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2 Tips For Healthy Veggies To Snack On With Liz From I Heart Vegetables, Plus Liz’s 100+ Quick Recipe Cookbook

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Last updated on March 14, 2020

Has finding healthy veggies to snack on ever made you feel frustrated?

If meal prepping or cooking vegetables seems like too much time for you …

Then please take a listen to Liz’s story. Liz is now the lady and chef behind

And Liz’s personal veggie story began in the most frustrating way, with a high cholesterol mistaken diagnosis …

This healthy veggies to snack on article covers:

  • Liz’s frustrating vegetable beginning
  • Tip #1 How to eat more veggies
  • Tip #2 How to make veggies easy
  • The truly healthy vegan cookbook

Here’s the full interview!

Liz Thomson started her food blog in 2010, as she learned how to cook vegan recipes. Her goal was to get healthy and lower her cholesterol, but a six month experiment eventually turned into a career. Now, as a full time food blogger, she shares healthy, vegetarian recipes with her readers and she’s on a mission to show that healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Liz’s frustrating vegetable beginning

  • diagnosed with high cholesterol
  • became vegan to lower cholesterol
  • cholesterol did not go down
  • but actually her high cholesterol caused by genetic condition!
  • But since Liz was already enjoying being a vegan, and didn’t like meat much anyways, she just kept eating the same way!

Tip 1 – What is a vegetable and how do you eat more veggies?

From the lab at UC Davis, we have the technical definition of a vegetable:

I included this technical definition of a vegetable because it’s a commonly asked questions!

But technical definitions aside, we know veggies are good for us, even if our tomatoes are technically fruits 🙂

So how do you get more veggies?

  • variety of whole foods
  • add in veggie with every meal
  • build meals around protein and fiber

Tip 2 – Here’s how to easily eat more vegetables

Here’s another tip to make your veggies easy … get more bang for your buck!

  • Find different ways to use same vegetable
  • Example – avocado toast and easy avocado muffin

The truly healthy vegan cookbook

Here’s Liz’s cookbook too!!!!

  • Lucky moment when publisher asks Liz to write book
  • Over 100 vegetarian recipes

Get the book here

For another post of mine about snack foods, read this article here “3 Quick Ideas When You’re Wondering What To Make For A Snack – San Jose

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