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Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder?

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Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Life is tough.

It isn't fair and sometimes, our personal baggage can get the better of us. 

It's strange how the human mind works.

It's wondrous in its complexities, and how we deal with our personal struggles is even more complex. 

But if you’re like thousands of Americans out there, you too have begun to fill the void in your life with food. 

There are a few stages that take time to develop and mature into complete binge eating. 

Looking at our Binge Eating Disorder Quiz can help you understand what you’re dealing with and what level of help you may need. 

It’s simple, with results coming through instantly upon completion. 

But remember, your results are tied to something bigger than just food and how you eat. 

Our emotions are hard to deal with.

We sometimes lack the tools to deal with them.

We push through our trauma and protect ourselves.

Denial may help ease the pain, but it manifests in other areas of our life. 

Sometimes we feel powerless… we have no control over our lives.

There is a sense that your choices and your current situation are meaningless

So we eat - we can control that. 

Control - something you’re desperate to exert but just don’t know how to.

You’ve tried diets and even managed your health more proactively. 

You’ve even tried your hardest to stay out of the kitchen and focus on your appetite. 

Slimming pills often feature somewhere in the routine of denial, and we relapse when we see little to no results. 

"I felt like there was no point in trying anymore. Why bother, you know? 

Nothing I do now is going to change what I’ve become, and worrying about it just leaves me anxious and feeling terrible about myself.”

Accepting your situation even though it makes you dreadfully unhappy is not a victory

You’re effectively giving power and control to your binge eating. 

Trust me, you cannot bury your feelings about yourself. 

Make use of our intelligent Binge Eating Disorder Quiz - find the source of your pain. 

Every glance in a mirror, every shopping experience...will haunt you. 

When we run away from our problems, they gain control and grow, becoming more powerful with each passing day. 

You’d be overwhelmed after making it through rehabilitation and seeing what you once were. 

A slave to the void, it's a problem and you need to deal with it positively before it consumes you and ruins your life. 

(If it hasn't already.)

You're human, and you need to forgive yourself

We all have our demons and struggle to overcome them, but we must not lose faith in ourselves. 

All you need is help.

  • Not a diet pill
  • Not a personal trainer
  • Not a motivational talk
  • Not a gym subscription
  • Not a stern talking to

What you need is a professional, a Binge Eating Disorder Specialist. 

Someone who has the expertise and empathy to coach you through this stage of your life. 

Yes, we exist.

Just take our quiz and you’ll know where you stand, how severe your attachment to food is and if you need to take action. 

There are so many new diagnoses in the states each day that I have dedicated my career to helping those who are not “fat” or “lazy” as society may label them.

They have a problem, a problem that affects their physical and mental health, and, as a therapist, I wish to help you. 

What you need is understanding. 

You need someone who will listen and hear you

Your trauma may be deeply rooted inside you. 

Without compassion, empathy, and understanding, you won’t be able to walk this journey and recover. 

I see you.

I know that you have endured things that make you feel ashamed, that your shame eats at you and, in turn, you eat, too. 

We know that Binge Eating is a disorder.

It starts with light emotional eating, nothing too serious, but still not healthy.

By the time you’ve progressed to Heavy Emotional Eating, you’ve started down a rocky road.

And while the weight and powerlessness to control your eating begin to take over, you’ve moved to full-blown Binge Eating Disorder.  

The universe does not believe in one path.

You are able to, at any point, manifest change and start a new journey - I believe this completely, and I’ve seen it in my patients. 

Even for those who have given up, with the right guidance and understanding, there is no hole too deep or dark that you cannot climb out of. 

All we need to do is get you a ladder… a strong, sturdy, dependable ladder.

And as you step on each emotional step, you will see that you are making progress and healing that inner child that so longs to feel understood and recognized. 

Enlightened Eating is about changing your perception of emotions and understanding how they present themselves in your day-to-day life. 

It's about trained professionals who want what's best for you.

Professionals who know that you're already trying to confront your issues just by reading this article, but perhaps you haven't got the right tools or insights to start. 

We have all the tools you need to fight this disorder and come out triumphant.

You’ll be given an opportunity to delve deep within yourself, confront your demons and overcome those parts of yourself that you have not had the strength to deal with before. 

We recommend journals.

They are more powerful than people credit them.

They can be a sacred treasure for one's soul.

Society has almost extinguished their value, but as a professional, I know that putting your thoughts down gives them POWER. 

It gives you power, and once a piece of you is out there, you can confront it.

We’ll walk this path together.

Take our simple, rapid feedback Binge Eating Disorder Quiz if you want to take control back.

This is not a quick fix.

It is not a miracle cure. 

But it is:

  • Healing you
  • Finding your inner child
  • Confronting your demons
  • Empowering your future
  • Establishing positive eating habits
  • Journaling your journey to recovery
  • Professional, specialized guidance

Binge Eating Disorder will eventually consume your life, and if not managed and overcome, it will lead to fatal health issues. 

We want to empower you, give you control over what and when you eat. 

But we know that it is easier said than done

You need to learn new skills to manage your eating habits before they reach a dangerously unhealthy level.

You’ve come this far, don’t give up on your happiness. 

You're worth more, and we value you.  

We won’t give up on you. 

Be strong for yourself. 

Your first step is getting an official Binge Eating Disorder diagnosis so you can see where you fall on the spectrum of disordered eating behavior.

Our short Eating Enlightenment quiz is based on a proven scientific scale and will ask you about the classic signs of BED.

Enter your info to begin the quiz.

Just a minute can bring about change for the rest of your life.