The First 4 "Enlightenments" On Your Journey to Intuitive Eating

Core Insights You’ll Learn To Peacefully Stop Binge Eating In Your First Few Weeks of Mindful Food Journaling

Not sure how to heal / stop binge, emotional and compulsive eating? This workshop will cover the 1st 30 days of mindful food journaling and what you'll learn.

Reading testimonials is one thing - but sometimes foundational lessons get integrated and then forgotten. This workshop will cover the basics you absolutely need if you want to stop emotional eating and regain control.

  • Discover the simple journaling technique that will decrease food cravings immediately. No calorie counting either!
  • Learn 4 Nutrition & Eating principles to feel more in control, satisfied, and less likely to binge
  • Free, live, interactive training lead by Jared Levenson, founder of Eating Enlightenment, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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