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DIY: How To Make Your Best Healthy Diet Meal Plan

Last updated on July 11, 2020

Eating Enlightenment348
Eating Enlightenment

Today we talk about the best healthy diet meal plan!

Today’s training video can be found here: 

It’s simple. The best healthy diet meal plan is one you create yourself and feel truly motivated to complete.

So today, strangely, we begin complete the circle. Today we begin and end where most people start.

Where do most people start? With a diet.

What does a diet do? It gives you a sense of predictability, a sense of certainty, a sense of control, and a sense of discipline.

Now of course diets fail. Why do diets fail? 

– diets neglect meeting emotional needs

– diets neglect connecting you to your body

– dieting neglects food experimentation

– diets neglect so many things!

Essentially in traditional dieting mentality, emotions and psychology are NOT part of the equation.

Also, in diet mentality someone else – a magical program – gives you the answers. An external source gives you the answers. This is the RIGHT WAY to eat!

So diets fail for many reasons. 

Yet we don’t want to lose the sense of control and self-discipline that diets can provide.

So we end with self-discipline.

But an entirely different kind of self-discipline. This self-discipline is NOT based on willpower. This self-discipline is rooted in your deepest values and emotional connection.

I call this Gentle Intrinsic Self-Discipline Freedom.

Do you have need discipline to journal, to check in with your body, to sit in stillness and feel pain, to meal prep, to reflect after an unskillful eating experience to glean life lessons?

Yes. You need a helluva lot of discipline.

But this type of discipline leads to transformation at the SOUL level. You are meeting your emotional needs!

This is what I mean by gentle. Gentle self-discipline is where you sit still and basically force yourself to feel the pain.

But instead of harshly judging yourself, you discipline yourself to breathe. To feel. To write down whatever crazy thoughts you’re having.

This kind of discipline comes from within.

This is what I mean by intrinsic. When you connect with pain, compassionately, you naturally want to take care of yourself.

Now self-care does take effort, but this effort is generated from within. It’s discipline, but it’s intrinsic discipline.

It makes the world of difference. This type of self-discipline is all about meeting emotional needs. 

What happens when you meet your emotional needs? You level up in life!

See “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

When you are able to give yourself connection, respect, and to feed yourself properly (in essence when you are able to give yourself self-care), you go up the pyramid.

You evolve.

So yes, we do need discipline. If we are to level up and expand in life, discipline is the glue that gets us to the next stage. 

But it’s not empty discipline.

Empty discipline is tracking your calories day in, day out, without connecting the dots to somehow meeting your emotional needs.  

Empty discipline means just using willpower, which is foolish!

In fact, here’s another post about the foolishness of just using willpower to try and lose weight. It won’t work!

This is what most diet meal plans rely on, willpower. But this type of discipline is not sustainable.

And the best healthy diet meal plan is the one you stick to.

Think about it another way. Self-care isn’t easy. It takes effort. It takes work. Self-care requires discipline.

Think about self-care.

I’m not talking about something wishy washy.

I’m talking about seeing food as fuel.

In intuitive eating we bring back emotional needs and body connection to the eating and health equation. It makes all the difference.

Now who is best suited to meet your emotional needs? You. And now you have the skills to do so!

You have the skills to be gentle, and with this gentleness, you can uncover a mountain of intrinsic self-discipline waiting beneath the surface!

But there’s something incredibly important that we must explore:

Intuitive Eating leads to freedom.

No longer do you have to follow someone else’s plan for you.

You are free.

Now this freedom is amazing!!!!! You don’t have to follow someone else’s rules. 

But this freedom comes with a certain responsibility. 

You need to find your own motivation to self-discipline yourself. How do you find your self-discipline? But it’s not empty discipline.

Empty discipline is tracking your calories day in, day out, without connecting the dots to somehow meeting your emotional needs.

Take a look at “Developing Self-Discipline“.

These are things you already knew. 

But previously, self-discipline was in context of deprivation. It was in context of control, willpower, restriction, self-judgment and it didn’t work.

But we are restoring our connection to ourself. As we build the connection to ourself and heal, our joy of self-care and self-discipline actually grows intrinsically.

We want to take care of ourselves!

This is beautiful! This is self-discipline as it’s meant to be.

And now you have the freedom.

Essentially you need to discipline yourself moving forward. But not a harsh discipline.

A gentle discipline tempered by self-reflection and adjustments.

A plan is rigid. You can’t adjust a plan. Some people like lots of salt; other don’t.

Gentle Intrinsic Self-Dsicipline Freedom allows you to adjust your discipline.

You are free after all!

You are free to change how you discipline yourself based upon how your body and emotions respond to your discipline!

This makes all the difference. You can adjust because you are free. You can rest. Yes, you can take a break. You can switch things up. You experiment.

But you are responsible. 

You don’t let someone else determine your diet, you are the author of your own destiny.

Now this is not to say that you can’t look at other diets for ideas.

In fact, here’s a post with some less extreme diets. This post was by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Like just take a look. A lot of these diets actually recommend healthy foods. The problem is that diets all make you subservient.

  • Diets make you stop thinking for yourself
  • Diet mentality promotes a follower mentality, instead of a leadership mentality
  • Diets promote a black and white, right or wrong mentality

So go ahead and look at these diets, but then take them with a grain of salt. Don’t get caught in the diet mentality trap.

Remember, the best healthy diet meal plan is one you create yourself.

There’s no diet to blame. There’s no steps to miss. There’s no way around this freedom. It’s terrifying in a way, all this freedom.

And so with this note, we close our training together about the best healthy diet meal plan.

Let’s continue this upward spiral with food. Let’s stay connected. This is not the end. Just another new beginning.

Eating Enlightenment348
Eating Enlightenment

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