Stop Binge Eating 30 Day Challenge

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The heart of the challenge is your food structure. 

his Food Structure you'll learn during the 30 day class will directly set you up to stop binge eating.

People who complete the challenge see their binge eating frequency drop over 50% over the 30 days of relatively easy training. But make no mistake - the real challenge here is staying consistent for 30 days.

Fortunately, this challenge is about all about giving you the routines, habits and structure so that you stay consistent and feel satisfied with food for 30 days and for the rest of your life.

  • 12 emails spread out over 30 days that sequentially build off one another.
  • You start with the timing, and then make your way progressively towards meal structure and emotional eating.
  • Each email is long and interwoven with client case studies, podcasts, and videos.

There's even a complete 30 Day Ebook which contains all the class / challenge exercises, emails and content so you can view after the 30 days are finished!

Or ...

This ebook will give you all the information contained in the 30 Day Challenge, so you can absorb it all at once!

for emails, Ebook and 11 training Videos!

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