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Brianna Bernard's Story - A 16-year-old girl who's always been skinny. People tell her she should love herself and appreciate what she looks like, but Brianna has never felt beautiful and doesn't yet know how to take care of her body because no one ever told her. 

In high school, she's dangerously underweight and goes to eating disorder treatment for anorexia.

Fast forward a few years, Brianna is now divorced with two kids and weighs 150 pounds more than she did when she was 16.

She feels like this weight gain equals failure as a mother, wife, friend, daughter--all the things that make up who Brianna is as an individual living in the world.

As you can see in the interview, everything changed for Brianna once she started to hold herself accountable with compassion (and not willpower!). 

While weight loss was part of her journey, Brianna did not intend to lose weight. She focused on overcoming bingeing and finding ways to make health feel GOOD! 


Gina Smart's Story -  Gina Smart is a devoted wife and mother of three. She has always been self-conscious about her weight but in high school it became worse.

When Gina turned 13 her mom took her to Weight Watchers and they started her  first diet together. Of course Gina lost weight but soon Gina discovered the more she dieted the more out of control she felt.

Soon Gina was stuffing herself with junk food whenever she felt stressed or lonely and she never told anyone.

Dozens of diets and decades would pass, until things were becoming totally out of control ...

As you can see in the interview, everything changed for Gina once she let go of her secrecy and reached out to Eating Enlightenment for help.

Gina learned vital skills that enabled her to find sustainable food freedom in just 5 months!

sophia sun

Sophia Sun's Story - Sophia could only feel her life when she was eating. She always ate to make herself feel better, and by the time Sophia had turned 18 and weighed close to 300 pounds, she felt out of control because food and body became an unstoppable obsession.

It didn't matter if it was a snack or a meal; it just mattered that she could manage her emotions with food in some way.

Eventually Sophia began dieting to lose weight. Dieting did help Sophia lose weight, but she quickly felt like she could never ever stop thinking about food. 

Food became her obsession and took up all of her headspace in life. 

As you can see in the interview, everything changed for Sophia once she let go of dieting and began to eat intuitively. Now she is totally normal with food and believes you can be too!

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Sophia Sun

3 Miraculous & Crazy Video Interviews


3 Exclusive Miraculous & Crazy Video Interviews


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Regular Price $100 (80% OFF)

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