Online Intuitive Eating Coaching

The 9-Week Journal To Enlightenment Coaching Program Returns Your Eating Habits To Natural Peace and Sanity

The 9-Week Journal To Enlightenment Program

Are you ready to finally stop binge and emotional eating - but you're not sure where to start? There are tons of eating methods out there - Keto, Paleo, Overeaters Anonymous, WW, just to name a few ...

But these never really work, do they? Our method doesn’t rely on external measures like rules, calories, weight loss, or macros.

Even our best tool - journaling - is just a temporary training device, like training wheels on a bicycle. By temporarily using journaling like a magnifying glass we focus on YOU, what you want, your body and your innate ability to heal.

This means you're in control because we're going with YOU.Heck, you don't even "have to" stop bingeing. We'll leave that up to you. Only if you want to quit bingeing. No pressure from us.

This means you don't have to worry about quitting or coercing yourself to temporarily stop bingeing. There's no self-sabotage here because we work with YOU and you have control.

If you're tired of trying the same old and want something new that's also extremely proven, a tested Food Cravings Coach can help you stop once and for all.

My 9-Week Journal To Enlightenment is a personalized eating program that gives you everything you need to totally stop binge eating and overcome food cravings so that you experience freedom and peace around food and body.

This program is all about pausing, mindfulness, and making sense of your inner psychology so that you can eat intuitively, peacefully and discover your authentic self and spirit. 

The 9-Week Journal To Enlightenment Program

With me by your side and quite frankly, your journal as the ultimate emotional healing tool ...

You get support every step of the way. We merge minds and guide you food and body transformation, step by step.

You're never alone. 

With the aid of an Intuitive Eating Coach, you'll see food dramatically different because you'll be more mindful about your cravings and why.

Through your own growth and discovery of inner resources, you'll find the inner motivation that automatically makes you want to maintain your new eating habits.

journal to enlightenment front cover

You cannot go wrong with journaling. Journaling is the tool with the most therapeutic research and will help you learn about yourself no matter what.

This week you will clarify your food preferences, schedule, and other elements of your life. I will create a personalized "Journal To Enlightenment" guide so that you know exactly how to stop binges in their tracks!

We will meet 1 on 1 to clarify your goals, your personalized guide, and your first journaling steps within your "Journal To Enlightenment" guide.

In weeks 1-3, you'll learn how to catch triggers and stop binge eating. In just 3 weeks you can be 95% free of bingeing. We start by recording your regular diet and pinpoint the main factors causing you to binge. With your private Food Cravings coach, you won't miss any blindspots and you'll quickly regain control.

In weeks 4-6, you'll take the insights you learned a journaling to develop an inner map of your psychology. As you understand your inner psychology you will connect to your inner world and inner child. Now you have the tools to eliminate the inner critic because your inner child is healed, which also removes the root of your binge tendencies. 

Lastly in weeks 7-9 you'll work on integrating your new mindfulness and inner child relationship to Intuitive Eating principles. You'll quickly notice hunger and fullness cues that make sense. Your inner critic, body shame, and food coping will be shadows of the past. You'll learn to enjoy food, exercise, and how to actually have true self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is not for you if:

- You want lasting results tomorrow 

- You're looking for some sort of trick, like a meal plan you blindly follow

- You don't care about inner child or what's in your subconscious mind

This approach is a perfect fit for you if:

- You want to journal to understand yourself better

- You want skills that last a lifetime, even after you're done with the program

- You are ready to put in a realistic amount of work to get your eating habits in check

Common Concerns

How do I know I won't quit?

This process is fun!

Is my eating problem bad enough to merit treatment?

If you're reading this page right now, it's probably bad enough to warrant seeking help, or advice at least.

What happens if I am not better by the end of treatment?

You will get better. Journaling is essentially foolproof, the antidote to self-sabotage so by journaling you win no matter what.

Who will I be if I don’t have the eating problem? It’s so much a part of me. I won’t have an excuse for anything anymore.

Great question. The most important question.

Basically, you'll be free to live your best self.

The part of you that binges will be transformed. Still a part of your life, but no longer needing food.

Instead, you'll be able to do the things you've longed to do!

How long will it take to see results?

Not long. You can reduce bingeing dramatically fairly quickly.

What about weight loss?

Sure, why not? Not the goal here but if you stop bingeing then you'll probably lose weight.

What is the toughest part?

Getting started.

About Jared & EE

What makes Jared qualified?

Because I've been through very similar struggles and have studied it intensely for the past 10 years and have helped 100's of people.

I get how difficult it is, truly.

How can I talk to Jared?

If you want to talk, you'll figure out a way.

Where does Jared work? 


Can you give me some idea about cost?

$899 for 2 month program "Journal To Enlightenment"

Is this work covered by insurance?


Where can I find more content on Jared and this process?

Google. Youtube. Podcasts. Eating Enlightenment is becoming widely recognized and there's plenty of info online.

What is Eating Enlightenment?

Experience it first, then tell me.

How is Eating Enlightenment different from other forms of treatment such as counseling / therapy?

We combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Intuitive Eating, and Internal Family Systems.

How is Eating Enlightenment different from working with a nutritionist or dietician?

Focus more on psychology, less on food. Less telling you "what" to eat. More journaling.

How is Eating Enlightenment different than going to a treatment center?

Way cheaper.

Awareness Journal & CBT 

Do I need to keep a Journal?

In the beginning.

I have done journaling this before. It didn’t help then, why would it help now?

This time is different.

Won’t the Journal make me even more preoccupied with eating than I am already?


Do I have to carry the Awareness Journal around with me all the time?

Only if you want.

What science is the Awareness Journal based on?

Intuitive Eating, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems.

Client Archetype and Journey

Meet S, Gina and Leo

S, Real Estate - S gained and lost 100's of pounds over 2 decades while working in real estate. Great with people and business, S felt could never under why bingeing kept happening. Finally out of sheer frustration, S began journaling and healing the roots of bingeing. Now S is FREE!

Gina, Marketing Mother - mother to 4 kids while holding down a managerial marketing position, Gina had no time to herself. She only works and takes care of her kids. After decades of dieting, Gina decides to give Eating Enlightenment a try and now free!

Leo, Retired - retired software engineer who can't turn off his brain now that he's retired from working. Highly intelligent. Tries WW, Overeaters Anonymous, but finally starts to journal and brings down the binges! 

S, Gina and Leo typify the busy professional. While Leo is retired, his mind still thinks endlessly from food to criticizing himself. Gina and S are currently thriving at work, but secretly struggling with food. Collectively they have been struggling with food for over 110 years.

All three have tried endless diets, plans, programs. Leo says has tried WW and Overeaters Anonymous while Gina and S have tried everything else between the two. 

Step 1) Weeks 1-3 - Begin Journaling

They all begin journaling. Immediately they become more mindful and notice their cues and triggers. As Leo says, "this is the first time he is addressing the root of the problem". Gina begins to notice what actually triggers her bingeing. S says writing forces him to slow down so he actually notices what's really going on.

As they continue to practice journaling, they become aware of more subtle energies, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Journaling before they eat helps them process these and make wiser decisions before eating.

Step 2) Weeks 4-6

S, Gina and Leo begin to dive deeper into their thoughts and triggers. Triggers were the "trailheads" or "clues" that point them to seeing their subconscious and unconscious tendencies. They begin to map out their subconscious "parts". As S says, "you have to understand your thoughts and emotions to be free".

They are surprised how mapping out their "parts" like the Inner Critic and Inner child helps them with food in a way they've never experienced before.  

Step 3) Weeks 7-9

Previously S, Gina and Leo had all tried "Intuitive Eating" before. Gina had tried to "let go of food rules" while S had tried to "eat when hungry and stop when full". Of course that went to hell!

But now S, Gina and Leo are naturally and intuitively understand their hunger cues, fullness, satisfaction, and how to cope with emotions without turning to food.