dinner with prayer pose with dal and alice
Our prayers are simple. 

We hope this quiz brightens your levels of awareness and helps you face your eating habits! May you begin or continue your healing journey and find balance, health and true connection. 

My name is Jared Levenson (the only guy on the left!) and many years ago I took this quiz too.

I didn't know anything about bingeing back then, but 12 years later I've learned a few things. I scored a 6, if you're curious, and these days I do not use food. 

Please know this quiz is designed to diagnose Binge Eating Disorder (BED), as I am most familiar with this problem myself personally and professionally. 

Even if you don't have BED or are totally fine with food, you can still benefit because the quiz will ask you questions about the symptoms of BED.

After the quiz you'll be better prepared to spot binge eating symptoms within yourself or a loved one.

Without further ado ...