Stop, Pause and Redirect. It's Simple And Effective - But Definitely Not Easy!


"At first I was anxious about keeping another food journal, and while there are similarities, it was much different than what I expected because the entire point of the journal is to understand my psychology around food. I would say it took me about three weeks where I was super conscious around food and journaling but Jared warned me that I would feel anxious in the beginning, but that this anxiety would go away after a few weeks. When my mentality behind eating changed, I gradually stopped emotional eating and can honestly say I am normal around food again like I used to be!"

Paulina Lang - @fluffyface_enzo with 1 Million + TikTok Followers

Are you ready for an incredibly simple, effective and unique approach to stop binge eating and become totally free around food so that you can simply be free to be you? 

Welcome to Eating Enlightenment, the premier food treatment methodology which:

  • Starts out with an incredibly simple and effective Food Awareness Journal which is unlike any food calorie diary you’ve ever seen, based on the science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • According to Oxford Clinical Psychology, “Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment of binge eating disorder (BED)”.

  • Meta-analysis studies looking at CBT and binge eating demonstrate an incredible 42% abstinence rate from binges after 2-3 months of CBT treatment.

  • Second, Intuitive Eating comes after the incredibly simple and effective CBT treatment once you have stopped binge eating, only then does Eating Enlightenment introduce advanced Intuitive Eating concepts.

If you are struggling with overeating, and if you are willing to work hard and embrace a uniquely mindful way of journaling (not based at all on calories) then Eating Enlightenment may be for you.


I was initially wary about working with a younger guy but Jared proved to be the absolute best :) I've tried so many different programs but I had never tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before and after I read about the research behind this approach I knew I had to give it a shot. The food journal made me realize how judgmental I was towards myself and how this lead to me self sabotaging myself. After I could see my entire thought process around food out on paper, I just naturally started not overeating. I'm now working with Jared to learn Intuitive Eating and gratefully say that Jared is a the best and a very wise zen master!

Marcelina Galindo Nurse