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EnlightenEats: 3 Steps To Heal The Underlying Trauma Causing Binge Eating

Learn how to become a peaceful intuitive eater … even if you severely mistrust your self, body or mind.

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Have you tried to stop overeating but feel overwhelmed inside? I'm talking about intense feelings like guilt, stress, hunger, automatic eating, or cravings? And because you don't know why these things happen, you can never escape the cycle.

 This stage might sound very hopeless and confusing.

I want to assure you that BED, emotional eating, compulsive eating, and binge eating - all of these behaviors you can overcome, if you have the right tools and steps. 

  • All these behaviors are characterized by uncontrollable cravings triggered by hunger due to restriction and unpleasant emotions. 
  • You watch helplessly as you self-sabotage. You just can't help yourself or stop yourself. 
  • You also feel disassociated from your body, like it doesn't belong to you or it's broken.

This cycle causes extreme feelings of hate and judgment towards your body and self.

Then comes extreme feelings of guilt and shame.

You try to make these feelings go away by losing weight, but ...

Your attempts at losing weight feel hopeless because your binging habits blocking your progress.

Weeks of hard work undone by a few binges.

Want to learn what makes you lose control of your eating?

Dieting will never work because it requires you to be control of your actions.

My name is Jared and I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

After overcoming binging myself and working with others suffering, I’ve come to the conclusion:

Bingeing is only the tip of the iceberg.

Most people or programs attempt to overcome overeating only by focusing on the tip of that iceberg.

This doesn’t work because the majority of the iceberg lies below the surface!

This is why the majority of people who struggle with binging have been stuck in the same cycle for years.

Back when I was struggling with food, I luckily stumbled upon a powerful way to identify and melt the root causes of bingeing.

I was living as a Buddhist Monk. I saw journaling helped me to overcome binges. 

Then I got into therapy and learned a powerful way to heal my internal family dynamics.

Since then I’ve created a journaling method to uproot causes of binge eating which has helped countless people like you overcome overeating once and for all.

I designed Eating Enlightenment Program, which is a 8-week program fully equipped to help you overcome binging in the most effective way possible.

Focusing on the root causes of binging via journaling.

Many people are in disbelief at how quickly they can overcome 90-99% compulsive eating.

While this course is NOT long enough for you to fully 100% eradicate binge and emotional eating, this course will provide and teach you how to use the tools and skills to become fully free on your own at your own pace.

Many people have been through my program and they all say they’ve never seen this approach anywhere else.

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Stop Binge Eating Become Intuitive Eater


Here's an online course designed to teach you how to become an Intuitive Eater.

You'll start with the basic principles of Intuitive Eating: hunger, satisfaction, and cues/triggers.

Then you'll learn Internal Family Systems (IFS) to work with your "parts" so they can actually become your allies instead of your enemies.

Through 7 Chapters, you'll be guided step-by-step to learn measurable new skills, use specific tools and breakthrough to become an Intuitive Eater!

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 70% discount!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Get lifetime access to all 7 Chapters immediately after enrolling. The course is self-paced and should take you about 7 weeks. At the end of the course you'll clear the internal obstacles blocking you from Intuitive Eating, and you'll eat peacefully and simply.

Quiet the mental noise

If you can't stop thinking about food, this course will teach you how to reduce internal noise and conflict. You'll have peace of mind!

Way less emotional eating

Becoming 100% free of emotional eating is not a realistic target in 7 weeks, but you can become 90-99% free. The skills you learn will last a lifetime too!

Heal shame and guilt

Learn how to work your "protector-parts" so you can safely access your "inner child". Heal the stuck emotions within you to be free.

Discover spirituality within you

Uncover the inner source of light, wholeness and beauty that already exists inside of you, right now! You'll embody your authentic self and finally feel free.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Video recordings of these testimonials are posted on our website.


Gina Solis

Working Mom

"After 44 years, I am 100% done with unconscious binge eating!

At first I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to stick with the program, but I went for it trusting I would learn the tools to prevent self-sabotage - and I did!

Sam Stevens

Business Manager

"After 35 years, I am finally over dieting and my mind is at peace.

It's hard work, but different than anything you've ever done before. This isn't a diet or any type of restriction. It's about self-discovery and going on your own journey to discover your inner Intuitive Eater.

meer testimonial journala

Mani Abreu


"I am no longer afraid of my inner child because my trauma is more or less gone now.

I can finally relax, not work so hard, and be kind to myself because the "parts" of me who felt compelled to diet, overeat etc have seen my inner child become healed.

7 Step-by-Step Chapters

7 Chapters carefully planned and filled with resources so you start easy, gradually progress, and ultimately become an Intuitive Eater.

Emphasis on mastering satisfying, effective skills for long term growth and to prevent self-sabotage.


Chapter 1: Journey to Eating Enlightenment

Get the map to Intuitive Eating and avoid common mistakes.


Chapter 2: Start with Sustainability and Satisfaction

Learn most important fundamentals so you'll be satisfied and journey the road to Intuitive Eating long-term!


Chapter 3: A Brand New Way of Seeing

Learn to new paradigms to unlock your spiritual, intuitive vision so you become your own compass.


Chapter 4: Introduction to Your Inner World

Learn how to combine Intuitive Eating and Internal Family Systems so you breakthrough and continue making progress.


Chapter 5: Making The Work of the Spirit Safe

Learn how to safely walk the path to becoming an Intuitive Eater while avoiding trauma triggers and fear of the unknown.


Chapter 6: Heal, Unburden & Enlighten Your Inner Child

Now you can unite with your inner child in a safe, effective way so the deepest roots of binge and emotional eating are gone forever.


Chapter 7: Eating Enlightenment

Your real journey is just beginning. Now that you are free, in control, at peace, and have more mental and emotional clarity ... how would you like to live your best life?


Lifetime Access, Workbook Tools, and Moving Videos  

If you're scared about starting, or afraid you'll quit - don't worry. With Lifetime Access to the entire course and any future updates, you can go at your own pace - no pressure. You'll also get effective tools and workbooks so that you can course correct along the way. Lastly, moving videos from unedited, recorded clips from live coaching sessions will show you bring you to joyful tears.

Bonus 1
Lifetime Access

Get Lifetime Access to this course and any future editions. In addition, you'll also get Lifetime Access to a private community of 85+ members where you can get guidance and ask for support.

Bonus 2
Tools and Workbooks

Access over a dozen exclusive tools and interactive workbooks within the course so that you can apply the lessons. The tools and workbooks will guide you through step by step so you always are certain you're headed in the right direction.

Bonus 3
Moving Videos

See unedited videos from coaching sessions with private clients that demonstrate the lessons and workbook concepts. You'll cry tears of joy as you hear clients share their stories and transform in front of your eyes.

About The Course Teacher,
(Jared Levenson)

In 2012, Jared decided to live as a Zen Buddhist Monk for 13 months so he could finally overcome his struggles food, body and soul.

10 years later after years of experience working as counselor in eating disorder treatment centers, an award winning health coach, and hundreds of private clients, Jared is finally releasing his long-awaited comprehensive course.

The course is meant to be simple and comprehensive at the same time. So if you're wondering about information overwhelm - don't be!

jared meditate enlightenment

Here’s what people are saying about Jared

Jared has a decade of experience working as a counselor in eating disorder treatment, and as an award winning health coach.

He's also personally struggled with many of the mental health issues at the core of overeating.

While Jared doesn't believe in 100% freedom, he does believe it's the journey that counts, and the that it's a adventure well-worth going.

jennifer mankoff

Christian Doe


"Initially I felt a bit doubtful. How could a young guy get the struggles of a middle aged woman whose been struggling with food for god knows how many years? But Jared did.

They say age is a number, and Jared is wise beyond his years. 

Jana Chapman

Jana Chapman

Art Director

"Jared the most compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental soul I have EVER met. 

I felt like I could be totally transparent, seen and accepted. No matter what emotions I expressed, Jared remained unfazed and could handle everything. I'm incredibly touched I saw tears in his eyes in some of our more vulnerable conversations that were incredibly healing on a deep level for me.

leonard testimonial

Leo Cuff

Retired Engineer

"Who would have thought - Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous didn't work - but Jared's unique approach really actually helped me

I normally don't leave testimonials but Jared and his body of work deserve it. I've been struggling with my weight my entire life and I'm not over the hill yet, but I for the first time in a long time, am actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

How much would you save if ...

After close to a decade of coaching and counseling, Jared has finally published a specific, sequence of steps.

Originally this course intended to be complimentary material for private coaching clients.

However, Jared and course purchasers quickly discovered that the course material, in addition to the private community included with the course, were enough to get people over the hump and become Intuitive Eaters. 

Yes, that's right! Instead of spending $400 per month as private clients, people were able make significant progress on their own and with the help of the community!

Plus, one community member said they were saving $1000's of dollars per year because they were going on way less diets.

While not ready to give up dieting 100%, this person felt they could drop most of their diet subscriptions and restrictive, pre-bought meals!

Another course graduate said the course helped them to reduce their bingeing by 90%.

Instead of 10 binges per they reportedly went down to only a few binges per month and were saving $100's of dollars per month by not going to the market late at night!

Online course

Stop Binge Eating Become Intuitive Eater



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

70% discount gone forever in 7 Days


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90-Days

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90 days, no questions asked. It's that simple. 

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Hear from course graduates and community members.

paulina headshot

Paulina Lang


"At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to commit, but when I learned about the creative side to journaling I fell in love with the process! 

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Linda Parker

High School Teacher

"I've had a blast with journaling and the entire course in general. It's not so structured where there's no creativity or fun. There's a lot of room to explore and make this your own journey.

In particular, the workbook where I drew out my "parts" really helped me to literally see the cast of characters going on within the movie in my mind. By seeing the characters - I'm talking about literally drawing them - I could relate to them better and relieve their conflicts. Just like a movie!

Glenda Sanders

Financial Advisor

"The course really integrated Internal Family Systems with Intuitive Eating in a great way! I am able to understand internal conflicts around food and actually eat more peacefully without bingeing!

The hour conversation in the later chapters made me cry. Seeing her release trauma in the session made me believe in myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't stick with journaling or the course?

This is a creative, engaging process you'll love once you get the hang of it. Don't think about your old calorie logs or writing every single bite of food. This is much different. And if you aren't satisfied email our support team for a 100% refund, no questions asked. 

How long does the course take?

The course is self-paced, but you about 7-8 weeks for your first walk through. However, the skills taught in this course are lifelong skills. Everyone learns skills at different paces so the course length really depends on the person.

What if I'm not ready to stop binge or emotional eating? Who will I be without food?

This is a really common fear so please know it's totally normal if you're worried about giving up food. Don't worry. No one will make you give up anything, nor are you "supposed to" or "should" give up food. We know foods incredibly important to you.

However, when you truly heal the internal conflict within you then you may want to relate to food differently. The choice will be yours.

Instead feeling of compelled to eat, you'll have more space to decide how you want to create your relationship to food and body.

What's the hardest part about the course?

Learning and absorbing the course materials is easy. However, the tough part is actually applying the skills and most importantly, learning from failure. 

Overall, learning Intuitive Eating takes about 1 year to really integrate all the skills, if you are total beginner.

regular course

Stop Binge Eating Become Intuitive Eater



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

Namaste, the divine in me honors the divine in you

Yoga is about uniting mind and body. Likewise, Intuitive Eating is about returning to your spiritual center. Trust me, you have a divine place within you, even if you cannot believe in your inner light just yet. Until that day, now and forever, namaste.

𝓙𝓪𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓛𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓼𝓸𝓷

Eating Enlightenment