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3 Quick Ideas When You’re Wondering What To Make For A Snack – San Jose

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment
what to make for a snack

You can also download the audio version for more ideas about what to make for a snack.

Have you ever come home from work absolutely starving, ate dinner, got full, and then proceeded to keep eating until you fell asleep?

Or, do you have a vague fear that your kitchen is a place where you lose control in the evening or late at night?

Often times we feel that evening and late night is where we’re most vulnerable. And in this video I take a look at the late afternoon snack.

Getting late afternoon snack is important for the following reason – missing the afternoon snack makes you vulnerable to overeat at night.

On the other hand, if you eat this snack, you’ll be much less likely to give into temptations.

Oftentimes people know about the benefits of the late afternoon snack, but they either …

A) don’t have enough time
B) don’t know what to make

So in this video I wanted to show you a quick snack template which will give you a couple ideas on what snacks to make in a short amount of time.

1 – Find Whole Grain Carbohydrate – Find a whole grain carbohydrate that exists naturally in nature like Black Beans, whole wheat bread, or brown rice

2 – Add ‘Good Fat’ – then add a good fat on top of the whole grain like avocado, meat or egg. The good fat combines with the whole grain to create a simple snack

3 – Topping Of Your Choice – I like adding salsa to my whole brain bread with avocado slices, for example. You could also add mustard, or ketchup. The point here is flavor. Don’t worry about the sugary too much because the base of your meal is good enough

That’s it!

What To Make For A Snack Commentary:

The beauty about black beans and some whole grains is that you get a solid foundation.

Have you ever had a snack like some protein bar where technically speaking you got enough protein and carbohydrates to where you should be filled up, but your belly is left unsatisfied?

Or, perhaps you just are too stressed out to even think about a late afternoon snack.

Heck, perhaps you’re just too darn stressed out to even prepare a snack let alone get the ingredients and think about it.

But what if there was a formula for a simple, repeatable and satisfying snack?

This is a formula I use myself for various snacks and it’s extremely simple.

It revolves around black beans and a whole grain. What are the benefits of black beans in a whole grain? You get fiber and lots of fiber. The beans also contain protein as well.

So that’s the foundation.


Now what do you put on top so you know what to make for a snack?

I’d recommend three potential ingredients:

  • Avocado
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
healthy fats to eat

The practicality of these ingredients is simple. These ingredients have good fat in them. Provided your getting lean meat, and not gnawing on pure fat, meat and all these foods have sources of fat which will keep you full.

I know fat might sound like an evil word, but it’s really important to keep what’s important at the top of your mind.

Now this might not be enough flavor for you. I understand. I made another post which you can view here to see how you can get more pleasure in your food and still be healthy.

What’s important?

What’s important is that you fill your body up with actual foods. When you have fuel in your body from real foods then you are way less vulnerable to emotionally eating and snacking in the evening or late at night.

Remember, the time period of evening or late night is nothing special. The only reason you might see a higher binge eating frequency is because you haven’t eaten in a while.

Or, you have eaten, but not enough to satisfy your belly.

So with these three snack ideas now you have something that can fill you up and that takes very little time to think about.

work life balance

But what about time?

Well… Can you cook one egg and put some brown rice or black beans in a Tupperware container, and maybe throw in some salsa for flavoring?

The total prep time is about 5 minutes. It’s about a simple as it gets.

And the best thing of all is this formula avoids all the processed foods.

Those processed foods can be incredibly high in sugar. For example, Clif bars are seen as natural and good. Yet if you look at their labels they are filled with tons of sugar.

With this quick snack formula we are avoiding processed sugars.

So go ahead and give this a shot and let me know how it goes!

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

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