “raw vegan diet weight loss.”

And I want to tell you the story of what happened…

Where I reveal 3 common diet weight loss myths –

  1. food intake – you can control food intake
  2. cravings – you can control cravings
  3. emotions – you can control your emotions

Including my initial gut reactions of RevULSION, Fear and Concern.

Because after I those words “raw vegan diet weight loss”…

I instantly wanted to SHOUT “NO DON’T DO THAT”.

Perhaps I got triggered because I just created posts about long-term results and side effects of dieting.

But fortunately …

I didn’t shout. Whew.

Instead, I showed respect.

I realize there are common myths about raw food diets

First Common Myth – that eating all-natural is a better way to eat.

This is the fundamental premise of raw vegan diets and there is a WHOLE lot of Truth to it!

If you can cook your meals at home <<< this is by far the best thing you can do for you nutritional health.

However, there is a BIG difference between saying ONLY eating all-natural is what’s best


Some all natural is probably best.

When you get into thinking THIS WAY is the BEST WAY…

It’s a quick trip around the diet – binge cycle.

binge eating

Now my friend was doing a realllly rawwww vegan diet… which meant she couldn’t even MICROWAVE some food.

I mean I get it. Microwaves have electronic vibrations.

But … still …. when I heard she also couldn’t cook foods over the STOVE I became concerned.

Which leads to 2nd common myth – If something is Good, then MORE of Good is Better.

If exercise is good, more exercise must be BETTER.

If meditating is good, MORE meditation must be BETTER.

And in terms of raw vegan dieting …

MORE all natural foods (prepared all naturally too) MUST be better.

And this type of thinking leads me to false belief number 3…

I Can Control My Food Intake, Control My Cravings, and Control my Emotions

Here the thing.

You can’t.

Really. You can’t.

And here’s why –

Let’s take the first two – Food intake and control over cravings

These are biological mechanisms mostly GOVERNED by your reptilian brain.

This is your ancient “lizard” brain that keeps you breathing while you sleep.

And you don’t reallllly …

Have Any Control Over These!

Here’s another great article by about raw vegan diet.

These are weight loss myths!

Food intake. You pretty much have to eat when you’re hungry. If you try to lose weight by not eating as much – it’ll backfire.

Your automatic lizard brain will MAKE you eat food. You won’t have any control. This is why you binge eat.

Same thing with cravings – your lizard brain MAKES you have food. So your lizard brain makes you experience IRRESISTIBLE Cravings.

and here’s the kicker …


The lizard brain owns you through your emotions.

So you must focus on emotions.

Because the third point – that you can control your emotions – is just false too.

Control is too strong of a word. Sure, temporarily, for a limited, brief period of time you can maybe exert some willpower to make a good decision.

But … do you really want to gamble your health, your body, your future health, your body image … on your ability to control your emotions?

How was it worked so far for you?

Let me present another alternative – learn the ‘yoga’ emotional and psychological SKILLS around the areas of food.

Yoga is not about control, although control is a part of yoga.

However, yoga you also include aspects of:

  • compassion
  • feeling energy
  • focus
  • introspection
  • study
  • community

Now if you’d like to start building your community and studying and learning these aspects, I recommend you download my intuitive eating guide already!

This article’s food quote is:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

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